island of stability


Attempts to create element 120 raise the issue of the so-called “island of stability”.

Professor Martyn Poliakoff discusses.

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Why are people so interested in keeping their money in Swiss banks? Specifically, how would you benefit from that?

Tax evasion, money laundering, asset hiding are first couple of reasons.

1. In 1713 The Great Council of Geneva established the regulations that required banks to keep their client’s information secret like client attorney privilege unless the City Council agreed with the need to share information. This law is so strict, if banker shares information immediate prosecution is in question by a public attorney and the banker in question faces 6 months plus 50k CHF. IRS is literally on a battle against this. They have taken legal actions on aiding and abetting for individuals and an agreement have been reached with Swiss Government. So, in terms of privacy, Swiss Banks are no longer a point of interest for tax evaders or people who need to hide money for other reasons. Say if there’s a law suit against you and if court is coming after all you got they can only take what you have on the books. While you have another fortune stashed in an offshore account remains untouchable. But as I said, this has changed now and absolute privacy is no longer the case. So people are more into Panama (no double tax), Seychelles (privacy), Cayman Islands (tax evasion), UAE (stability), Singapore (low tax), Lebanon (privacy), Luxemboourg (high security storage spaces + political neutrality).

2. Switzerland is a very stable country compared to many. Meaning, you are not likely to see government going bankrupt or banks falling into a mortgage crisis. If you haven’t watched The Big Short I suggest you to take a look, it’s a bit confusing but the essence is that a guy makes a prediction about housing bubble collapse in mid 2000′s in America and bet against the tools in the system. In the end the collapse is so huge he cannot liquidate his bets and his investors ends up losing all their money. In another life, there was an unrest in the place I used to live. In such cases, first thing people do is to go to ATMs and withdraw cash. This also goes for natural disasters. But after a couple of hours ATMs stopped giving cash because there was none left and hey, who is going to open the bank?  Having money is one thing. But it means very little after you can’t protect it. The more politically neutral you are the it’s less likely that your economy and currency will get effected by global political events.

Also, it’s important to consider that France have been a country that is open to offer an asylum to certain people. Such as exiled royals, millionaires who are in trouble with their home countries etc all settle in Paris because France foreign policy finds that as a leverage which they are probably right. And Switzerland is at a good proximity from France for ski holidays in Gstaad and a quick meeting with your banker :)

Hope it helps. 

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That Garlan ask got me thinking, is there anywhere in Westeros that won't be an apocalyptic shitnado in book six?

The Sisters might not be too bad, but even that’s doubtful. Best pack up everything and head to the Summer Islands. Good beaches, relative stability, probably that Mulan McNugget dipping sauce for all we know.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King


Stabilized 3/20/2015 solar eclipse from the Faroe Islands

Carl Sagan on Alien Abduction
Carl Sagan was captivated by the notion of life beyond Earth. Yet in this interview, conducted shortly before the well-known champion of science died in 1996, Sagan says that extraterrestrial intelligence is “a wonderful prospect, but requires the most severe and rigorous standards of evidence.” Sagan doubted that the various proponents of so-called “alien abduction” making headlines in the 1990s had met those scientific standards.

NOVA: Speculate for a moment on the parts of human nature, the commonality of believing in abductions, or aliens anyway, and the part of human nature that wants to search for other life forms in the universe.

Carl Sagan: I personally have been captured by the notion of extraterrestrial life, and especially extraterrestrial intelligence, from childhood. It swept me up, and I’ve been involved in sending space craft to nearby planets to look for life and in the radio search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
It would be an absolutely transforming event in human history. But, the stakes are so high on whether it’s true or false that we must demand the more rigorous standards of evidence—precisely because it’s so exciting. That’s the circumstance in which our hopes may dominate our skeptical scrutiny of the data. So, we have to be very careful. There have been a few instances in the [past]. We thought we found something, and it always turned out to be explicable.
So, a kind of skepticism is routinely applied to the radio search for extraterrestrial intelligence by its most fervent proponents. I do not see [in] the alien abduction situation a similar rigorous application of scientific skepticism by its proponents. Instead, I see enormous acceptance at face value, and leading the witness, and all sorts of suggestions. Plus, the contamination by the general culture of this idea.
It seems to me there is a big difference between the two approaches to extraterrestrial intelligence, although I’m frequently written to [to] say how could I search for extraterrestrial intelligence and disbelieve that we’re being visited. I don’t see any contradiction at all. It’s a wonderful prospect, but requires the most severe and rigorous standards of evidence.

