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🇹🇹 ( LEFT): Salt Fish Boljol:
This is a spicy and peppery preparation is salt fish or cod fish.. It can be made two ways, either sauté salt fish with onions, sweet pepper and tomatoes or combining all The ingredients with hot oil.

🇹🇹 (RIGHT): Tomato Choka:
Roasted tomatoes sautéed with pinions, garlic, pepper and tossed.

They are both surveys with coconut bake.. Which is a special type of think harder bread with more flavour and substance.

Sacred Vows

Summary: This was written for @bionic-buckyb​‘s 5K writing challenge. I chose the prompt, “There’s no one else I’d rather have in my life than you” Thank you for allowing me to take part in this. Hope you like it.

Word Count: Kinda lengthy (sorry)

 Pairing: Bucky x Reader

A/N: I’m a true romantic and James Buchanan Barnes deserves to love and be loved. 

Bucky wanted a simple ceremony in front of a justice of the peace. You didn’t care as long as you and he were joined in holy matrimony. Natasha Romanoff super sleuth discovered your plans and alerted the team. Tony scoffed at the thought of a “shot gun wedding.” “You’re getting married on my private island. Pepper will handle the wedding details and the rest of us are your wing men and women.” Tony rubbed his hands together with a gleam in his eyes. You could see the cogs turning in his head!!

“But Tony, Bucky and I don’t want anything over the top,” Y/N pleaded, trying to keep up with his long strides. “Uh, sorry future Mrs. Frost Bite, did you say something?” Bucky slapped his forehead and sighed heavily, finally relenting, “okay Stark. Our wedding is in your hands.”

A chorus of “yay” and thunderous applause erupted in the common room. Pepper sprang into action contacting the necessary shops. While on the phone with the decorator, she removed the phone from her ear, “YN? What are your colors?” Honestly, you and Bucky never discussed colors. “We don’t have a color preference.” “Pish posh. Let me see. What about cobalt blue, grey and white?” “Okay, let’s see the colors together.” Hanging up from the decorators she pulled up the colors on her tablet and showed them to Bucky and his fiancé.

“What do you think, babe?” Bucky looked in amazement. “I really like the colors. What do you think, Doll?” “I say YES.” Wanda and Nat found a quaint little bridal shop in Manhattan, Le Chic. The bridal party arrived via white stretch limo.

“Ladies, your chariot awaits.” YN, Wanda, Nat and Dr. Cho gasped. “Really Tony? A limo?” “Yep future Mrs. Frozensicle. Go big or go home.” The ladies looked at each other and made their way to the white stretch limo. Pepper knew Tony had a soft spot for YN and wanted to make her special day one they’ll never forget.

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VarjoRuusu’s Black Sails Masterlist

A list of all my fanfiction on AO3. They’re categorized by the MAIN pairing so check for side pairings on my page itself, and also by rating within the pairing.

VarjoRuusu @ AO3



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BTS REACTS TO: Bringing them to Jamaica

Anon Asked:  Hi great blog can you please do Bts and got7 reaction to you bringing them to Jamaica

Anon Asked: Hi can you please do a Bts reaction to bringing them to Jamaica on honeymoon please

There’s a shit ton of Jamaica-based requests and i got a rising suspicion its from the same person lmao 

Read the Got7 one as well ya bums. - Admin Dayna


Being a couple of foodies require adventures on the streets of Concrete jungle. Vendors and Street merchants chanting on run down slippers and under the shades of wooden shacks.

“Coconut! Coconut!”

“Wata! Wata!”

“Bag juice! Bag juice!”

An older rasta man on the street side roasted fish and breadfruit over smoking banana tree branches, serving the meal together for a hundred Jamaican dollars. Seokjin enthusiastically pointed at the vendor, smacking your shoulder a little too hard. At this point you’ve gotten used to the abuse… it has become a staple in your honeymoon.

