island syndrome

"...And the Woman Clothed in Sun" Summary
  • Molly: Is everything we ever wanted and more
  • Jack: My turn to manipulate Will lmao
  • Will: *Progressively gets more and more fucked up*
  • Alana Bloom: *Legitimate cool mom*
  • Hannibal: Stick and stones may break my bones but Will's denial destroys me
  • Freddie: I made sure to reassure the public that your dick is big you're welcome also murder husbands 5ever
  • Reba: I'll invite a stranger into my house idec i'll punch a wall
  • Francis: *progressively levels up*
  • Abigail: Choo-Choo one way trip to mentally unglued stockholm syndrome island

Unrehearsed English Dub In One Take

The Real-Time Fandub of Haruhi Suzumiya

A group of voice actors attempted to dub Haruhi Suzumiya without rehearsal or a script.
With varying levels of understanding of the source material (two of us never even having seen it), we had to almost exclusively rely on improv.
It was a disaster. It was hilarious. It was Real-Time Fandub.


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Kingdom hearts 3 world ideas act 3

I wanted to talk about the worlds I really wanted to see come to the 3rd Kingdom Hearts game. while giving an idea of how the world could play out. Warning this post will contain spoilers for the movies inside for the most part. Don’t read a section unless you don’t care about being spoiled or have watched it like most people in the world. 

Frozen: Someone can be influencing Elsa, or heartless could have just started appearing in the world a bit before the party. Regardless Sora gets a chance to talk to Elsa before she has her powers revealed and runs away. The player goes with Ana to find Elsa gets to fight a wolf heartless Mini boss then fight Elsa. After fighting Elsa the players fall down a cliff and has to get Ana healed, snow monster heartless begin showing up and fighting through it happens. Then getting back to the dick king it turns out her was controlling the heartless to try and frame Elsa, marry Ana, become king. Kill him with Elsa as a party member and bam.  

Wreck It Ralph: They could go Meta with this or keep it pretty close to the movies plot. Regardless id like to see the movies 3 main worlds at lest in the game and fighting bug heartless would be really cool. This is one of the rare stages where I think we have three really solid possible party members that could join in although Ralph seems the most obvious. Candy King is the last boss and it would be a turbotastic battle. 

Aladdin: This stage would be based off the 3rd movie. We get to play the whole thing out and close the Aladdin world for good. 

Tangled: I’m not to sure how this world should be handled but I think it has lots of possible fun ways to be played.

Toy Story: The obvious thing to do is start with Toy Story one but starting with Toy Story 2 could have a much more engaging conflict with several toys easily being heartless possessed. 

Incredibles: The whole stage can be on Syndromes Island, It has two really fun boss concepts and it would be such a fun world to play in. How exactly to go about bringing in the characters is hard by maybe you meet up with the kids after their mom leaves and they ask for help. Maybe Sora gets split up from Donald and Goofy when he entered the world so they replace them for added fun. 

Lilo and Stitch: We had the ship level in Birth By Sleep but I want to go to Hawaii and playtrough the movie. I think this could be really fun like the stage was in BBS.

Princess and the frog: I think the setting would be a really nice change of pace for the series and all that dark magic would be fun to face. 

Robin Hood:  This is a classic Disney movie and one filled with action. I really think this would be a really fun world to explore. I imagine they haven’t because furies but they did do lion Sora so.