island delight


I first tried a curry with banana in it at a vegetarian restaurant in Ometepe, an island in Nicaragua. First I was a bit apprehensive to see a whole banana in the curry (this one wasn’t even peeled!), but when I took a bite, I thought,’Oh, yes, this makes perfect sense. What a delightful meal!” The sweet, soft flavor of the banana complements the coconut curry so perfectly, it’s not overpowering at all and it gives more body to the curry. Tilapia is somewhat bland white fish, but it’s a great clean base to take on the subtle and complex flavor of this curry. This curry is delicious just by itself without the fish, but if you are making it for a dinner party and need to add protein, tilapia is a great choice. You can also substitute pork chop for tilapia. This dish is so easy to make and so delicious, and I am going to be making it often this summer!


Beautiful Greek Island of Syros in Aegean sea.

Conversation on a Train

M: We have to kill Mary. How?

G: I know… in an AQUARIUM!!!

M: Oh, cool! But wouldn’t that break the glass and let the fish come pouring in on everyone?

G: Nah, never mind the glass. We’ll kill her in an aquarium, because we likened CAM to a shark, with cold, dead eyes!

M: OK. OK. This is great.

G: Who will shoot her?

M: Well, it would be great if John shot her to protect Sherlock from her assassinating ways!

G: Yeah, that would be cool, wouldn’t it? Imagine the guilt both John and Sherlock would feel over that. And it would settle the damned assassination subplot anyway. How can John be pleasantly married to someone who shot and killed Sherlock?

(Both grow quiet, pondering the unlikelihood of the marriage.)

M: What about the baby?

G: Well, obviously, we can’t have a baby on the show. Who would watch her when the boys went on their adventures?

M: Why did we add that subplot to TSOT?

G: I don’t remember. Well… anyway, we’ll write the baby off somehow.

(Tea service arrives; boys take a break.)

M: Now, where were we?

G: Killing Mary IN AN AQUARIUM!

M: Oh, yeah. Who will shoot her?

G: Um… I forget what we were saying. Um… how about… Hmm…

M: I know! Let’s make it a secretary from that secret group that Mycroft and Lady Alicia Smallwood belong to.

G: Lady Alicia? Isn’t it Elizabeth?

M: Is it? I don’t remember. We can look it up later.

G: OK… so the secretary… oh, I’ve got a great idea! What if the secretary is aiming for SHERLOCK, and Mary jumps in front of the bullet?!

M: Oh, man, that’s COOL! And then blood can like spurt out of the wound!

G: And Mary can have beautiful final conversations with John AND Sherlock and tell them both how wonderful they are.

M: Might it be biologically unlikely for a dying woman to have a conversation? When we wrote HLV, didn’t some medical person give us some advice about bullet wounds and shock and loss of consciousness?

G: Hmm… I don’t remember. Never mind for now. We can look it up later.

(Boys take a small nap.)

M: Mark! Mark! Wake up! I just had a cool dream.

G: What was it?

M: What if there is a SISTER! Sherlock and Mycroft have a SISTER!

G: Oh, cool. Let’s name her Eurus, like “East Wind.”

M: Eurus, yeah! Yeah! And maybe… is she a good sister who died tragically when they were young? Which caused Sherlock to close off his feelings and explains, a bit, why he devoted himself to logic and intellect?

G: No… too simple… let’s maker her EVIL. Like, super evil. Eviller than Moriarty!

M: Yeaaaaaah. Super Evil! And she’s a Holmes, so she has to be the smartest Holmes. And she can CONTROL PEOPLE WITH HER MIND!!!!


(Several minutes of delighted cackling.)

M: So Eurus is in secret fortress prison, but… she can control people with her mind, so she can come and go whenever she wants.

G: She can flirt wtih John if she wears a red wig!

M: And she can hang out with Sherlock and eat chips if she wears a blonde wig!

G: And she can be John’s new therapist if she wears a gray wig! And John won’t recognize her because he’s a dumb fuck and she can CONTROL PEOPLE WITH HER MIND!!!


