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Staten Island Univ. Hospital policy allows doctors to to perform procedures without a pregnant woman’s consent
“It basically says, ‘If you don’t have time to [take these steps], you can just strap her down.’”
By Molly Redden

Part of a series about the outsize number of C-sections performed in the U.S. 

The Staten Island University hospital (SIUH) policy offers doctors step-by-step instructions for performing procedures and surgeries without a pregnant woman’s consent if they can’t persuade her to give permission and several doctors agree that the treatment carries a “reasonable possibility of significant benefit” for her fetus that “outweigh[s] the possible risks to the woman”.

When there is an emergency that threatens the fetus, the policy gives her doctor even more power, allowing him or her to override a pregnant woman’s wishes on the spot and without consulting anyone else.

Doctors are allowed – and even encouraged – to privilege their own authority and ‘the safety of the fetus’ above the patient’s bodily autonomy. It’s another chapter in the ongoing, overwhelming assessment of people who can get pregnant as lacking personhood and being merely vehicles for fetuses – but this time within the medical community, and thus also involving abuse of power.

  • “Every reasonable effort shall be made to respect the rights and wishes of the woman, but also to protect the welfare of the fetus.” 
  • “Because of the physiologic dependence of the fetus on the pregnant woman, the burden of consequences of her actions on the fetus should be taken into account by her doctors and staff.”
  • “In some circumstances, the significance of the potential benefits to the fetus of medically indicated treatment may justify using the means necessary to override a maternal refusal of the treatment.

Those circumstances are met if there is a risk of serious harm to the fetus without the treatment, the fetus is viable, the risks to the woman are “relatively small”, the benefits for the fetus “significantly outweigh” the potential risks to the woman, and the doctor has made “reasonable efforts to persuade the pregnant woman to change her mind”. 

[…] “If the Attending Physician judges that there is emergent need to treat the fetus, and reasonably determines that waiting for consultation … could pose significant additional risk to the fetus, the Attending Physician may choose to take the measures necessary to override the refusal and protect the medical welfare of the fetus without further delay.”

Read the whole article – it’s long but necessary. Warning for discussion of forced C-sections.

“One of the things that catches my eye about this hospital’s protocols is how nebulous they are, how loaded with opinion and moral judgment, how squishy-soft they are,” Bast said. “They’re written with all these sort-ofs and probablies and qualifiers and most-likelies. You can’t deprive somebody of their constitutional rights based on, ‘I think so, probably.’”

Portrait of Union patients posing in front of a building at Lovell General Hospital in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, during the American Civil War.

Source: Rhode Island Historical Society.

The Diviners are BACK. 

Well, almost! We are so excited to share that the third installment of Libba Bray’s posi-tute-ly fabulous and spooky Diviners series is coming out this fall—on October 3rd to be exact. revealed the cover of Before the Devil Breaks You yesterday along with a little snippet (check it out here) and let’s just say we cannot wait to be transported back to 1920′s New York where mysticism and the occult are real…

Here’s the full synopsis:

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After battling a sleeping sickness, The Diviners are up against a group of new and malevolent foes–ghosts! Out in Ward’s Island sits a mental hospital full of lost souls from people long forgotten. Ghosts who have unusual and dangerous ties to the Man in the Stovepipe Hat also known as the King of Crows.

With terrible accounts of murder and possession flooding in from all over New York City, the Diviners must band together and brave the ghosts haunting the asylums to bring down the King of Crows.

Heart-pounding action and terrifying moments will leave you breathless in the third book of the four-book Diviners series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Libba Bray.

If this cover looks different from The Diviners and Lair of Dreams, you’re right! With this new spooky cover direction, we (of course) had to make sure the first two books got a makeover, as well. Check it out:

Spooky, spooky! We can’t wait to get all three editions together on a bookshelf. Is it October yet…?

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Hospital corridor at night. Emergency room.


queenofdragons6  asked:

I found it very odd that there were no medical facilities in Inmate Academy. Hope's Peak has a nurse's office and Jabberwock Island has a hospital, but Inmate Academy has no such thing. Any ideas why?

That was something I found odd, too! It tends to get overlooked by a lot of people, too—I remember when Ouma pulled his whole stunt with the floorboard in Chapter 3 many people assumed he was just faking the injury because that’s what Yamada and Celes did in dr1 Chapter 3. But there were no medical facilities at all and Ouma himself confirms that the blood was real (and then proceeded to go to the trial with what was probably a literal concussion).

That, combined with the fact that no one in the group per se was actually talented with medical care at all except perhaps Kirumi (who was supposed to be good at “taking care of anything that needed taking care of” as a maid) is very interesting indeed. I think a lot of it comes down to the particular aim and design of the killing game show, which is considerably different than what the facilities were set up for in dr1 and sdr2.

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Waves: Day 5

Ending the week on my favourite thing that I wrote this week! Thank you all for an amazing week!

Word Count: 4456

She was interesting that’s for sure. Kristoff had been admiring the mysterious woman from behind the counter everyday for the past week. She came in every lunchtime, little girl in tow who he supposed was her daughter. They’d both order chocolate milkshakes and waffles and she would always sit with her back to the ocean view. She was the first person who hadn’t sat in that seat to admire the boats sailing across the sea and Kristoff wondered what she was hiding.

He figured it could have been nothing. Maybe she preferred the view of the shop instead. She was new to the small Island though and he wondered why she would come to a place like this if she didn’t want to admire the sea.

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A lot of changes were made to this abandoned hospital in Massachusetts when it was being used as a film setting. Can you spot all the differences between the top picture when filming of Shutter Island was occurring and the bottom picture after filming of the abandoned Medfield State Hospital?

So why is it funny that people got swindled out of their money and are stranded outside of the country on an island in less than hospitable conditions? 

Basically everyone thinks its funny because these people are wealthy, as if because they have more money than you they somehow deserve this. People are always gonna have more money than you, but it doesn’t mean that because someone can afford something ridiculous like this that they deserve to be stranded in unsafe conditions.

 People are passing out due to dehydration and dumblr fucktards are laughing about how much money they spent to do so. These same people would probably throw a fit if something like this happened at Coachella or EDC.

You same fucking assholes who will sit on this site and claim to accept all types of people, march in fucking rallies and shit but its fine if someone gets fucked over if their income is higher than yours.

You guys are a fucking joke. 

       QUESTION: you’re on a flight home from australia, and you don’t think anything of it.  it’s a typical flight, with attendants and a pilot and passengers.   when suddenly, the plane falls.  everything goes dark, and everyone is screaming from fright.  you wake up, stranded on a desert island with the rest of the survivors.  what do you do?

                         this is a group verse based off the show lost.  

verse rules:

  1. please remember that this is a group verse where survivors are on a desert island, so there’s no technology!!
  2. you do not need to have seen the show to be part of this group verse!
  3. canons and ocs are welcome!! 
  4. the tag for this verse is gv: survival is not a game.  please track it so you’re able to see posts from group members!!  also, group bios, starter calls, headcanons, etc. are not mandatory, but they are encouraged to be posted within the tag as well!!
  5. that said, please post a bio about your characters life before the crash, and after the crash, within the tag!!!
  6. this is a human verse so please have a human fc!!
  7. no hate or ooc drama!!   please be nice and courteous to one another!
  8. when applying, please specify if you what your character to be one of the others ( they won’t be included in the verse if there are none, though!! )

i think that’s it for now!!!


character name ( face claim ), age, what they did before the crash, what their duties are on the island ( hunting, fishing, etc. ), where they’re from originally / written by name, age, timezone, pronouns, favorite color  

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