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You’ve been alone on this island for years. You’ve passed the time by making people exist in your mind. They are real to you, they are your friends. Now, as the rescue ship approaches, they won’t let you leave…


natgeotravelP hoto by @CarltonWard / Sunset over Boca Grande Pass, on Florida’s west coast between Gasparilla and Cayo Costa islands where Charlotte Harbor flows into the Gulf of Mexico. During the late spring and early summer, anglers from around the world gather here to drift outgoing tides in hopes of catching tarpon - a migratory game fish that can weigh up to 200 pounds.


Katara and Ty Lee questioning how Aang and Zuko have shut themselves off emotionally, pretending like they do not care (for Aang, it’s about losing Appa; for Zuko, it’s about his past), even though they certainly do. 

Aang is trying to distance himself because of what his anger did to him in “The Desert.” For Zuko, he’s trying to sort everything out, and he just gives into his anger. 

Oben auf der Pass Straße #917 auf der Hellisheiði  im Nordosten von Island hängen die Wolken so tief, dass man sie vom Himmel pflücken kann. Unten im Tal sieht man den schwarzen Sander Héraðssandur am Héraðsflói.

Up on the pass road #917 on the Hellisheiði in the north east of Iceland, the clouds are so low that they can be picked from the sky. Down in the valley you can see the black sander Héraðssandur at Héraðsflói.

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Dead Island (2011)
Techland / Square-Enix

1. Is she a main character? YES.

2. Does this character fall in love with a white man? NO.

3. Does this character end up raped or murdered at any point during the story? NO / NO 

Purna Jackson from Dead Island passes The Aila Test

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Remember when I mentioned how narrow the bridge was at Deception Pass? When cars and especially large dump trucks drive by you, the air displacement is very unnerving. The last one was actually an accident but helps to describe just how small an area one has.