NOVA: Could you please comment on the part of the quality of the evidence that is put forward by these so-called “abduction proponents.”

Carl Sagan: Well, it’s almost entirely anecdote. Someone says something happened to them, and people can say anything. The fact that someone says something doesn’t mean it’s true. Doesn’t mean they’re lying, but it doesn’t mean it’s true.
To be taken seriously, you need physical evidence that can be examined at leisure by skeptical scientists: a scraping of the whole ship, and the discovery that it contains isotopic ratios that aren’t present on Earth, chemical elements from the so-called island of stability, very heavy elements that don’t exist on Earth. Or material of absolutely bizarre properties of many sorts—electrical conductivity or ductility. There are many things like that that would instantly give serious credence to an account.
But there’s no scrapings, no interior photographs, no filched page from the captain’s log book. All there are are stories. There are instances of disturbed soil, but I can disturb soil with a shovel. There are instances of people claiming to flash lights at UFOs and the UFOs flash back. But, pilots of airplanes can also flash back, especially if they think it would be a good joke to play on the UFO enthusiast. So, that does not constitute good evidence.

“Precisely because of human fallibility, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

Good for you pt.2 - Taehyung AU

I originally was unsure of a second part, as I wasn’t sure if anyone would be into it. I DECIDED TO WRITE A PART TWO AND I HAD IDEAS FOR A PART 3 IF ANYONE IS UP FOR IT!

(Pt 1, Pt 3, Pt 4)


The ride home seemed to take ages as the ride was almost as quiet as your life with Mr. Kim. The driver took a right into your long drive way, you gave him a quite generous tip and climbed out of the back seat. The night air was chilly, but you found comfort in finally being home. Tripping over your own feet, it felt like an achievement to even make it up the stairs. You unlocked the door, with the key that you carried in your clutch at all times and stumbled in the door. Giggling, you looked up to see your wedding photos hung. Reminiscing was heart breaking, Taehyung holding your hand as if he’d never let go and your smile as wide as the ocean. It seemed that there was no end to your happiness at that moment and the possibilities expanded out past the horizons, but the fact of the matter was that Taehyung had already let go of your hand.

Losing your balance, you held onto the island for stability. Pouring another drink, you down one after another until the thoughts were gone and you felt relaxed. I seemed like a miracle making it to the couch in one piece, but you did; laying there you switched through the channels to see if anything was good on. You stopped on one channel that was playing the jingle for the new nasal spray that Mr. Kim had made and you scoffed, “That’s ridiculous”.

“What’s ridiculous? You don’t like the jingle?” Mr. Kim’s vice resonated though the room, through your body as the door shut behind him.

“What are you doing home so early?” a drunken chuckle escaped your lips.

“Looking for my wife that left the party without her husband. People were asking where you were and why you weren’t with me, don’t make me look bad y/n.” He half scolded, but he didn’t seem to care as his blazer fell off his shoulders and he loosened his tie.

“I didn’t mean to make you look bad, I just wasn’t having a good time so I left. What did you want me to do?”

“Suck it up and stay until the night was over.” His eyes rolled devilishly, and his cold words chilled your body.

“Oh, so you’re giving me the ‘walk it off, champ’ speech? People were gonna ask questions anyways, you spend too much time with your secretary and not enough with me. Even if it was false, people would still believe you were having an affair!” A scream that you felt you didn’t have broke through your lungs as you watched his eyes widen. You knew this would make him angry, but who the hell cared, this marriage was crumbling under your feet and there was no way to save it.

“What the hell are you alluding to y/n? This job is so important to me, don’t ruin it for me!”

“See, that’s just it, you care more about your job than you do me. What the hell do you want me to do Taehyung? Walk around on your arm looking effortlessly beautiful pretending that you’re in love with me. Pretending that we’re still just as in love as we were back then? You want me to pretend as if this marriage isn’t falling apart! What do you want from me Kim Taehyung! God damn it!” You stood up making your way to the kitchen again for yet another drink to clear your thoughts.

“If pretending is going to keep my business striving than keep pretending. Do whatever you have to! Don’t get all sentimental and emotional with me now!”

