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Very excited to finally complete my latest series, “Avatar Locations” featuring my favorite locations from Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.

Pearls Of Time

Pearl Harbor, April 9th 1945. When Robin returns from the war in Europe after three and a half years, it’s hard to go back to his old life. He’s not the man he used to be, but he knows one thing is still the same. The love for his wife. What happens though, when he’s not the only one who’s changed? /DragonOutlawQueen / Historical AU / Written for DOQ week day 6

Pearl Harbor, April 9th 1945

              Spring is here in its full force. It’s never really cold around here, even in winter, nothing compared to the harsh winters he’s seen in Europe. Those cold, unforgiving winters which have cost so many people their lives. Without food, without firewood, without homes because they had become victims of the war. Frostbite and starvation, the haggard faces of soldiers and civilians that haunt him, that make him shake his head in an attempt to dispel them. Focus, Robin.

              He does - focuses on the hibiscus bush to his left and the flowers which bloom throughout the year and those which just start to blossom now, which make the island of O'ahu an oasis of color. Much better than the concrete desert and destruction he left behind a couple of days ago when he left the sick bay in South England. One can only call it bizarre how some parts of the world drown in death and ashes while this one seems to have more than recovered after the fatal attack of 1941. But that’s good. It’s good to come home to something… whole.

              Robin shoulders his duffle bag and makes his way slowly down the street, because well, it’s not particularly easy with a damaged hip that makes walking a freaking nightmare. Never would he describe himself as an invalid, a casualty of war. Nurse Claire had reassured him that the limping was barely noticeable and he should be glad they didn’t amputate his leg two years ago when his plane got hit by a German Messerschmitt and crashed into the English Channel on the way back to the airbase. The injury may be barely noticeable for everyone else, but Robin knows it’s there. That’s why he keeps clenching his teeth as he follows the street signs until he arrives at the longed for destination. Finally. The warm breeze of the Pacific makes the palm leaves in front of the coral pink Naval Hospital Pearl Harbor swing gently from one side to the other. It’s gentle, caressing, inviting, like the soft touch of a lover. So familiar, yet so very… different.

              There are construction works going on, a few buildings have been added. The hospital is not the only thing looking different though. Robin hasn’t spent much time here before he left, but the few months in Honolulu before the war happened, had been the best of his life. A life he more than anything wishes to go back to. Can he though? Is it even possible? Everything has changed, everything he used to be familiar with is different. The country, the island, the city, the people… he himself is not who he used to be. Robin remembers the day they arrived at the harbor like it was yesterday, when they came here with plans for their future but in fact, it has been three and a half years. So damn much has happened.  

He drops the duffle bag next to his feet as he watches people heading in and out of the hospital, many of them in the same military uniform he is wearing right now, some in marine uniforms and some in new ones he can’t identify. They’re probably stationed here, waging the war in the Pacific against Japan. Robin wonders how many mates they’ve lost, what they’ve been through. Have they been through anything at all or were they like he used to be - young and naïve and hungry for action, to fight for their country overseas? For a split second he closes his eyes, but the noises of battle and pictures burned into his memory start catching up with him, so he does what Dr. Henry Morgan has told him. Take a deep breath and think of your happy place.

Her face forms instantly in his mind with her fair skin, short, perfectly styled dark curls stopping right above her chin, the elusive and satisfying smile from dark red colored lips he thinks of every time he closes his eyes. And then there are the dark brown orbs, the ones that change their color depending on her mood and the light, the ones he can get lost in over and over again. Every time he thinks of her she’s wearing the little white nurse dress with a hat - the one she hated because it would never stay in place no matter how many pins she would fasten it with. It’s the outfit she wore when they first met back in New York what it feels like a lifetime ago. He used to carry her picture in his chest pocket but he’d lost it in the plane crash, something he’s never really gotten over. All he’s left of her is the ring she gave him on their wedding day, the one that hangs around his neck with the pair of dog tags that doesn’t belong to him.

Three and a half years, thousands of kilometers and a world at war between them. Yet he found his way back to her, he survived. She was the face that kept him going when he couldn’t remember, her voice was the one that spoke to him when he was lost in the darkness, when he almost drowned in his plane in the English Channel. Even when his memory was lost his subconscious could still remember her. The question now is - what does she remember of him?

