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All of a sudden, out of the middle of the trees in front of us, a thin, high, trembling voice struck up the well-known air and words: “Fifteen men on the Dead Man’s Chest Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!” I never have seen men more dreadfully affected than the pirates. The color went from their six faces like enchantment; some leaped to their feet, some clawed hold of others, Morgan groveled on the ground. “It’s Flint, by –!”

Hunting Island

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Title: Hunting Island

Characters: Jensen Ackles x Reader, Jensen/You

Warnings: Rated NC-17 for smut, there’s a tiny modicum of angst if you squint and fluff all round!

Word Count: 5,793

Summary: Jensen needs a vacation but what he gets is a new way of looking at things.

This was written for Kayla’s Birthday Challenge @one-shots-supernatural! Thanks so much for letting me join the challenge. This was a lot of fun and I hope you have a great birthday on May 17! My quote was: “Petrichor… it means the smell of the rain after it falls.” And my place was Camping!

It’s been difficult for Jensen to go anywhere lately without being noticed by someone. And while he usually doesn’t mind signing an autograph or taking a picture or two, the man needs a vacation. Last night, you could tell by the gravel tone of his voice over the phone that the man was exhausted.

Luckily, season 12 of Supernatural had just wrapped, and he was headed home to you for a much needed break.

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Where Were You?

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Pairing: Oliver Queen x Reader

Request: “Hey! Would you mind doing an Oliver Queen x soulmate reader? One where the reader is feeling really down in her life and you meet your soulmate when you are at the lowest point. Thank you!!”

Word count: 1.000

A/N: Hey there! Sorry if I took so long to post your request, I didn’t know how to write it and I am afraid that you may not like it. Please let me know if I disappointed your expectations, because I would write you another one if ever. Please send me some feedbacks. Sorry once again and thank you for requesting.

- G. x

Soulmates are here with us to challenge and awaken us so our souls can evolve into a higher state of consciousness. You once thought that soulmates are the epitome of love and partnership.

Since you were a little kid, your mother has always told you that every person in this world has a soulmate. She used to tell you stories about people finding their soulmates and, now that you are a grown-up woman, you still had this idea of having a soulmate out there.

You were sometimes confused though, you once thought that your soulmate is the one you were attracted to, but you were wrong. In fact, you once read that soulmate relationships don’t last forever.

You became sad because of it and you stressed yourself about when you’re going to meet your soulmate and how. You would do some serious researches about them, but you gave up when you just couldn’t seem to find the right answer.

You were disappointed because you thought that it was easy to find your soulmate, just like in your mother’s stories when you were a kid, but it wasn’t, so you stopped on searching for him and you let the idea of soulmates go.

You were discouraged, because you just wanted to have someone with you and it seemed like you were asking for too much. You wanted a person with whom you have a connection, mostly in times of need, just like in this exact moment.
You didn’t know what has happened to you, but you just suddenly felt down. You were sure that it was not a mood swing caused by your Premenstrual Syndrome, you had your period just a week ago.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Your thoughts vanished when your best friend Felicity called you. “What’s up with that sad face? Are you falling into depression?” She handed you a plate full of finger food to eat and you just rolled your eyes.

“It’s just the film, Felicity.” You lied through your teeth and you started on eating the exquisite and tasty food that Felicity has prepared. She invited you over her house, because she wanted you to meet her co-workers.

“Whatever,” She laughed. “if White Chicks makes you sad.” You looked at the television in front of you. You rolled your eyes when you realized that you just did a bad figure, but who cares? She’s your best friend.

“Shut up, Smoak!” She laughed a little bit louder and you started stuffing food in your mouth because of embarrassment.

“Stop pouting over the same old thing.” She put on a serious face and stopped laughing.

“Over the same old thing?” You raised your left eyebrow as you tried to chew your food slowly.

“C’mon, you know what it is about.” She put a frown on her face. “You’re stressing yourself over your douche boss and then let’s add this soulmate thing.”


“Stop pretending that you don’t care about your soulmate anymore. Who knows? He will arrive in the right time, you have to wait. Maybe he was stranded on an island for a short period of time, we couldn’t tell.” She answered, giving you some hope.

“Just cut it off.” You slightly giggled. She was using her fantasies once again.

“I will, but please stop stressing yourself. Now that you haven’t met your soulmate yet, you think that you’re never good enough for anybody in this place. Your soulmate is there, asking the same thing for sure, but you don’t have to stress yourself.” She tried to cheer you up. “You have your permanent mark there on your forearm, I am sure that you’re not the only one to have that.” She nodded and smiled.

“Whatever you say, Felicity.” You let her words slip through and you didn’t even listen to every word she has said. As she was about to speak, someone rang her doorbell and she quickly ran to the door to open it. While she was away, you secretly rolled up your right sleeves and looked at your still black mark, meaning that you haven’t even seen him yet.

“(Y/N)!” Felicity called you with an excessive happiness in her voice. You jumped on the couch as she has surprised you and you quickly stood up from where you were sitting. “Meet my friends or co-workers, John Diggle and Oliver Queen.”

As Felicity pronounced the name Oliver, your heart pumped blood quicker than the normal and you suddenly felt relieved somehow. You didn’t know what has just happened, but you felt that someone has tickled your soul.

“Alright, John and Ollie,” Felicity started as she noticed that you were out of yourself. “She’s my friend, (Y/N). Please forgive her, she’s not feeling that well.”

“It’s okay.” John said and he walked near you. “Nice to meet you, beautiful.”

“Nice to meet you too, John.” You both shook your hands and smiled gently. You somehow felt better now.

“Hey,” Oliver has started as he followed John. “nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Oliver.” You both united your hands and shook them. You were about to break the handshake when you noticed that your mark has turned red.

“Oh!” Oliver exclaimed and you looked at him as he was admiring his red mark on his forearm. You were shocked and you felt excited at the same time.

Finally, your soulmate has arrived and you had the chance to meet him. He smiled at you and quickly pulled you in his arms and hugged you.

“Where have you been all my life?” You asked him without showing shyness as you wrapped your arms around him too.

“Sorry, I was stranded on an island, no lies.” He answered honestly. You looked at Felicity, who was smirking at that moment, and you both guffawed at what he has just said.

“Told you.” Felicity mouthed and winked at you. You shook your head and mouthed a thank you, before closing your eyes and letting yourself in Oliver’s hug with relish.