island escapes

fyre festival is amazing, it’s like Hyper Dashcon

instead of some random tumblr users getting scammed out of $50 then going home, it’s a bunch of rich people being scammed for thousands then getting stuck on a deserted island while trying to escape


Good wood - This cool little cabin sits on a hillside on Canada’s Valdes Island, a small piece of land with just 9 square miles located in the British Columbia Gulf Islands. Built by Burnkit founder Josh Dunford, it was designed to be self sustainable using solar power and rainwater collection systems, it also has modern comfort features to withstand the harsh weather conditions. So if you really want to get away then this should be on your list.


aries - masculine -  excited by activity, movement, and colour

taurus - feminine -  retreating into a bungalow of stability 

gemini - masculine - activated by conversation, learning, and social responsiveness

cancer - feminine - crawls back into a moon bed of safety to remember

leo - masculine - awakens the creative expression through marvellous dramatized display

virgo -  feminine - serves from the shadows, guarded and internalized

libra - masculine - recognises the importance, social activity, and projection 

scorpio - feminine - descends into the hidden 

sagittarius - masculine - voyages through the world searching for the disguises of god 

capricorn - feminine - turns inward to cope with the pressure the world has forced upon them

aquarius - masculine - speaks to the collective on behalf of heaven 

pisces - feminine - isolates themselves on an island of escapism for the sake of survival

The scene where Uma is chasing after Mal and then Harry calls for her to help him up, she immediately stops her pursuit of Mal, put her weapon down and helps him up.

I love this scene as it shows that she isn’t consumed with vengeance.

She will help her friends when they need her help.

This shows that all she really wants is to be free of the horrific island but won’t sacrifice her friends to do so, she wants to bring them with her when she escapes

After rewatching all of Uma’s scenes, I realised that she isn’t doing everything she does in the movie just to be evil or even for malicious reasons.

She is doing it so she and her friends can escape the island that they have been imprisoned on and be free for once in their lives.


AT season 8 starts Monday Jan 23 with a whole week of new episodes (Two-parter Monday at 7:30pm and Tues-Fri at 7:45pm). Islands premieres the following Monday Jan 30 to Thursday Feb 2 (7:30pm, 2 episodes each night)

Things I hope for in future AT episodes

• more about what happened to Martin between the time when he left Minerva to the time Finn found him in the citadel
• more about PB and accepting herself and finding out who she truly is and what she wants to be
• more Jermaine in general
• cute Bubbline moments and flashbacks to Marcy being a bad influence on Bubblegum and tagging walls
• how Marcy and PB met

I really never want this show to end, but I know it has to, so I’ll just cry forever about it.