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"And I do believe in many US terrorist shootings, for some reason, it’s also usually the police who finally stop the suspects, not a bystander with a gun." Because when a citizen shoots and kills a terrorists or criminal, the news doesn't report it because it's against the narrative that no one ever defended themselves with a gun. I also completely ignored your comments on body count. You can't compare the islands of the U.K. to the US. Size, geography and population don't even compare.

Let’s deal with this shall we? 

1. You were the one who originally made the assertion that most of the times terrorists in the US are stopped by citizens with guns. Whether in law or academia, it’s incumbent on a person making the claim to substantiate. And what’s your answer? ‘The news doesn’t report it’? That’s not an answer, I’m afraid. I’m well aware there are instances of successful self-defence when it comes to some cases of gun crime but I am saying when it comes terrorist violence in the United States, they are by and large stopped by the authorities. That you usually need specially trained people to deal with it in a complex security operation. Terrorism is not the same as a crime where somebody takes out their gun in a fit or anger or just to commit a drive-by shooting. It’s calculated political violence aiming to maximise casualties, it usually involves a great degree of premeditation. Care to show me instances where the news media didn’t report at all on a terrorist attack stopped by a civilian with a gun? Kinda hard to completely not report terrorist attacks. 

2. Moving the goalposts now, are we? I’m saying that there’s no evidence for your claim that the more guns people have the safer a community is- by pointing to other countries. You’re gonna ‘completely ignore’ my comments on body count when there’s a thing called per capita homicide rate? That’s how we scale comparisons between countries that have different populations. If I calculate at rates per 1000 people, much of Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia and New Zealand still have lower homicide rates than the United States! Time and time again it’s glaringly obvious countries with more gun control regulations have lower homicide rates. People like to bring up the example of Switzerland claiming high gun ownership but low murder rates…when Switzerland does have lots of guns but also plenty of regulations that don’t exist in the US context. Regulations, whaddya know… Despite the hysteria in certain US media channels, the fact is people are far more likely to be murdered by someone they know or killed in an accident than by a terrorist in both the US and Europe. So I repeat- if you want to be smug about claiming that the gun control laws in Europe are why terrorists get a ‘high body count’- you really need to take a long and hard look at your country. In the UK, we prefer it that only special police units or the military have guns for the most part. And our crime rate hasn’t suffered for it, contrary to this insistence that flooding a country with guns makes it more secure. 

3. ’You can’t compare the islands of the UK to the US’- in a broader sense, this is really quite terribly ironic given that you were the one who argued the American view of guns was something fitting to impose willy nilly on another country with an entirely different size, geography, culture and historical context. Maybe, consider that not everything the United States does - even if you think it makes perfect sense in your context - fits well in others.