G: OMG, this is SO FUCKING GOOD. Groundbreaking television!!!

M: But before she shoots John, John and Sherlock can make up with a hug.

G: Um… Why were they fighting?

M: Um… because John thinks Mary’s death was Sherlock’s fault because Mary took the bullet for Sherlock? In the aquarium?

G: OK. But can John beat Sherlock up very badly first?

M: Yeah. Yeah. Good.

G: Now… just to keep them hopping, let’s throw in some kind of memory-changing IV drug. We can call it T12.

M: Oh, yeah. That sounds mysterious. Will it have any bearing on Sherlock’s strangely missing memories of his sister? Or the weirdness of the island fortress or the AIRPLANE GIRL PLOT I just made up? This girl is alone on a plane and all the adults are asleep and she calls Sherlock!!

G: No. No bearing. No connection. But I love AIRPLANE GIRL PLOT.

M: Like… she’s flying over cities. They have to make her crash the plane over water!

G: You know what else I want to do?

M: What?

G: UmbrellaSwordGun. Remember when we drew that in our notebook that one time!?

M: Totally. Let’s UmbrellaSwordGun the hell out of Mycroft. And –



M: Eurus can chain John in a well.

G: Didn’t she already shoot John?

M: Never mind that. She can chain John in a well… um… like she did many years ago…

G: To Sherlock’s dog REDBEARD!!

M: No! No! To Sherlock’s best friend VICTOR TREVOR! Whom he CALLS Redbeard!!

G: But let’s make a dog bowl anyway and write “Redbeard” on it.

M: Obviously.

G: So, John’s in a well with the dead dog…

M: Dead BOY.

G: Dead BOY… right… and he chained in there… and Sherlock has to hug his sister so she’ll tell him where John is!

M: I thought we were on the Fortress Prison Island?

G: Yeah yeah that was like ten seconds ago. Now we’re back at the Holmes estate and there are lots of creepy headstones with fake dates on them? And John is in a well. And the water is rising.

M: So Sherlock keeps having water flashbacks all through this season. Even he could fight a bad guy in a pool and almost drown! Because childhood trauma!!!

G: But Sherlock doesn’t know that the dog drowned.

M: BOY drowned.

G: Sherlock doesn’t know that the boy drowned, so why would he have water fears?

M: Never mind that. Silly details.

G: And Sherlock finally gets his sister to tell him where John is, and they throw a rope to him and he climbs out of the well.

M: Isn’t he chained?

G: That was like ten seconds ago. Now he’s fine, and BLANKET.

M: Can Greg be there?

G: Yeah, yeah!

M: He’s not in London?

G: No, he’s by the well.

(Both men lean back in thick, cozy self-approval.)

(Several minutes pass.)

M: Can we blow up 221B as well?


M: YES! Drone.

M & G (in unison): GRENADE DRONE!!

(Both men settle in for happy, contented naps.)

BEACH BELLE is famous for her night time parties at the beach. She strings tiny lights through the trees, places colourful lanterns in the sand and plays tropical music. Her parties are so much fun, the often last till midnight!

I wanted to try to draw something a little busier! <3

Hello, fellow human.

I recall being like you, fellow human.

I was quite a nice guy. Smiling, making jokes, no worries.

Life was really beautiful.

But then he came. The one that made me like this.

It was not the best choice to accept a Sex on the Beach during that aperitif dinner in that pub in the delightful island of Italy.

The food was tasty, the pub was not very illuminated but, in a pub, that sets the “mood”, the slight smell of wood of the benches for the tables was mixing in with the strong smell of fries coming from the kitchen and the surface of the sylvan wood table where I was sitting was really smooth. It was then that he came, when I was worrying about the money for university and while Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel was playing.

“Hello, fella, what brings you here in this pub?” said they.

They were wearing a long black trench coat, a black fedora hat, black pants and black moccasins. They wouldn’t have any kind of problem at disappearing in the night. Their voice was much similar to Marlon Brando playing Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather but more deep.

