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Katara and Ty Lee questioning how Aang and Zuko have shut themselves off emotionally, pretending like they do not care (for Aang, it’s about losing Appa; for Zuko, it’s about his past), even though they certainly do. 

Aang is trying to distance himself because of what his anger did to him in “The Desert.” For Zuko, he’s trying to sort everything out, and he just gives into his anger. 


natgeotravelP hoto by @CarltonWard / Sunset over Boca Grande Pass, on Florida’s west coast between Gasparilla and Cayo Costa islands where Charlotte Harbor flows into the Gulf of Mexico. During the late spring and early summer, anglers from around the world gather here to drift outgoing tides in hopes of catching tarpon - a migratory game fish that can weigh up to 200 pounds.

Oben auf der Pass Straße #917 auf der Hellisheiði  im Nordosten von Island hängen die Wolken so tief, dass man sie vom Himmel pflücken kann. Unten im Tal sieht man den schwarzen Sander Héraðssandur am Héraðsflói.

Up on the pass road #917 on the Hellisheiði in the north east of Iceland, the clouds are so low that they can be picked from the sky. Down in the valley you can see the black sander Héraðssandur at Héraðsflói.

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Dead Island (2011)
Techland / Square-Enix

1. Is she a main character? YES.

2. Does this character fall in love with a white man? NO.

3. Does this character end up raped or murdered at any point during the story? NO / NO 

Purna Jackson from Dead Island passes The Aila Test

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Remember when I mentioned how narrow the bridge was at Deception Pass? When cars and especially large dump trucks drive by you, the air displacement is very unnerving. The last one was actually an accident but helps to describe just how small an area one has.


Every Other Weekend pt. 5

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,592

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating, language

A/N: the much anticipated next part is here! it gave ME butterflies and goosebumps. so… yeah! reminder that tags are closed but please enjoy it!

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“For fuck’s sake, stop lying to me! Can you just be honest?” You screamed, a vein popping in your neck. At least the kids weren’t home to hear it.

“I’m not lying!” Bucky shouted back, flinging open the bathroom door.

“You are! I knew it! You cheated on me. You’re seeing someone.” You let out a loud sigh and sat on the bed.

“I’m not seeing anyone. Relax. This just isn’t working. I’ve told you that.” Bucky rolled his eyes, putting on a jacket.

You handed him the stack of divorce papers that you had finally signed. “There. Happy?”

“Happy.” He nodded at you as he turned to leave the bedroom.

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newest BBS AU ideas

because this is what I think about between cutscenes

  • AU where after Neverland Terra ignores Xehanort’s call and intercepts Ven on his way to confront Eraqus
  • AU where Aqua makes it to the LoD before Terra and Eraqus fight
  • AU where Lea insists that Ven tag along with him and Isa
  • AU where Terra actually finds Vanitas prior to the Graveyard
  • AU where Terra and Aqua end up facing each other in the Olympus Games
  • AU where Terra and Ven end up facing each other in the Olympus Games
  • AU where Ven and Aqua end up facing each other in the Olympus Games
  • AU where Aqua comes to Destiny Islands first and passes the Keyblade to Sora
  • AU where Ven is the one to rescue bitty Kairi and they pick flowers together afterward idk it’s cute so shut up
  • AU where Ven also gains the ability to create Unversed after the split but they only appear when he has extremely negative emotions and he can’t control them
  • AU where the Unversed can’t hurt Ven because he’s technically Vanitas and that confuses them
  • AU where Vanitas leaves Xehanort to work for Maleficent
  • AU where Vanitas only creates one type of Unversed and that’s the big fat guys with valves on their backs and the trio’s life is pure suffering along with the player’s
  • AU where Ven catches up to Terra in Radiant Garden and helps him fight Braig
  • AU where the whole trio gets arrested in Deep Space
  • AU where Ven goes back to LoD before Vanitas can stop him
  • AU where Eraqus survives and shows up at the Graveyard to wreck everything and take back his children
  • AU where Mickey also finds Terranort in the Lanes and takes the whole trio back to Yen Sid
  • AU where Aqua leaves Ven’s body with Yen Sid
  • AU where Snow White asks Ven to stay for the dwarfs’ party and the two of them dance together and it’s cute too so shut up
  • AU where Cinderella teaches Aqua how to ballroom dance. no wait this doesn’t have to be an AU it could just be tacked onto the end of Aqua’s Castle of Dreams story I MIGHT DO THIS ONE
  • AU where Terra and Cinderella share a dance before she hooks up with the Prince
  • AU where Even adopts Ven into the Radiant Garden group because all the smol orphans
  • AU where Ven’s and Terra’s ages are swapped
  • AU where Ven and Vanitas have a Luke/Asch connection and they’re able to communicate telepathically and Vanitas can assume control of Ven’s body for short periods of time
  • AU where everything is the same but Ven shakes off the Unversed and suckerpunches Vanitas in the face during his cocky victory spiel

When the photographer Newsha Tavakolian was a child, her family often spent their time—at home and on trips—hiding from the revolution.

But today, Iran’s youth is getting to rediscover the country, hitchhiking their way through the country, discovering its islands, mountain passes, and changing-color deserts.

It took more than three decades for Iranians to venture out once again; now they can’t seem to get enough of it.