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Speaking as a fatarse myself:

-People can appreciate Roadhog as a character and try to encourage Blizzard to portray him in a more sympathetic light without condoning his creators’ shitty attempts to make him as grotesque and unlikeable as possible.

-Fat/pacific islander folks are allowed to be uncomfortable with his pig theme/general design/bio that summarizes him as a nasty murderer, even if what little canon material he has doesn’t portray him as actually all that evil.

-People (including me) keep forgetting it because everyone’s fixated on his height and it doesn’t excuse what they’ve done with Roadhog, but Torbjörn is a pretty rotund dude who’s a “good guy” character, portrayed in a pretty positive light (even if he’s sort of a grouch), and part of the core storyline. So uh…there’s that. (Even if the fandom keeps treating him like crap.)

All I’m gonna say about that.


Gorgeous views of Kauai, Hawaii (videographer I follow seems to have just visited there). Check out the opening wave!

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Flying over the Great Barrier Reef seems rather impressive

Hey, y’all! Since Moana came out I’ve been seeing a lot more talk on Pacific Island folk, but a lot of it has been using the terms “Pacific Islander” and “Polynesian” interchangeably. Polynesia is a specific region of the Pacific Islands, while the Pacific Islands consist of the regions Micronesia and Melanesia as well. Much love from your local Micronesian. 🌸🍃