I just assumed that they had a really sore throat, so I wasn’t afraid.

“Nothing much, just reflecting on my future.” I replied.

“Well…what’s wrong? You don’t have money for the university?”

“How do you…?”

“I’m a great observer. That look is the one of a guy who’s worried about money. And since you’re too old for college and you look too smart for being flunked, the only thing left was the university.”

“Interesting…So, do you spend your time observing people in a pub?”

“No, I solve problems. Wanna solve yours?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“Well…here’s how it works: You sell me one thing that belongs to you and I will solve your problems. Deal?”


We shook our hands and they walked away.

“Wait, I didn’t gave you anything!”

“You already did. You sold me your soul.”

That’s the last thing they said before disappearing in the dark of the pub.

I decided to walk away too, convincing myself that I was just hallucinating while the last note of “Sound of Silence” faded in the air.

The night was dark and cold, the only sound I was able to hear was just the howling of the wind while my face was being attacked by the gelid wind, freezing my throat. I was able to get home and heat me up at the warmth of the electrical heater.

I then went to sleep.

And that was my last rest as a human.

When I woke up, I was no more than what you see: A shadowy figure. The being I encountered at the pub explained that I could attend university in my body but nothing more. And since I sold my soul, I can’t die and I’m damned to live in this mansion for all the eternity.

That being wasn’t Satan because that being wasn’t a man of wealth and taste. Nor even one of it’s servants because when he’s making contracts, he works alone. That being was an entity older than this Earth or this universe itself. No one knows it’s name, neither I.

The only thing I know is that he travels the world in search of people who need something.

So…Welcome to my humble lair, human.

I’m searching for something, could you help me?

(Ray Jackson, 2017. Tumblr: raythebrutallyhonestguy)

The Lesser of Two Evils - Part 4 (End)

Original request: I was messaged with a great idea from @avengersrulez1536 where the reader is Regina’s sister. Although she is nicer than her she is just as evil as Peter Pan….someone who she is about to come face to face with. Oh and she is a pirate! :D

Note: Sooooo a couple of people asked for this part to be rather smutty and who was I to say no? The smut isn’t subtle (of course!) but it also doesn’t go into extreme detail either. There is also another request in this part but I won’t say what it is otherwise….spoiler alert! :)

Peter Pan x EvilPirate!Reader

Words: 1,794

Warnings: Smut, fight for dominance, mild violence….anything I have missed just let me know!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

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The Honeymoon| Sanami June Bride 2017|

When Nami opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Sanji’s face. Looking directly at her.

Ohmygod” she screamed, and she almost jumped from the bed, stepping away from him “Do you want to kill your wife on the very first day of marriage?”

Sanji laughed and stepped closer to her, embracing her in a hug. “I just can’t help but to stare at you. You look so peaceful in your sleep.”

“If I had known you would be such a creep I wouldn’t have married you.” She teased him, breaking the hug. “Now get up already, it’s getting late.”

“Who cares?” Sanji grabbed her by the arm, refusing to let go. “It’s our honeymoon.”

Nami sighed. “I know it is, but we can’t be in bed all the time.”

“Why not?” Sanji asked her, giving her the best impression of her puppy eyes. “There are plenty things to do in bed.”

Nami let out a laugh, but freed herself from Sanji’s gaze. “You already showed me that last night. And don’t give me that look, we knew what we were signing up to. It’s not easy to have a honeymoon in a ship with our crewmates.”

Before Sanji could try to convince her, they heard a knock on the door.

“You horny monsters, are you done?” It was obviously Zoro. Sanji chuckled and Nami rolled her eyes, but none of them responded. “Whatever, Luffy is hungry. And Usopp said there’s an island in sight, so…”

By the time they dressed up and opened the door, Zoro was already gone. Sanji gave Nami a slight kiss in the nose, and she wrinkled it.

“I’ll see you later. And don’t worry, we’ll have our honeymoon.” She assured him.

