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1. NICKNAME: Stoney

2. GENDER: Male

3. STAR SIGN: Cancer

4.  HEIGHT: 5′7″

5. TIME: 9:40 am


7. FAVORITE BANDS: I have very eclectic taste in music from classical symphony to rap with a strong emphasis on early rock and roll from the 50′s and 60′s.   (I danced on American Bandstand a few times back in the day.)   If I was forced to pick one band it would be difficult but I’d probably land on Cream.  

8. FAVORITE SOLO ARTISTS: It would be easier to list who I don’t like.  Again if I was forced to pick just one it would be Etta James (At Last).  But the list is huge and includes almost every genre of music.  

9.SONG THAT STUCK IN MY HEAD: Just yesterday and it’s playing in the back of my head like theme music in a move…Losing My Religion by R.E.M.

10. LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Cannot recall name.  Horror movie on NetFlix about Christmas.  Elves turning into zombies.  It looked hysterically funny in a twisted sort of way, but it was just twisted not funny.  LOL

11. LAST SHOW I WATCHED: John Oliver Last Week Tonight


13.  WHAT I DO: I had a public opinion market research company for 34 years.  I am retired now.  My wife and I spend a great deal of time traveling.  

14. LAST THING I GOOGLED:   Some statistics on the amount of federal income taxes paid to the U.S. by illegal immigrants.   (It’s over 11 million by the way.)

15 .DO YOU HAVE OTHER BLOGS: No, I do have a Flickr account but rarely use it.  I have a Twitter account Instagram as well.   

16. DO YOU GET ASKS? No but some wonderful messages from folks and a few regular conversations with some wonderful people who’ve I never met face-to-face.

17. WHY DID YOU USE YOUR URL? Never to old to learn.  I just turned 70.  I think that reinventing yourself, keeping up with the changing times and evaluating your ideas periodically keeps you evolved, young and progressive.  So I live to learn.  

18.FOLLOWING: I follow almost everyone.   Occasionally I have a follower who promotes ideas that I don’t want to endorse, so I do  not follow them.   And porn does not disturb me, but I don’t follow most people who only post porn.

19. FOLLOWERS: I learn from the photographs of my followers, and I love reading the prose and poetry of others.  It’s a pleasure to be a part of this community and everyone who follows me or reposts one of my photos is important and I thank them sincerely.




23. INSTRUMENT: My biggest regret is not learning an instrument.  But I’m hell on guitar playing Rock Band :)

24. WHAT I’M WEARING: Probably a pair of cargo shorts, comfy t-shirt and sandals.


26. DREAM JOB? No way…I’m retired

27. DREAM TRIP: It’s always the next one that I’m getting ready for.  (August spending the month in Italy and Sicily.   Leave in late Sept for a photographic safari in Tanzania that includes spending a few days in Zurich, Nairobi, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Frankfurt, Germany)

28. FAVORITE FOOD:  I could be stuck on a island with good bread, olives, cheese and wine…and be happy.

29. NATIONALITY: All of my grandparents came from Italy.

30. FAVORITE SONG NOW: Mother-in-Law by Ernie K. Dow   (I know you never heard of it.)

I am not nominating anyone but if you follow me and care to do this…give me a nod!  

Mabeland vs the Nightmare Realm

A large, spherically-shaped place with a symbol on the front, floating on its own. In it, there is a sole inhabitant who has complete control over the bizarre place within, who can create and command beings at will. There are no laws saying what can and can’t happen, and the sole ruling being is trapped in this place, despite their power.

Did I just describe Mabeland or the nightmare realm?

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Long Islanders before a snow storm.

video: Vic Dibitetto

TalesFromYourServer: "This is fish, right?"

I work at a small family owned restaurant in a tourist region. In addition to serving a sandwich called a Classic Reuben (Pastrami, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing on rye bread, I know some areas do it differently but that’s standard around here), we have a Regional Reuben (I would name the region but I don’t want all of Reddit knowing where I work). The Regional Reuben is fried fish, coleslaw and tartar sauce on rye. We’re not the only restaurant that serves the Regional Reuben, but it’s not very common and I can’t imagine that it’s a “thing” anywhere else. It is usually very obvious which one a customer wants, because there are descriptions on the menu and I always repeat the order back as either Classic or Regional.

Today I had a table of two. One ordered pasta, the other ordered a Reuben. I confirmed that she wanted a classic Reuben. When I dropped off the food, I overheard her say something about fish. Since there was no fish on the table, I was confused, so I went back to the table. I’ll be Me, she’ll be FL for Fish Lady.

Me: How is everything?

FL: it’s great, thanks.

Me: is everything okay with the sandwich?

FL: yeah, wait, this is fish, right?

She’s already taken a bite or two. Pastrami can be made with a few different meats, but ours is beef, so it’s red and thinly shaved, which does not resemble any fish that I have ever encountered.

Me: no, that’s Pastrami.

FL: oh, I ordered a Reuben.

Me: yes, pastrami, sauerkraut and dressing? Or did you mean a Regional Reuben?

FL: yeah, with the fish? Isn’t that what a Reuben is?

I found her inability to distinguish between pastrami and fish funny enough to get her a new sandwich. I have no idea how she made it to adulthood thinking that a Regional Reuben is a normal Reuben, especially since I am pretty sure she was a tourist.

By: targarulay

2O Questions 20 tags

Thanks @overlycaffeinatedorganization for tagging me

Name: Kedisha.
Nickname: Keisha, Disha, Kiki, Kitty. 
Zodiac Sign: Cancer 
Height: 5′5
Orientation: Straight
Nationality: Barbadian or Bajan for short. 
Favorite Fruit: Mangoes and fruits easily found on my island like Ackee, Bread Fruit, Golden Apple, Soursop. 
Favorite Season: Spring, and Fall.
Favorite Flower: Roses but I haven’t found my favorite one yet.
Favorite Scent: Freshly done laundry.
Favorite Color: Pink then Purple. 
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: Tea. 
Average Hours of Sleep…?: 5 to 8 hours
Favorite Fictional Character: Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds come to mind now but there’s more. 
Number of blankets you sleep with: 2 in the winter.
Dream Trip: South Korea & Australia.
Blog Created: March 29th 2017 
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