island punch pucker


Newton Geiszler:  KAIJU BLUE

(Island Punch pucker, Ty Ku citrus liqueur, tonic water)

No no I have this idea!  It will totally work!  The only thing is, you need to combine an ounce and a half of Island Punch pucker, an ounce and a half of Ty Ku, and three ounces of tonic water.  And I can’t tell you why.  And no one has ever tried it before.

Oh, and also I need a Kaiju brain.

- - - -

OOC note:  Newt is not drift compatible in canon with Stacker, Mako, or Raleigh…

Rusty Nail’s Recipes

Dear Drinkers, It has been a bit of time, hasn’t it? A month and a half since a recipe, and that one was a re-post of a classic? I have been remiss. That I’m now in the Hundred+ recipes doesn’t excuse my absence, though it does explain why there is so much more work that goes in to each of these, than there was when I started. Y’all remember that? Ah, but reminiscing won’t move us further towards today’s honoree. No, they’re firmly focused on moving forwards; on putting their past behind them, and beginning to knuckle down and work on learning the same lessons someone else already learned. They may not have been given a choice in the matter, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t, maybe, someday, learn something about responsibility or friendship or blah, blah, blah she wouldn’t have to be doing this if her sister wasn’t utterly lacking in the proper respect for her position.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s Student Luna@studentluna

This surly scion of the night has been sent to some podunk cow-town with a giant crystal tree-castle growing out of it, because her sister felt that she wasn’t properly adjusting to her life back in society, following her… unexpectedly long vacation. She’s doing great, though! No screaming when her room was decorated in 1980′s Video Game Nostalgia. She hasn’t banished the loyal, faithful, and capable guardsmen that her sister sent to follow her. She’s even keeping up with the correspondence that her sister forcibly requires of her. All in all, she’s doing her best, and anyone who puts forth the effort to try really does deserve a recipe honoring them.

A Student Luna


  1. 2.5oz UV Blue
  2. 1 oz Dekyupper Island Punch Pucker
  3. .5oz Viniq
  4. 8oz Clear American Blueberry Sparkling Water
  5. Chilled pint glass

Special Equipment:

Anything you’d like to use to stir gently. I recommend a swizzle stick, but you’ll probably want to use a spoon.

Making a Student Luna:

  1. Pour all of the liquor into the pint glass.
  2. Stir gently.
  3. Top with Sparkling Water very carefully.
  4. Stir contents of glass very, very gently, so you don’t get rid of the effervescence. .
  5. Drink!

You’ve just made a Student Luna!

This drink, if constructed properly, will hit the deep, rich dark blue of Luna’s mane. Thanks to the Viniq, though, there will also be a swirling, sparkling sheen throughout the body of the beverage, more accurately mimicking the flowing, glittering appearance of the Lunar Princess’s coiffure. The fact that the entire thing is going to taste like smooth berry Capri-Sun is just icing on the cake. What student doesn’t like a nice juice-box? Especially a Juice Box kicking at 4oz of high-test alcohol.~

Keep sending in suggestions as to who you’d like to see made into a drink, and Stay Thirsty, Dear Drinkers!