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Slowdive // Slowdive (2017) Shoegaze
- Vey spacy. It’s as if they combined the sleepwalking vibe of Souvlaki with the big, open sound of Pygmalion. Sugar For The Pill and Everyone Knows are the best tracks imo

Anathema // The Optimist (2017) Prog Rock, Post Rock
- More down to earth than Distant Satellites. The band feels less epic and grand, but in a good way.

Exploded View  // Exploded View  (2016) Post Punk, Krautrock
- Anika is one of my favorite modern post punk/experimental songwriters, she has never gotten anywhere near the attention she deserves. You can really hear her voice through the song writing and the political commentary entwined in the music.

Death’s Dynamic Shroud.wmv // I’ll Try Living Like This (2015) Vaporwave, IDM
- I’m still trying to make sense of it? It’s self referential vaporwave, if that helps.

Full of Hell // Trumpeting Ecstasy (2017) Grindcore
- Reminds me of the new Code Orange album, except with better execution. While the new CO album is hit or miss when it comes to using ‘experimental’ production while still keeping their songs as heavy as possible, Full of Hell kills it at every turn.

Future Islands // The Far Field (2017) Synthpop, New Wave
- I loved Singles, this album basically follows the same template. There aren’t quite as many immediately catchy songs, but I’ve only listened to it twice so who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind. The bass playing is still fucking heavenly.

Violet Cold // Anomie (2017) Post Black Metal
- One of the better new releases of a still developing genre.

マクロスMACROSS 82-99 // A Million Miles Away (2014) Vaporwave, Vapor-Funk
- Not much going on in terms of ‘meaningful’ content, but who cares, it’s really fun. It can be a little repetitive, but enjoyable in bursts.

Mass of Fermenting Dregs // ワールドイズユアーズ (2009) Noise Rock, Shoegaze
- Really underrated math rock inspired noise rock. It’s fucked up that they get lumped together with Tricot and other female fronted Japanese bands even though they have next to nothing in common sound wise.

So the other thing I noticed in DuckTales the Movie is Scrooge’s cane.

What exactly is up with Scrooge’s cane? It’s crazy enough that he can pogo on it, but apparently it’s also completely unbreakable despite being a thin piece of wood. Check this out:

BENT BUT NOT BROKEN. That’s a big, thick metal door against what looks like a brick wall, AND SCROOGE BROKE IT OPEN WITH HIS WOODEN CANE.



(Panel from The Mystery of Easter Island by Geoffrey Blum)


evergloriousoverlord  asked:

What are, or should be, the aesthetic differences between the armors of the different kingdoms, in your opinion?

Well, when it comes to aesthetic differences, there are two things to look at. The first and most obvious would be what designs would be used, but there’s also the question of what techniques are they using to ornament their arms and armor. We already know that Dorne paints shields, as Dunk tells us in The Hedge Knight. Depending on the skills of the craftsmen and the materials available in each region, we can see what techniques they would use.

A note about these pictures, these are from different eras during armor development, so they are used as conceptual pieces. Much of these are late medieval period, which might be just a touch beyond where Westeros is at the moment.

The North - I’d imagine that the North would be a place of very few frills. Catelyn mentions that Northmen like Ser Rodrik disliking frills. However, we do know that Rickard Stark’s armor was finely designed, as Jaime describes us during his recollection of Aerys burning him and talking specifically about the melting of the precious metals. I’d imagine that a lot of Northern ornamentation would be metal or fur. I could see the armor itself decorated with gold on the rivets and inlaid with any house crests. Here’s a nice example of a decorated rivet on a Scottish targe:

The Riverlands - Well, the Riverlands are a large area and you’d expect regional diversity between the different areas of the Riverlands. So, of course, you’d see more Westerlander-influences in places like Pinkmaiden, whereas places closer to the Bloody Gate might see more Valemen styles. However, I’d look for probably something closer to the styles of Bavaria for the Riverlander armor, with a nice patterned texture as you see here to evoke gently cresting waves.

The Iron Islands - While the culture itself would probably mock painted lords in their fineries as weak, buying fine ornaments with the gold price, the Iron Islands has too much metal and enough sensibility to understand symbolism that their armor would also be decorated. I’d imagine that Iron Islands armor would, rather than use precious metals, would instead use embossing techniques to put designs into the metal itself. This is a bit fancier than I’d expect the ironborn to use, but there would definitely be these sort of embossing on the nicer pieces of Ironborn armor, though most ironborn raiders would probably use lighter armor.