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He tries to be active and partake in the festivities, but it usually just ends with him running inside, showering off the saltiness of the island atmosphere and sea, and taking one long ass nap. You don’t necessarily blame Yoongi either. His attempts have blessed you with some great videos and candid shots of him – some of which he fights you on deleting, but you’ve kept safe in a locked album.

The honeymoon has exposed the dorkier side of Yoongi that was truthfully a side of him you loved to see the most. A day of frolicking at the shore side, drinking rum and sorrel, and goofy drunk Yoongi slip ups always ended with a bomb ass nap.

Good shit.

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A Very Stark Christmas

Tony Stark x Reader x Avengers+

Starksgiving | Deadpool & Hawkeye Save Christmas (Eve)

Summary: After a surprising Starksgiving and a vacation to the tropics, you and your super family enjoy a relaxing Christmas in the tower. 

Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Vision, Phil Coulson, T’Challa, Thor Odinson, Bruce Banner, James Rhodes, Peter Parker, Aunt May,

Word Count: 3256

A/N: I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!!

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Then There Were Three

“I’m so nervous, Perrie.”

“Don’t be. Now go and call me as soon as it comes back!”

Before you could reply, she’d already hung up. You were sat on the bed, the box in your hands. You’d been feeling off the past couple of days; your sense of smell picking up every ungodly scent, your stomach in churns and your head repeatedly hung over the toilet. He was worried but you assured him it was probably just a stomach bug.

Now here you were sat in the middle of the bed with a pregnancy test in your hands. Being married for almost a year, Harry had constantly quirked that he was ready for a baby and whenever you were, he’d want to start trying. He was incredible around kids and he was clearly made to be a father. You watched the loving look in his eyes and the bright smile on his face as he looked at you, the pleading look shooting at you.

He’d spent as much time as he could with Lux, playing and cuddling with her. She absolutely adored him and he was her “favorite uncle” according to her. When she’d spot him, he’d open his arms and wait for her to jump into them. He admired little girls, always wanting one of his own. Most of the time after shows, you’d find them cuddled somewhere alone and she’d be sprawled across his chest, his large hand supporting her as they slept.

You dragged yourself off of the bed, box in hand, and trudged to the bathroom. You were shaking, the box unsteady in your hands.

“It’s okay,” you whispered to yourself, pulling the test and its contents out of the box. “Take it easy.”


You were sat on the toilet, your eyes focused on the stick lying on the counter. You had a countdown set on your phone, each second ticking by causing your heart to thump faster and faster. A breath escaped between your teeth, your eyes drifting closed. After a few long minutes, the alarm went off, causing your eyes to burst open. You felt like you were going to be sick as you stared at the test a few extra seconds before you took it between your fingers, turning it over to the little screen.

There it was; the pink little plus sign that signified a baby on the way. Your heart fluttered in your chest, a smile forming on your lips.

“O-Oh my God,” you choked out, the tears pricking at your eyes. You rushed out, quickly grabbing your phone and dialing Perrie.

“That took forever! What is it?!” She didn’t bother greeting you, the excitement in her voice coming through the speaker.

“I…It’s positive.” You let out a sob and sat on the bed, staring at the stick in your hands. “Perrie, it’s positive!” You beamed, wiping away at the tears. She squealed, a loud crashing noise coming from her end.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! You’re pregnant!” You laughed, your hand falling to your stomach. It boggled your mind; a life already growing inside the not so there belly.

“How am I going to tell him? He’s going to totally freak out,” your mind drifted to Harry. You wanted to make this special, to make this special for him. He’d been waiting for this for too long and now that it was finally happening, you were ecstatic.

“I’m coming over right now! I have the greatest idea!”


“What the hell is all of this?” You laughed, staring at all of the bags in her hands. You figured she’d go above and beyond, something she was really known for among the group of friends.

“Okay, so we’re going to surprise him. Well, you’re going to surprise him but I’m going to help. We’re going to drop little hints around the house,” she grinned, beginning to pull out the contents from their bags. “But the biggest surprise is when he opens his dresser and he sees this,” she leaned down to grab a small bag, quickly pulling out a onesie with big bold letters “Best Daddy In The World”.