“Where?” He asked. He had always thought The Sunny was a big ship, but it certainly wasn’t big enough for privacy, or so it seemed.

“There” Nami said, pointing the island. Usopp was yelling “land ahoy!” from behind, and they both smiled. “There has to be somewhere where we can escape from everything else, right?”

“Like a hotel room?” he proposed, with a flirty smile.

“I hate to say this, but Zoro is right. You are a horny monster” she laughed, and left Sanji with a furious expression in his face.

The crew finally arrived to the island, and to their delight, this time it didn’t seem like anything was about to eat them, or anyone was about to fight them. The palms, the sun and the light breeze were the culmination of that peaceful sensation, something that they weren’t used to feeling.

“How could there be no marines in the coast?” Chopper asked, looking around. The only thing he could see besides the sand was a big building in the distance. People were walking, swimming or just sunbathing without any apparent worry.

“Are we dead and we’ve gotten to paradise?” Usopp gulped, his eyes trying to catch every single detail that his mind could process.

“If we were dead we would be in hell, don’t you think?” Robin laughed with her characteristic grin “It’s a pirate’s life we’ve earned.”

“Whatever this place is, I’m just so happy to be here” Sanji cried, bringing down to his knees. “It’s paradise.”

“And who should you all thank?” Nami said, stepping in front of her crew, that now were looking at her, expectant for her answer “Obviously the best navigator ever, me! I had it all planned.”

“So this means…” Sanji started, and Nami joined him for the second phrase “Honeymoon mode on!” They high-fived each other, and Luffy and Franky did the same.

“I don’t get it” Luffy said later, when they were on their way to the building Nami described as a resort “Why did we high-five?”

Nami rolled her eyes before answering him. “Leave it, Luffy. We don’t want your brain injured after a long session of thinking.”

“Okay” Luffy responded, not catching the navigator’s sarcasm. “Usopp, Chopper, Franky and I are going to the amusement park, bye!”

“I’m leaving too” Zoro announced with a chuckle “It’s better to do some workout than to watch you sickling lovebirds making out.”

“Don’t come back!” Sanji waved him goodbye, and Nami punched him softly in the chest. “What? I just want a private time with my wife, and not seeing that shitty marimo ever again. It’s not that much to ask, right?”

“Well that’s our cue to leave” Robin said, taking Brook with her. Soon enough, Sanji and Nami found themselves alone, just like they wanted.

“Now that we’ve gotten rid of them, what should we do first, my beloved wife?” Sanji asked Nami, pulling her closer to him so he could place a kiss on her cheek.

“I was thinking that since I brought the bikini you gave me we could hit the pool” she said with a devious smile “What do you think?”

As a response, Sanji lifted her up and carried her bridal style. “I think let’s go now” he said, starting to run.

Already at the pool, they couldn’t get their hands off each other. Luckily, they weren’t the only ones to do so: the whole place was filled with couples doing the exact same thing.

“What is this place?” Sanji asked her between kisses. Nami stopped him right away, and focused in her answer. She would often get too distracted by him for her brain to actually think, although she loved it.

“It’s a resort, I told you. Mainly for couples in love, couples with children and even couples who are struggling with getting a divorce or not. It comes in the pamphlet, see?” she handed him a piece of paper, and he read it carefully.

“Sounds appropriate.” He just said, before starting to kiss her again.

“Wait” she said, making him stop right away. “I’ll get us a bottle of cold champagne. I’m sure I could get us a discount.”

With a wink of her eye and a turn over her heels, she left him waiting for her return. She moved with confidence, like she owned the place. She felt good, self-assured. In fact, she felt better than ever. The wedding turned out to be such a blast, she was officially married to the man she loved and she had planned the best honeymoon ever. Now that she thought of it, she really was awesome.

“Excuse me, mister” she called the waiter, with a brilliant smile. The day couldn’t get any better, but a glass of champagne had never done any damage. “Can I get the best champagne you have? You see, we’re on a celebration.”