Robin’s breath hitches when he sees her exit the hospital, clad in her nurse uniform with the ridiculously cute little hat that doesn’t seem to sit just right and a dark brown woolen jacket. It’s her, he knows it’s her even if her hair is a good three inches longer, falling softly over her shoulders and her skin tanned. He’d recognize her anywhere. His heart is beating rapidly as she comes closer, laughing at something and damn he missed her so much he has to suppress the urge to just call out for her. She’s flanked by two women, one of them he almost doesn’t recognize. There’s Mal with her perfectly styled blonde hair and signature red lipstick, accompanied by an aura of pure authority that always scared the hell out of him. Is she even still head nurse? But then his eyes wander over to the other woman. Long dark curls are gone and her once innocent face is now framed by a short pixie cut that makes her look older, much more mature even though her skin is as fair and resistant against the Hawaiian sun as ever. The weight of the dog tags around his neck becomes unbearable for a moment, dragging him down so much he almost loses his balance. Mary Margaret.

Whether it’s his sudden movement or just coincidence he doesn’t know, but Mal spots him first. Sharp blue eyes are boring into his, wide with surprise as her lips part slightly. Regina’s laughter fails as she casually bumps into her friend’s shoulder, probably asking her what’s wrong before taking her hand and squeezing it lightly. Mal holds onto it, whispering something he can’t hear because he’s too far away, but he can see Regina tense and hold onto her friend’s hand even tighter.

A high pitched scream disturbs the silence as Mary Margaret sinks down onto her knees, one hand lingering on her lips while the other points directly at him. Robin rips his eyes away from Mal over to the brunette kneeling on the floor shaking and it is only then that Regina follows Mary Margaret’s pointed finger and spots him. She looks at him as if she’s seeing a ghost, her hand clasping Mal’s so tight he can see the white of her knuckles shining through.

For so long he has waited for this moment, has dreamed about it, has imagined every possible scenario of her running toward him, running away from him, waiting for him to come to her. And every time he knew exactly what he would do but today… today he feels frozen on the spot.

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I am producing a set of book cover posters in the style of Penguin paperbacks that commemorate classic albums through the ages. These designs are for the Britpop classics Different Class by Pulp, Parklife by Blur and Definitely Maybe by Oasis. You can purchase an individual print or the whole set over on Etsy.

Set of 3 Posters

Blur Poster

Oasis Poster

Pulp Poster

anonblogdaily  asked:

Could you do a prompt on an island oasis? Preferably about a modern beach house on the ocean?

Out the picture windows they watched children flock to the shore break, pail and shovel clutched tightly in little hands. Waves gently lapped around the children’s waists, as if the ocean wanted to get in on the fun as well.


A beach town always has a certain energy about it. It’s as if the residents know that a restless and powerful force of nature is right on their doorstep, marking the shoreline with glass and scenting the air with salt.


“What kind of a place is this?” he asked incredulously.

“Paradise,” she whispered.


Oooh I like this one. It’s making me quite nostalgic since I lived on Oahu for a couple years. More on this later!

In my Utopic world, I’d live on a tropical island without any industrialization or pollution. I’d be able to fly up the mountain range nearby where there was snow, then make a sled out of an old stump and ski down the mountain to the bottom where I could bathe and swim in a running river and meet up with a group of friends.
—  River Phoenix
Rock/Punk/Britpop (and misc) Aro Playlist

So, even though I only realize I’m grey-aro a few months ago, my favorite genre of music is actually very aro-friendly. So, since this the issue  come up a few times on my dash, here’s a list of songs that I love and are hardly or non at all about romantic relationship. 

[I should note that I am not at all repulsed by romance in music, when written well, but I tried my best to pick the most appropriate songs :) ]

[also, because musicians can be really fucked up, sometimes non-romantic songs deals with mental health issues and can be triggering, so I marked those I consider to be so with ^] 

Away we go…

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ficlet | Cruise

Character(s): Santana L. & Brittany P.

Summary: Brittany works for a cruise line. Santana’s dragged to a lesbian cruise to properly rebound from her latest breakup.

Complete, Tumblr exclusive.

Prompt requested by anonymous, with some tweaking on my part.

PS. There’s lesbian sex and booze involved. Beware.

(Edit: Second installment here.)

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