“That is precious,” you took it from her, the small fabric in your hands. “It’s so small.” You grinned, running your fingers over the stitching.

“Come on, let’s get started!”


“Alright, I think we’re all set.” She grinned, opening her arms wide. You quickly rushed into them, your head landing on her shoulder. “This is incredible.”

“I can’t believe it’s happening,” you whispered. “He’s wanted this for so long,” you pulled back to look at her. “But w-what if he doesn’t want a baby right now? What if he’s too busy for a baby or they go on tour? What happens if-“

“Hey, hey. Stop all that nonsense. You and I both know damn well that he wants a baby more than anything in the world. He wants a baby with you, you know that. God, I know how he gets around kids and it’s the most precious thing ever. When he finds out, he’s going to fall even more in love with you and damn it, I don’t even know how that’s possible.”

You laughed, tears brimming your eyes as you reached up to wipe them away. She smiled, her arms pulling you back in and hugging you tight.

“This is so exciting,” she mumbled, finally letting you go. “You have to make sure you get to a doctor by tomorrow.” You nodded, smoothing out your shirt.

“Yeah, I will.” You smiled, watching as she grabbed her purse and coat. She gave you once last hug, her hands leaning down to rub your belly.

“Call me as soon as he figures it out. I know it might take a while,” she joked, her eyes playful. You threw your head back laughing, turning to head into the kitchen.

“That’s my husband you’re talking about, missy!”

“Love you too!” You heard her giggle before the door shut close, leaving you to plan out the night alone.


The time rapidly passed, your heart racing as each minute went by. He’d be home any moment now after a long day at the studio. They’d been preparing for an upcoming show, something to raise money for charity. You knew he’d be exhausted when he’d walk in, but he’d be full of energy when he’d find out. Your phone rang, snapping you out of your thoughts before you picked it off of the counter and pressing it to your ear after seeing his face illuminate the screen.

“Hi, mister.” You grinned, grabbing a bottle of water before heading up to the bedroom.

“Hi, baby. What’re you up to?” He sounded tired, his voice straining as he spoke.

“Just finished making dessert for you.” It was a surprise, something to add along after he’d find the onesie.

“Dessert or dessert?” He stretched the second dessert, his voice low. You laughed, heat creeping into your cheeks.

“Only dessert, Harry. You’re going to enjoy it, I promise.”

“I’m looking forward to it, babe. I’ll be home soon, do you want me to pick up anything on my way home?”

“I made dinner and made a grocery run yesterday so we should be okay. I just want you home,” you sat on your side of the bed, dropping your head to his pillow.

“Already on my way. I love you,” you heard his Rover’s alarm go off from his end.

“I love you too, drive safe.”


You were making sure everything was in place when you heard the door shut, his voice echoing through the house.

“Babe? I’m home!” You heard his keys drop on to the foyer table causing your heart to beat unsteadily.

“I’m coming!” You shuffled into the bathroom quickly, planting the test on the sink counter before rushing back out. He was already making his way up the stairs when you fell into his arms, a smile on your face. He was taken back, his brows shooting up.

“Hello to you too, beautiful.” You giggled, your lips pressing against his.

“Hi, handsome. Where are you going?”

“Well, I was going upstairs to undress but if you’ve got other ideas…” His lips curved into a smirk, causing you to laugh and playfully hit him. “I’m only joking, my love.”

“Let’s have some dinner first, hm? I made pasta.” You were stood in the middle of the staircase, your arms around his neck and his around your waist.

“I’ve never seen you so eager to feed me,” he laughed, his arms tightening around you. “Unless you want something from me.” He jokingly narrowed his eyes, his forehead leaning against yours.

You only wanted one thing; you wanted him to be happy with the news that was about to be broken to him. You wanted to see his eyes light up with excitement and love because from what you knew, there was nothing he wanted more.

