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Let’s Blow These 8 Movies

Have you ever watched a movie and then you wondered what the hell actually happened there? You needed some times to think and conclude the ideas of the story. Well, this shit hits me few times. I don’t know whether my brain which needs an extra time to dissolve it or it is the movie which actually stupid. Thus, I’ve found some movies that were not stupid and It was actually my brain which needed an extra time to dissolve them. Here, I’ve listed 8 movies that made me wonder while I was watching them. You can try them if you haven’t :D 

1. Silence of The Lambs (1991)

A treasure for crime genre lovers and also a treasure for any movie-genre lovers. Silence of The Lambs is absolutely stunning. I do really love the suspense created from the beginning to the end of the story. The story is about a young FBI cadet who is given duty to interview a cannibal serial killer in order to gain information about a now-wanted serial killer who skins his victims. I rate this movie 8.5/10.

2. Se7en (1995)

Another treasure for crime genre lovers or maybe it can turn people into crime genre lovers. Se7en is an interesting movie which gives ‘fresh idea’ for the crime motive. It is about two detectives who are hunting for a serial killer. The serial killer commits murder based on The Deadly Seven Sins. I rate this movie 8.4/10.

3. The Butterfly Effect (2004)

This time is not about crime. It plays with psychological and supernatural thing. It mixes science and something that can not be easily accepted by our brain. The Butterfly Effect tells us a story about a man who is suffering from his trauma. But somehow, he can travel to his past several times and change his life. Different action that he takes at the beginning causes different life that he lives. I rate this movie 7.7/10.

4. Shutter Island (2010)

THIS is the one that made me keep guessing and guessing about the ending. There were so many questions that I’d like to ask while watching it. Shutter Island tells about a U.S Marshal officer who goes to a hospital for criminal insane in a remote island called Shutter Island. He tries to uncover the ‘strange’ things happen there. Shockingly, he uncovers something worst about the hospital that turns back his mind. I rate this movie 8.3/10.

5. Gone Girl (2014)

A FAB surprising plot. I was feeling like being turned upside down by it. Another awesome thinking poured into a story. Gone Girl is about a man who is trying to find his missing wife. He is being confused by things that indicate him murder his wife while his wife is actually still alive. I rate this movie 8.3/10.

6. Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Nocturnal Animals is a brilliant movie. It is different. I love how the story develops through its hidden messages. It feels like trying to understand a literature work. I was so mesmerized with the concept of the story. Nocturnal Animals tells a story about a rich gallery owner who receives a thrilling novel written by her ex husband, Through the novel, there is actually a revenge that her ex husband tries to reveal.  I rate this movie 8.4/10.

7. The Girl on The Train (2016)

A well-done plot twist. The Girl on The Train is definitely a good movie to watch. It will make you always questioning about what the hell is actually wrong with the protagonist. The Girl on The Train tells about a woman who has problem with her drinking (alcohol) and her previous marriage life. Those two really affect her life in the present days. She is often being played by her mind until one day, she witnesses something that change her life forever. I rate this movie 7.9/10

8. Get Out (2017)

2017 also has its own mind-thrilling movie. This movie is pretty unique because it involves race issue, crime, and science into one. The twist will entrance you; how humans can create such a thinking. What thinking? If I tell you it’s gonna be a spoiler, you had better go watch it to find out. Get Out is about a black man, Chris,  who is invited by his white girlfriend’s family. They seem so nice and friendly and also strange at the same time. It is not too late for Chris to realize what actually is going on, what secret is actually hidden there. I rate this movie 8.0/10.


Climate Change in The Marshall Islands (June 2017 PBS News Report).  

Climate Change in The Marshall Islands (June 2017 PBS Report)

Understanding Climate Change


Tobias Kebbell is an English stage and film actor from Yorkshire, north England. He is known for his roles in films such as Dead Man’s Shoes (2004), RocknRolla (2008), War Horse (2011), Wrath of the Titans (2012), Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), Fantastic Four (2015), Warcraft (2016), A Monster Calls (2016), and Gold (2016), The Sorcerers Apprentice, and Prince of Persia.

He is also known for his work in the Black Mirror episode, “The Entire History of You”. He most recently starred in the second film of the new MonsterVerse film series - Kong: Skull Island, which was released in 2017.