The Vale - The austere, highly rigid culture of the Vale would almost certainly be reflected in their armor. I’d imagine the armor would be ornamented rather simply, mostly with house crests and wings, while the rest of the armor would be gleaming white, perhaps silvered in places. Given the knight’s spend a good deal of time going against the mountain clansmen, developing a solid harness and a good suit of cased steel plate would be a high priority for the Vale to make themselves relatively invulnerable against the poorly-armed and poorly-armored clansmen. I’d imagine the Milanese style would suit the Vale, and here’s what it looks like:

The Westerlands - Almost certainly, Westerlander smiths would be considered the pinnacle of Westerosi metalcraft, since their region is rich in metal both functional and decorative. This is the easiest kingdom to determine decorations, since their vast mineral wealth would lead to gilding and silvering their armor, decorating them with gold and silver. This would probably be done through mercury-gildening, which is a durable process meant for things like armor. For large areas, gold foil would be adhered with mercury, while smaller, fine areas would use a melted gold-and-mercury paste in a 1-to-8 ratio, which would be painted on with a brush. The gold was typically applied over a layer of copper for better adherence, so it’s steel-copper-gold. Once this was applied, the piece was basically ‘cooked’ in an oven to vaporize the mercury and voila, finely gilded armor. For an elaborate piece, you can see here for the armor of the 3rd Earl Cumberland, George Clifford, which might be used for someone like Jaime if you add a couple lions:

The Reach - Given the high importance of mounted combat, the most distinguishing feature of Reachmen armor would be a very flexible skirt for use in horseriding (this would obviously be important in all kingdoms, of course), and of course, fine ornamentation. I’d imagine Reachmen would have rather ornate engravings on their helmets and armor, with fine embellishments, crests, and gildings, something that looks like this:

As for the rest of their armor, I’d say they probably would take after the Southern French style, again, finely detailed and engraved. Reachmen would probably also have richly decorated cloth to decorate their scabbards and the finest woven surcoats to showcase their wealth

The Stormlands - I’d imagine that the Stormlanders would invest in fine quality armor, to better resist Reachmen incursion. They would probably use coloring to color their armor. The color of armor depended on when the armor was removed from the flame (as in, what temperature it was), with the most desirable being a deep, rich blue, hence why it was called “bluing” the armor. The Stormlanders would probably have richly designed and ornamented armor as befits their warrior culture, and it would probably look like something in the German style, so like this:

Dorne - Fortunately, half the work is already done with Dorne. We’ve seen that Dorne prefers to use painting rather than metal coloration and stains. We also know that they wear robes over their armor to help with the heat, which helps give us a very distinct image that reminds me a little bit of Turkish janissaries:

The Dornishmen would probably decorate their robes and silks finely for ornamentation rather than their armor; it’s easier, more visible, and less resource-intensive. For their finest spears, they probably inlay their hafts with bone, horn, and tortoise shells for poorer houses, and mother-of-pearl and ivory imported from Essos for the richer houses.

Thanks for the question, Overlord.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

Loosen Up, Kid.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Daughter!Reader.

Prompt: “Can I have a Dean x daughter!reader request? Where she’s her mid teens and she’s just having a rough time with school and Dean just tries to cheer her up by being a silly dad?”

Warnings: Season 12 spoilers about Lucifer. 

Extra: Y/N/N: Your Nickname; I/C: Your Favorite Ice Cream.

You let out a puff of breath as you ran your hands through your hair, frowning as you laid your head down on your desk. Your head was pounding, and the 4 tablets of Advil you had taken weren’t helping. You folded your arms down around your head. encasing your eyes in darkness. You let out a mental sigh of relief at the lack of light in your eyes.

You were a sophomore in high school, and midterms were coming up. To say you were stressed was an understatement. Between cramming in late night study sessions, hunting, and trying to get a lead on where Lucifer was after possessing Vince Vincente-you were officially in over whelmed mode.

A few gentle knocks on your door only emitted a groan from your overused body. The creaking of your bedroom door opening didn’t make you put your head up either-you’ve been living in the bunker for son long, the sounds the old architecture made didn’t bother you anymore. The large hand on your back was the final thing that caused your head to snap up, frustration getting the best of you.

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So I Bought "The Tim Burton Encyclopedia" by Samuel J. Umland and guess what

It contains the FULL synopsis of Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian!! But don’t get too excited. It’s both good and bad news. The good news? This movie had elements that would have made the cartoon make sense and bridge the gap between the first movie and the series… almost. That’s where the bad news comes in. The ending of the film would have not completed the bridge and would have taken things in a totally opposite and unexpected way.