“What do you mean don’t get sentimental now? Do I really mean nothing to you now? God fucking damn it, what happened to you. We used to be in love, and now you don’t even look at me. I’ve done all I can do, I’ve pretended that you haven’t been cheating on me for over a year, among many other things just to save your job. What else do you want from me? I won’t sit around and pretend like it doesn’t hurt anymore. You’re asking too much of me.” the scream turned into a desperate sigh. You turned your back to him, looking furious and walked into the cold bedroom. You gathered your things to sleep in the spare bedroom, which is where you normally slept anyways. He slammed the door to the room as he watched you walk away from the fight. The room was dark, but tidy. Meant for guests that never came, but it lately felt like you were the guest.


Your eyes flickered open, the sunlight burning as your were fabulously hung over. You got up to take a few Advil and to close the blinds. You had no time for a nap as you knew you had errands to run today. Your phone buzzed on the night stand as you swiped to answer the unknown number.

“Hello?” your voice sounded groggy through the phone.

“Good morning Mrs. Kim, It’s Park Jimin. I was wondering if I could interest you in lunch. You seemed a bit distraught when you left the party abruptly last night. I just felt like you needed a little time, but I understand if you deny.” His voice sounded gentle and caring through the phone, opposite of his sour attitude last night.

“That’s so thoughtful, I’d love to. Thank you.”

“Anytime, I’ll pick you up from Taehyung’s office if you don’t mind?”

“That sounds fair, I’ll see you around 12. Goodbye.” You smiled lightly as you hung up. Your head still pounded a bit, but you had no choice to ignore it. Walking out of the room, you tiptoed into the shared room with Mr. Kim. Your feet padded lightly through the room, but he was a light sleeper.

“What are you doing y/n?” He whispered.

“I’m getting ready, I have errands to run today.” You replied picking out a pair of slick black pants that made your legs look long and thin.

“I want you to meet with the President of the nasal spray label and get him to agree to sign a contract with us.” He said rolling over in bed.

“Today? I can’t, I’m having lunch with someone. I can do it tomorrow.”

“He’ll be off doing business in Hong Kong tomorrow, It has to be today.” He said unsympathetically. 

“Well, someday you’re gonna have to sweet talk clients without me, champ.” you smiled slightly before whipping your hair around and exiting into the bathroom, before he even had time to question your unexpected sass. Makeup was first as always, making yourself as presentable as possible; following through with hair and then the actual outfit. You looked professional as your hair was slicked back into a high ponytail, and your vest made your body look slim. Nodding at your complexion in the mirror, you were out and Taehyung was in the kitchen. Your grabbed the keys to your less nice, black convertible and left without a goodbye to Mr. Kim. 

The day was nice, the sun seemed high in the sky and your headache was near disappearing. You rolled the windows down feeling liberated; you hadn’t been out of the house for an actual purpose in a long time, and even though you knew it was wrong to be meeting Mr. Park, your husband’s rival, you didn’t care. The rivalry had nothing to do with you, and he seemed decent enough to actually ask you out to lunch, fuck what Taehyung would think; he made it every clear last night that you meant nothing to him. It was over without being over and it felt a huge weight was lifted off your shoulders. No more being the sex appeal to his clients, no more sweet talking to get his way, no more anything that weighed you down to him before. That was behind you and it felt so good to be a human again.

It was nearing twelve when you made it to the firm building; stampedes of people walking in and out. People entering happy and exiting angry, but that’s what big business did you, isn’t it. Park Jimin was early as his car pulled up. He was dressed to impress as he beckoned you over with his fingers.

“Wow, you look like you’re dressed up for more than just a silly lunch.” You smiled, climbing into the passengers seat.

“You look beautiful, Mrs. Kim.” His words were kind, some of the nicest and most sincere you’ve heard in a long time. Sure, you were beautiful but many envied you. It felt wrong to look the way you did, knowing it made other insecure. All compliments by men always had further intentions behind them, it was hard to think of the last time you’d received a genuine compliment.

“Actually, just y/n” Your words countered his, sweet and youthful. He drove fast, the speed picking up and your adrenaline rushing. The cars disappeared behind you and soon you’d reached your destination. Jimin fed the meter and you were both entering a semi-casual place for lunch. 

Small talk was easier than expected for someone you hardly knew. He’d asked you about your morning, and how your night was last night. You didn’t reveal the argument you had with your husband, but you did let him know that it wasn’t a particularly good night. He was already laughing and smiling at you, it felt refreshing to see a kind face smiling. You didn’t feel so hard and cold like you usually did, it felt like your were being retouched by your old self.