As Doctor Doom from ‘the fantastic four’…

As Doutan from ‘Warcraft’…

As himself, when not in ‘motion-capture’…

As Koba from ‘Dawn of the planet of the apes’…

As above, an when not monkeying about, he looks as if about to go ‘ape-shit’

Points for Moana Being Slytherin
  • sneaking away from her parents and other villagers to try and get onto the ocean
  • ambition to follow her heart, leave her “safe” island, do everything they said she couldn’t 
  • deep, fierce love, respect, and desire to protect those she considers hers (fuck mankind, she’s protecting HER island) 
  • “ever defeat a lava monster?” “no…have you?” 
  • “you’re no one’s hero. BUT…save the world? you’d be EVERYONE’S hero.”
  • “Maui, Maui, you’re so amaaazing”
  • deals! 
  • “if you can talk, you can teach” 
  • “told you I could do it!” 
  • understanding physical fitness is important; appearances matter and so does self-preservation…physical fitness helps both these things (statue vaulting, rock climbing, fixing rafters, et cetera)
  • punches Maui and then points out she was the one that found the hook first
  • “wow. a shiny, glittery cave. and just like me. it is covered in sparkly treasure. sparkle, sparkle…sparkle”
  • “I bet you get along great
  • false flattery straight in the face of “the crab who became a legend!”
  • covered a barnacle with bioluminescent algae as a diversion
  • doesn’t straight up tell Maui about his shark-head (maybe to spare his feelings but probably because it was amusing if her stifled laughing was any indication)
  • keeps digging into Maui’s tattoos to get the answers she wants/needs despite realizing it’s tough on him
  • pushes Maui past his breaking point emotionally because she knows it’ll help him (“I want to help but I can’t if you don’t let me”) because Maui is her’s now and she takes care of what’s her’s even when they fight her kicking and screaming
  • “the gods aren’t the ones who make you Maui…you are”
  • self-doubt & insecurity is very Slytherin…they and everyone around them hold them to incredibly high standards
  • determination + ambition + intelligence = fast learner (of things such as wayfinding)
  • “probably should have saved it for Te Fiti" 
  • constant vigilance + quick thinking = strategy (“finding you a better way in”)
  • “I thought…I could make it” (sometimes Slytherins are too proud, too sure of themselves…)
  • “we’re only here because you stole the heart in the first place!” (Slytherins lash out with sharp words designed to hurt, at times more aware of the wounds in the people they care about than their own weaknesses)
  • “I never should have put so much on your shoulders” (please remember how young Moana is, the responsibility and expectations she’s been saddled with and her determination to push through it, to prove herself)
  • “I am the daughter of the village chief, we are descended from voyagers” (pride in one’s lineage)
  • “the call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me” (a fancy way of saying ambition, huh?)
  • making sure Hei Hei is safe before the showdown (don’t forget Slytherin’s protect those they consider their’s)
  • the look Moana shoots Te Ka after she tricks the lava monster with the rock&smoke combo
  • surprise when Maui comes back (Slytherins have a reputation for tending to look out for themselves for a reason, right?)
  • pretty much immediate understanding that Te Ka is Te Fiti after receiving the two crucial missing pieces of information (Te Fiti is gone from her resting place & there'a a spiral on Te Ka’s chest)
  • shows no fear when faced with a terrifying lava monster barreling down on her (show no fear to those outside your House because they /will/ use it against you)
  • bows to Te Fiti, her goddess (true Slytherin ideals at work)
  • “I may have gone a little ways past the reef” (oh you don’t say?!? sassy little shit, I love her)
  • fucking puts a goddamn shell on the pile of rocks “raising the island higher,” effectively keeping any returning/future chiefs from continuing the tradition and placing their own stone on the pile because she put a BREAKABLE OBJECT ON TOP OF THE PILE (I understand it’s a message, a symbol but COME ON SERIOUSLY?!? that’s fucking Slytherin and you know it)
  • becomes an outstanding leader, a symbol for her people…a true Chief, a true Wayfinder, an excellent Slytherin

Climate change may seem far away in some parts of the world, but for Pacific Islanders, its effects are very real. In August 2016, anthropologist Jennifer Newell led a Constantine S. Niarchos Expedition to the Marshall Islands to study how communities there are reacting to flooding, drought, and other effects of climate change, and how they are navigating an uncertain future.

anonymous asked:

Hey Puffletruffle! You got any head canons for how the EPF agents were caught? I personally believe the Director/ AA realised how close Herbert was to finding out (Agent) Ace's identity and so let themselves be found to detract from them while Ace saved the island .The after effects of being put under would also be up for debate, beside freezing... they all need cuddles and blankets.

