island dwwellers


shippy scribbles that i did today while i was out and about, just took me forever to get around to putting some colors on it, since i accidentally started up a more ambitious picture than i’d intended on another sketch of these two

cuties! i… don’t really know what eridan’s hair is doing, haha, but he’s looking especially pretty today for some reason

and gill-touches, can’t forget those

Okay okay okay guys I
Really want to write a fanfiction
So pick one of the following pairings/characters and send me a short prompt in my ask and I will write drabbles preferably angst and/or fluff but no smut please k
Please please PLEASE I’m so bored and having so many feels oh god

Eridan x Jade, Pale or Flushed
Gamzee x Vriska, Caliginous
Dave x Jade
Terezi x Vriska, any quadrant
Terezi x Nepeta x Vriska, Ashen
Cronus x Meulin, Pale or Flushed
Sollux x Vriska, Caliginous


Jade Harley (preferably Grimbark)
Meulin Leijon
Damara Megido, pre-SGRUB
Eridan Ampora
Vriska Serket
Terezi Pyrope

Remember no smut also feel free to pick a pairing/character I didn’t list but I reserve the right to turn down suggestions if I don’t like them okay
Go forth my minions
Give me prompts :3