“So how’s Mr. Kim holding up with business affairs.”

“More like just affairs, he’s seeing his secretary and he knows that I know, but that’s just one of the skeletons in our closet. Regarding business he’s only landed that one nasal spray client recently. He’s trying to get the president to sign a contract with him.” You knew you’d  said to much, but it was all flowing out like a fountain.

“Jesus Mrs. Kim, You’re an open book” He chuckled, but it was enough to make you feel steady about the rest of the lunch. It flew by and Jimin was already dropping you off at your husband’s label. You walked into the revolving doors of the office as employees greeted you. They offered you coffee and flashed bright smiles. It seemed like a good day in the office, until Mr. Kim’s damned secretary gave you a look of disgust. 

“Is Mr. Kim here?” you tried your best to smile at her rude behavior. 

“Mr. Kim has called in today. You of all people should know that, Mrs. Kim.” And with that you turned around to make your way home.

The world is not a solid continent of facts sprinkled by a few lakes of uncertainties, but a vast ocean of uncertainties speckled by a few islands of calibrated and stabilized forms.
—  Bruno Latour

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What are your favorite Disney movies, regardless of whether they are featured as of yet in the Kingdom Hearts series or not? Who is your favorite Disney character(s) and which Disney-based world would you like to live in? Just curious =)

Well, my favorite movie of all time is Lilo and Stitch. And let me say right off the bat that I just do not have the words to describe how utterly beautiful and perfect every last lingering aspect of it is. I just don’t, and, frankly, I don’t think I ever will. To my mind, it is literally the single greatest movie mankind has ever made.

So, not surprisingly, if I had to pick a Disney world to live in, it would be the world of Lilo and Stitch. I want to live in a world where family is loving and unbreakable — a world where, no matter how wretchedly hard or mercilessly heartbreaking or bitterly unfair or horrifically overwhelming life can be, and God knows it is, the love between a little girl and her sister is all it takes to see it through.

I need to live in that world.

I mean, that’s the thing, isn’t it? Lilo and Stitch is one of a kind, and it’s the most painfully honest movie in the entire Disney animated canon. But at the same time, it is relentlessly optimistic. It says, “Yes, life is hard. Yes, it’s miserable, and it’s stupid, and it’s pointless, and it’s screwed up, and it’s weird, and sometimes, all you can do is bury your face in a pillow and sob and scream as loud as you can. But you know what? If you love your family with all your heart and devote yourself, body and soul, to that love, you’ll find a way to work things out in the end.”

In terms of favorite characters, Lilo is an obvious one. She’s the most well-written child I’ve ever seen in a work of fiction, capturing every aspect of childhood all at once, from the wonder and whimsy to the violence and terror and weirdness and melancholy that so many writers — so many people, really — tend to overlook.

Then there’s Nani, who not only has the most realistic character design of any Disney woman but also the most realistic story. She’s promoted from sister to parent before she can even blink, and so all of a sudden, while she’s trying to deal with losing her parents, her life becomes all about trying to find a job and maintain a household and create a little, tiny island of stability for the only bit of family she has left in the world even though she has no idea how to do it, knowing all the while that if she doesn’t get her shit together fast enough, social services is going to swoop in and take Lilo away.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about social services. Let’s talk about Cobra Bubbles. He’s harsh. He’s curt. He’s scary. But at the end of the day, is he a bad guy? Hell, no. He’s just doing what’s best for Lilo. He doesn’t want to take her away from her sister if he can help it, but at the same time, he’s not afraid to do what has to be done to give that little girl the best life she can possibly have.

God, I love this movie.

I could go on for hours. Absolutely. For hours and hours and hours and hours, but I’ll cut myself off here.


I just awoke and am far too lazy for such an in depth essay at the moment, but some of my favorite Disney movies are Frozen (it just came out but it was that good) Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Emperor’s New Groove, Toy Story 3 and Lion King. My most desired world for KH is easily a Toy Story world. There is just so much freaking potential for the environments, the bosses the new appearances SDG could take while there. Next to that actually the Gargoyles TV show is one I would absolutely love to see get a world.