Ello, Anon! I don’t know how long this ask has been sitting here but sorry I didn’t see your ask sooner! <3 I haven’t been able to check up on this poor blog as much as I’ve been needing too, busyness is a cruel monster.

In reply to your headcanon about Miss Director, I really love it! (although in all honesty I love all Club Penguin theories/headcanons that people send me) But I think this was well thought out and makes a lot of sense. She wouldn’t be as easy to capture if that wasn’t the case and do absolutely anything to protect her island and agents and I wouldn’t put it past her at all to do that. Not to mention the way her frozen self is standing with the utmost dignity and leadership, even if it’s hard for her she looks like she knows exactly what’s happening and what she’s doing.

I’d like to thank you for asking about my headcanons/theories about how they got captured because I could talk about theories for their more serious parties like these for hours (but to save you time I will just try to answer your question lol). 


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pony island is a fun  S̘͎͖̩͕ͫ́̎ͯͧ̀Aͯ̀ͫͭ͆̄̚҉̶̠̱̪̖̘̫͉T̰͈̰̰͋͛ͧ̈́ͥͭͬ̇̕ͅA͇͙͈̘̼̟̙͇̼ͭͧ̐ͣ́́̓N̞̺͓̭̲̔͘Ĭ̯̺̜̮̅ͯ͊̌̎̚͢͠ͅC̨͓͙͚̬̗̗̙ͦ͒̏ͭ̿̅ͧ̋͐͟ plat-former you’ll never want to stop playing!

  Ûͤ̌͏̶̞̘͚̕N͇ͧͭͧ͝T̛̜̟͖̠̺͇͎͈̂͆ͅI̲͎̞̹̭ͬ̔ͭͬ̑̃͘L̓̽͐̐̎̇̀̀͏͙̫̳̻ͅ ̴̷̒ͭ̃͏̙̭̺̝̙̘̱̹Y̴͚͉̒̽̔̔̌͢Õ̪̪͙͓̗̼̋̊͑ͭ͗̚͘͟Uͧͧͯ̎̅͌͑҉̧̝͙͝ ̫͒̆̽͡S̄̆́̉͆̔͏̷̸̞͔̙Ů̢͕͕͇̌̄́̉ͮͯ̚͢R̬͊̃ͨͅR̠̯̗̠͍͕͚ͩ̊̒ͣ́̓̔ͩ̕͜Ě̷̤̣̀̆̅ͬ͝N̴͓̝̟̤͈̱̺̬ͣ͊́D̵̓̈̋ͮ̎̍͂̆͏̷̪̯͔͕̯̙E̛͍̩̫̿̔̑̈̏͛̈R̶ͫͧ͆҉̛̹̫̟̳̥ ̨̝̥̖͎̬̻̃ͣ́̎͌ͥ̚͡Y̲͈̞̠ͫ͘̕Ọ͈̣͂ͧͬ́̄ͭͦU̸̮̐͒ͨ̆R͎͖̭̹̟̀͑͗̆͊͆̓͌ ̡̪ͩ̊̾ͣͪ͡Sͣ̍́̀̒ͨͬͭ͝҉̝͍̝̻ͅO̰̞̖͇̞̰̩̝̥͊ͫ͒ͫ̈́̑̑U͚͈̠̣̯͐ͣͣ͜L̷͈̤̲̍̒


SERIE: Top 5 green roofs worldwide

The City Hall rooftop garden

Chicago’s most famous rooftop garden sits atop City Hall, an 11-story office building in the Loop. First planted in 2000, the City Hall rooftop garden was conceived as a demonstration project - part of the City’s Urban Heat Island Initiative - to test the benefits of green roofs and how they affect temperature and air quality. The garden consists of 20,000 plants of more than 150 species, including shrubs, vines and two trees. The plants were selected for their ability to thrive in the conditions on the roof, which is exposed to the sun and can be windy and arid. Most are prairie plants native to the Chicago region.

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