“Nothing,” you smiled, your fingers pushing his hair from his forehead. “Come on.” You took his hand, leading him back down the stairs and into the kitchen. He’d plopped on to the stool, his eyes smiling as he watched you make your way around the kitchen.

His eyes lovingly watched every part of your body move swiftly to prepare him a plate. He’d never thought he’d be where he was right now; married to a woman he was head over heels for, moved into a house made for more than just two people, and his mind constantly drifting back to the thought of starting a family. He was the youngest in the band, yes, but that didn’t stop him from settling down with the woman he fell in love with.

The past couple of days were a bit odd and he knew something about you was different; the restless nights with you emptying out the contents you barely ate in the bathroom, your on and off mood swings, and the way you were suddenly sick at every scent around. He wanted to believe it was what he was hoping for, but you reassured him it was just a stomach bug. He tried to get you to see a doctor, but you refused.

You set the plate down in front of him, watching the smile on his face. “What?”

He shook his head, a laugh escaping his lips. “Nothing,” he smiled back up at you. “You just look beautiful.”

You blushed, your head dipping into your chest to examine the shirt you’d managed to throw on after he left; his shirt to be exact. Your eyes looked up to be met by his, a smile still on his face as he took the first bite of his dinner. You sat down across from him, taking bites of your own platter.

“What’ve you done today?” He asked, leaning back in the stool. You pushed your plate back, mimicking his action and leaning back.

“Perrie came over for a bit and we hung out.” Shrugging, you got up and cleared the island of the dishes, placing them in the sink. He came around and his arms snaked around your waist, giving you a soft kiss on the shoulder.

“I’m going to go shower, meet me in bed.” You felt his smirk against your neck before he gave it a soft bite, laughing as he ran away.

This was it, he was going to find out that in no more than 9 months, he’d be a father. You felt your heart in your throat, your hands gasping the counter in front of you. You can almost imagine him opening up his dresser and spotting the small article of clothing, his eyes scanning the material in his hands.

Both of your lives were going to change in a matter of moments and you didn’t know how to take it in.

“Babe?” His voice came from upstairs and you felt your heart stop for a split second.

“Yeah?” Your voice was unsteady, holding your breath for a moment. He found it and now he was going to come down and ask you about it.

“Did you pick up my shampoo from the store yesterday?”

You thought you were going to melt into a puddle around your feet. He didn’t find it yet and you ran a hand over your face, shaking your head.

“Yeah, it’s in the cabinet below the sink.” You called back, turning on the kitchen faucet and splashing your face with a handful of cold water.

Now you were even more nervous for him to find it and you found yourself pacing around the kitchen, your eyes falling to the kitchen tiles. You heard the shower water begin to run upstairs, indicating he’d stepped into the shower. You had to get this over with and you let a breath escape from between your lips.

You had pulled the cake out of the fridge, something Perrie had come up with. Setting it down on the counter, your eyes fell over the words iced on to the top; “Daddy Styles” it read. You let out another breath and you let your eyelids close for a moment.


He’d shuffled out of the bathroom, a towel draped around his waist and hums falling from his lips. He looked around for something to throw on before he walked over to his dresser, sliding it open and his eyes fell to something unfamiliar. It was small, too small for it to belong in his briefs drawer. He pulled it out, his fingers grasping the material. He turned it over to read the writing on the front, his heart racing in his chest.

“Best Daddy in the World,” he read out loud, his breath hitching. “O-Oh my God.” He quickly threw his briefs on, grabbing the onesie in his hand and rushing down the stairs.

“I-Is it true?” He dashed into the kitchen, stubbing his toe rounding the corner from the foyer causing a curse to slip off his tongue. “Please tell me it’s true.”

Your eyes met his, going wide at the onesie in his hands. “Please.”

You looked down at the cake, looking back up at him as he made his way over. His eyes fell to the cake, reading the words as your eyes were kept on face.

“W-We’re having a baby?” He smiled, his voice shaky as he walked over to you. Your bottom lip was taken between your teeth, your eyes looking up to meet his eyes.

