Restaurant Review: Island Grill

After an epic bike ride across Wolfe Island Frenchie and I decided to negate the calories burned by grabbing dinner at the Island Grill. To catch the next ferry we only had time to grab fried foods so I opted for Fish and Chips.

And Frenchie went for the chicken fingers.

The best thing about the Island Grill is it’s tropical patio (NB: we do not, by any sense of the word, live in the tropics) shaded by grape vines where you can watch the ferry go by. The free (thank you Ontario government) 30 minute ferry ride from Kingston to get to the Grill in the first place makes it seem like going on vacation!

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California Grill - Beach Haven, NJ

A few weeks go I went down the shore to Long Beach Island with my girlfriend’s family and of course had to hit up some pizza spots. One spot I did not get to review last summer was California Grill in Beach Haven. Do not be fooled by the photo, this slice was incredible. They pies have a certain seasoning that I cannot explain, but the kick is amazing. Also, that sauce spot looks skeptical, don’t be alarmed. Their sauce has a cool spicy season kick that I loved. I do not know if they have any specialty slices, but that is okay because their plain pies are incredible and recommended. 

It should also be noted they have great food (ahem chicken parm sandwiches) that are also worth a taste. California Grill was actually a victim of Hurricane Sandy. When you enter the small shop you can see an outline around the place of how high up the water was when they got flooded. Let’s just say it goes above my waist and I am above 6 feet tall. Props to California Grill for overcoming the superstorm and continuing to deliver A+ pizza!

- Paul

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