Island of stability

In nuclear physics, the island of stability is a set of as-yet undiscovered heavier isotopes of transuranium elements which are theorized to be much more stable than those closer in atomic number to uranium. Specifically, they are expected to have radioactive decay half-lives of at least minutes or days as compared to seconds, with some scientists expecting half-lives of millions of years.[1]

Klaus Blaum expects the island of stability to occur in the region near 300Ubn.[2]

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You know what doesn’t get talked about enough? How the writers and producers of The Walking Dead have managed to put out a show that has only gotten better every damn season and has added more and more representation for groups that normally never would have it on a wildly successful drama. There are seven main female characters next season. SEVEN. 2 of which are black, one of which is Hispanic, another a lesbian who happens to actually have a storyline about redemption as opposed to her sexuality. Also can we talk about the fact that Michonne, a strong, independent, black woman is actually being perceived as a love interest for the attractive white male lead???? THAT IS HUGE. Or how about Sasha ACTUALLY HAVING REALISTIC FEELINGS OF FEAR AND ANXIETY WHILE BEING STRONG AND A SURVIVOR HOLY SHIT ITS AMAZING A WOMAN CAN HAVE MULTIPLE LAYERS WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT. Or how about Maggie the hot chick. The one they could use every excuse to get naked and sexy but instead is always covered in grime and WHO CUT OPEN A WALKER TO LEAVE A MESSAGE FOR HER HUSBAND. A husband I might add that she has a very healthy and interesting marriage with. A husband who is the Asian Boy who really could have ended up as the comic relief but instead we find out that he is of Korean descent and was a pizza delivery boy, not some savant who knows kung fu but HE STILL MANAGES TO BE A BADASS WITOUT BEING A STEREOTYPE BECAUSE THAT IS A GREAT CHARACTER. Or how about Beth, sweet little Beth who manages to defy our expectations and show us a different kind of strength that is just as important as shooting a gun but is rarely valued in women on TV BECAUSE IT IS TOO FEMININE. Or Carol? The abused timid wife turned survivor who easily could have been killed off a dozen times by now but is TOO DAMN INTERESTING. THATS RIGHT A FEMALE CHARACTER THAT HAS A PSYCHOLOGY THE WRITERS ACTUALLY WANT TO EXPLORE. Then there is Tyresse, the huge muscular black guys who could be depicted in a thousand horrifying stereotypes but ISN’T. He’s an island of reason and stability. He stands up for justice in a world that has none. He is kind and protective and FORGIVING. HE HAS ACTUAL MOMENTS OF DOUBT AND WEAKNESS. Did I mention this was a black man on a show lead by a white cop in Georgia? And Bob. Bob, another black character (BECAUSE THIS SHOW IS SO OVER ITS TOKEN POC CHARACTER PHASE AND I LOVE IT) is a mystery, what are his motivations what are his loyalties WHO IS HE REALLY???? You want to know, they are actually doing something with this guy!!! And screw it, lets take a look at our Attractive White Male Leads for a second. Sure on the surface there is a whole lot of man-pain with a healthy dose of smoulder, but it’s been done in such a way THAT YOU ACTUALLY GIVE A SHIT. Rick’s struggle to be a father and a leader and a good man in a world bound and determined to destroy him is fascinating and heartbreaking. ALL OF YOU WILL CRY WHEN HE SEES JUDITH AGAIN. He has had to evolve and change his mindset and morality to survive as opposed to the usual white male action hero thing where ‘it’s their rules now". Even when Rick is using 'his rules’ they are rules he has made because of the world and people around him. Then there is Daryl. My favorite, everyone’s favorite. Even if you hate him You love him just a little. The dirty, white trash boy who could have ended up at a horrible racist druggie like the writers initially wanted. But he didn’t. He ended up defying the Abused Kids Become Abusers trope and showing that yeah Abused Kids end up with wildly horrible psychological damage but they can also be nurturing, loyal, loving, and gentle. He on the surface is this muscle bound BADASS that all the ladies love but really? They have had him cry at least 3 times on the show, he’s desperate for approval and love and hopeless at knowing how to get it. I CRIED AT THE YOU ARE MY BROTHER LINE. Admit it The brotherhood of Rick and Daryl is so friggin sweet. Then there is Carl. Attractive White Male Lead in Training. Except he is probably the most realistic portrayal of a teenager on TV I have ever seen. Imagine being the emotional and hormonal mess you were as a teen, now imagination having to kill your mom, now imagine friggin zombies everywhere and an emotionally unavailable father. Yeah, stop hating on poor Carl, he’s doing the best he can.



Recently, humanity filled the periodic table up to atomic number 118, which nicely rounds out that row. But are we done yet? Have we discovered all of the different elements? And what is an “island of stability?”