Aloha! It’s Barack's Favorites in Kailua, Oahu Hawaii!

It’s no secret that the Prez enjoys spending time in Hawaii! One of his favorite haunts is Kailua, a quiet beach town away from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu. Here’s a few of his favorite’s in Kailua!

Island Snow: This is the famed “Hawaiian Shave Ice” that Barack is addicted (yes, addicted) to! Its icy goodness is too much to resist, and there are so many flavors that you can come back for three meals a day every day and never have the same thing twice! Be sure to get the snow topper of sweet condensed milk. So deeelicious! Ask them to Barack-size it, you will get a shave ice that is taller than the Prez!

Kayak to the Twin Islands: Grab a Kayak, slather on the sunscreen, pick up some snacks at Kalapawai Market and you are ready for an adventure to see the “Twin Islands” up close and personal. Stop at Flat Island on the way as an extra bonus adventure. Bring your camera as the picturesque vistas are the stuff memories are made of. On your way back look for Green Sea Turtles and if you’re feeling extra adventurous, hop in and swim along with them (just don’t dump your kayak-mate in the ocean in the process. A-hem.)

More Good Eats: Don’t miss the Thursday Night Market, bring cash and a healthy appetite as you’ll want to try everything from fried chicken to teriyaki beef, fresh fruits and veggies and the famed Ono Pops (no relation to the Olympian, that’s spelled with an “h” - duh!). But according to Barack the best eats in Kailua are at Buzz’s- the panko-encrusted calamari steak is to-die-for and the buttery-garlic sauce? Let’s just say the Prez likes it so much he bathes in it now and again. It’s that good! But take note, Buzz's Mai-Tai is not for the faint of heart, this is a high-octane tropical liqorama if there ever was one.



We’re still in the process of building the towns, but which town appeals to you the most?

Wahoo Beach:
A tropical paradise. Get a house surrounded by coconut trees in a dense jungle or on the beach. The perfect location for ocean fishing.

Pumpkin Vale:
A temperate area built on a plain. A warm town surrounded by woods and fields of flowers.  Perfect location to access both towns, as it sits in between Wahoo Beach and Diamond Falls

Diamond Falls:
A winter wonderland, High in the mountains with a stunning view of the entire island. Covered in snow for most of the year but through the blessings of the spirits you can still grow a few crops. Perfect location for mining, as it has it has the most caves to explore.

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