I’ll give you guys the full summary:

“Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian”

Title of a 126-page screenplay written by Jonathan Gems, based on an idea by Tim Burton, as a proposed sequel to “Beetlejuice”. The year is uncertain, but likely either 1990 or 1991. The story features several of the major characters from the original film- Charles and Delia Deetz, daughter Lydia, Otho, and of course the bio-exorcist, Beetlejuice- but not Barbara and Adam Maitland. As in the original film, Charles and Delia Deetz are the antagonists.

Lydia is now in college and is paying her first visit to the Hawaiian tropical island Kanooka, where Charles Deetz, still a real estate speculator as in the first film, is in the final stages of the construction of a posh resort and casino. A group of environmentally conscious beatniks are protesting against the building of the hotel, claiming that human activity will lead to the destruction of much of the island’s rare wildlife. As the story begins, their protests have been repeatedly ignored. In addition, the hotel is being built on the burial ground of an ancient Hawaiian kahuna, whose spirit has been disturbed.

Lydia finds herself drawn to the beatniks and begins to fall in love with one of them, a surfer named Kimo. She meets an elderly island holy man, Mr. Maui, who instructs her on how to use her psychic ability to summon waves from the ocean, a talent she is able to exploit, making her popular with the surfers. The protestors kidnap Charles Deetz in an effort to persuade him to cancel the hotel’s opening, but rather quickly, Kimo and his friends are arrested and thrown in jail. With the help of Mr. Maui, Lydia uses a spell enabling her to journey to the Afterlife (Neitherworld), where she hopes to find Beetlejuice and convince him to frighten the hotel’s guests off the island, as well as help to free Kimo and his friends.

Lydia is able to track down Beetlejuice in the Afterlife, who agrees to frighten off the developers if Lydia is able to obtain for him a license to scare. She does, and they return together to the island. After Beetlejuice springs her beatnik friends from jail, Lydia agrees to allow him three days to play on the beach before fulfilling his promise to chase off the developers. During the three days, all sorts of wild things happen, including a surfing tournament that Beetlejuice, predictably, wins by using magic.

As in the first film, Beetlejuice is strongly attracted to Lydia, and once he learns that she is in love with Kimo, he seeks to create a rift between them. He transforms a Joshua tree into a seductive woman whom he names “Cactus”, introducing her to Kimo. Subsequently, Beetlejuice drugs Lydia with a love potion, and she becomes besotted with him. Posing as a wealthy oil tycoon named Monty Exxon, Beetlejuice persuades the Deetzes to allow him to marry Lydia, the day of the marriage set to coincide with the gala opening of the hotel and casino. Eventually, Kimo figured out what Beetlejuice is up to and when he tries, unsuccessfully, to stop the wedding, Beetlejuice’s benign mother, Gala, appears.

She has Lydia drink the nectar of a flower, which reverses the love spell, and Lydia is restored to normal- wary of Beetlejuice. Frustrated, Beetlejuice goes into his terrifying mode, becoming a creature named Juicifer and wreaking havoc on the island, transforming automobiles into metal wolves, animating demonic looking tiki statues, conjuring forth dinosaur skeletons from the ground, returning life to a Neanderthal man, and summoning the Easter Island heads, revealed to be buried giants.

The terrified mob seeks refuge on a nearby volcano. Lydia comes to the rescue by summoning an enormous tidal wave that wipes the creatures off the island, along with everything else, including the hotel and casino. Enraged, Beetlejuice intends to murder Lydia, but in the nick of time, Otho chants “Beetlejuice” three times and sends him back to the Afterlife. At the conclusion, Lydia and Kimo are happily reconciled, the island is to become a nature reserve, and Beetlejuice, after accidentally drinking his own love potion, falls for the girl with whom he lives in the afterlife.

According to Jonathan Gems, both Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder agreed to star in the film provided Burton directed. However, Warner Bros. offered Burton complete artistic control over “Batman Returns”, making him such an incredible offer, according to Gems, “that he couldn’t turn it down.” Hence, “Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian” was shelved, and in the years since, Burton has shown little interest in returning to it.

When I initially read this, I figured that up until the love potion bit, it fit PERFECTLY with the cartoon and I was sooo excited. Then came the love potion and I CRIED to think that it was possible that my OTP might not be “real”.

I also have the summary for “Beetlejuice in Love”, but you all do NOT want to hear that story. >_>