“I took a test this morning,” you watched the smile start to spread on his lips, growing bigger and bigger with every word.


“You’re going to be a daddy, Harry.” He was quick to scoop you into his arms, his large frame pulling you into his chest.

“I can’t believe it, this is amazing.” He mumbled into your hair, his arms around you and keeping you dangled off of the floor. “Why didn’t you call me and tell me?”

“I wanted to surprise you,” you pulled back and looked at him, your fingers tangling in his hair. “Surprise.”

“We have to get you to the doctor and get you on prenatal vitamins and you need to rest and we can start shopping and setting up the nur-“

“Hey, hey,” you laughed as he set you back down on your feet. “Harry, slow down.” He let out a breath, his forehead leaning down against yours. “We’ve got 9 months, take it easy.”

“This is incredible,” he smiled, his eyes drifting close. “We’re having a baby.”

“We are,” you whispered, leaning up to press a kiss to his lips.

“Are you ready?” His thumb swiped across your bottom lip, his arm snaking around your waist.

“I am,” the smile on your face plastered and your arms hooked around his neck. His lips pressed to your forehead before he leaned down in front of you, his fingers pushing the fabric of the t-shirt out of the way.

“Hello, my little one. I hope you’re all snuggly and cozy in there, be good for your mumma. I can’t wait to meet you, I love you.”

And at that moment, you knew you’d married the perfect man. This was where you wanted to be and this was who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with; your adventure just beginning. 

There you have it, darlings! So so sorry that it’s up so late, but it’s here now! Thank you to the anon who requested this, I hope you as well as everyone else enjoys! Drop by my ask for some feedback or anything else you want to say. Love you, dolls.

Anna x 

granpappy-winchester  asked:

Prompt! Will attempting to romance the pants off of Hannibal (basically Will bringing out his romantic side to flirt with Hannibal)

So, I’m not sure this actually qualifies as a fill to your prompt, but this is what happened when I started to try! I fail at writing flirty Will, sorry. Maybe I’ll try again :D

Inauspicious Beginnings

Hannibal/Will, PG13ish, 1771 words (also on AO3:

There is a scorched, acrid scent in the frigid Alsacien air, discernable as soon as Hannibal opens the car door. It is even stronger when he steps inside the house. A haze of smoke hangs heavy down the hall, the dogs are huddled together in their bed by the fireplace in the living room, looking mournfully at Hannibal as if he is to blame for the smell assaulting their sensitive snouts.

The smoke leads into the kitchen, from which the discordant sound of a stainless steel skillet landing none too gently on the glass stove top. Hannibal inhales deeply, and under the initial bitter nose that sticks in the back of his throat, there is the lemon, thyme, the sweet, smoky hint of toasted pecan, and the sharp woody smell of asparagus.

  Curiosity replaces mild concern, and he steps into the kitchen. Will has flung open every window and the back door in an effort to clear the smoke and the room is caught in a strange flux of too hot from the oven and various stove eyes, and too cold from the biting winter wind.

   The sink is overflowing with dishes. The island is covered in used measuring cups and spoons, mixing bowls, three different cutting boards but only one knife, the lemon press and garlic press, and every single part of the food processor disassembled and coated in a thick grey sauce.

Under any other circumstances, finding his kitchen in such a state of disarray might cause him some measure of irritation, but in the centre of the mess is Will in nothing but one of Hannibal’s aprons and a pair of boxers, cursing under his breath as he scrapes at the saucepan with a wooden spoon. He looks particularly appealing with his skin flushed in the heat, hair even curlier than usual, damp from steam.

Hannibal clears his throat and Will doesn’t exactly jump, but it’s a near thing. He’s certainly not the skittish thing he once was. Will turns around, arms crossed defensively across his chest and glares.

“I’m almost afraid to ask,” Hannibal says, drawing a finger through the grey sauce and bringing it closer to sniff. Goat cheese, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard. It doesn’t smell nearly as unappetising as it looks.

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