“Of course you are!” the waiter told her, clearly exited. She frowned and looked directly at him, confused. Was that how the staff was supposed to react normally? She didn’t think so. Looking around, she couldn’t see any other clients getting that treatment.

“Sorry, miss Nami” the waiter said, noticing her awkwardness. However, it only made things worse: how the hell did he know her name? “I… You’re Nami, right? The cat burglar, now married to black leg Sanji?”

Nami blinked twice, and slowly nodded. “How do you know that?”

“Well it was in the news. Everyone saw it. You even appeared on some big screens, and, if you ask me, you looked gorgeous.”

The waiter kept talking about how beautiful the ceremony looked and that he never thought a pirate wedding could ever be so classy, yet so funny. He even called it “the best of the century”, which Nami thought it was a little bit exaggerated. Still, she found his excitement funny, and for once, she was recognized for something more than being in Luffy’s crew. It was a nice feeling, being somehow famous. And, even better, she knew how to take advantage of that.

“Look, Brian” she said, reading the waiter’s name in his label. “I really appreciate your enthusiasm and that you loved the wedding so much, but I’m really thirsty right now, and I feel tired after all that big ceremony. Could you bring that champagne I was talking about before?”

“Well of course!” Brian assured, and rushed to the bar. In less than a minute, he was holding a cold bottle and two glasses already. “And don’t worry about the cost, it’s on the house.”

Nami let out the biggest smile she could make and flipped her hair. “Thank you! You didn’t have to!”

When she was walking out, she heard Brian’s voice again. “Sanji is so lucky to have you!”

“Damn right he is” she said, stepping outside again. However, she didn’t found her lucky husband waiting for her at the pool, but two men fighting. And one of them was Sanji, naturally.

“What the hell are you doing?” she shouted him, and he turned around to face her. “Stop that stupid fight of yours!”

“This man just insulted us! He said our wedding was ridiculous and that pirates shouldn’t be allowed to get married, how can I let this pass?” he told her, his eyes still cold from the stare he was giving the man in front of him.

The man, apparently drunk, shouted back. “Pirates getting married is just a waste of time. Sooner or later one is going to be executed, as should be. And then the other would marry someone else, because you pirates don’t have a sense of honor… I’m sure you only did it for show. Pirates can’t love.”

Nami let out a deep breath. She was still holding the champagne, so she left it on the ground.

“Honey” she called Sanji, and he turned to face her with a smile. He knew what she was going to say next, and he could recognize what that little but devious smile meant in her face. “Beat this asshole.”

With the man so drunk he struggled to move and Nami’s cheers and claps supporting Sanji, the fight ended almost as soon as it had begun.

“Repeat that words again and it will be my wife who will finish you off” he spitted to the man lying on the floor. Then, Sanji turned to see Nami’s happy smile, and she threw herself into his arms.

“That was great. But no more fighting, please.” She said, with her signature puppy eyes. He couldn’t escape now. Not that he wanted to, anyway. “Just me, and you, and our free bottle of champagne.”

“Your plans are always the best” he said, kissing her. “But I still wonder how that man could find out about our wedding.”

“Well, as the brilliant mind I am, I know the answer to that” she whispered, “but I can tell you all about it when we’ve had our deserved drinks.”

“As you wish, love” he told her, pouring the champagne into the glasses and serving one of them to Nami. “To my perfect wife, who planned the perfect honeymoon. Cheers!”

“Cheers!” she laughed, before starting to tell him her little experience with a waiter called Brian and the biggest wedding of the century.

Author note: Wow. This was such an experience. It has been a challenge since I had to do it in such a short time, but it was a blast! I hope you liked it as much as I did!

So so so polite <3 Nessie likes you~ So sorry for blaring all that upsetting stuff so I decided to do a little something for the guys too?

It’s been just over a week on this screening premiere tour, but it seemed like forever away from his Honey. With a long sigh, he opened his hotel door with a key card and slumped into the bed. It was just so draining without you. He couldn’t even contact you now. The time zone difference meant you were probably sleeping or about to.  A text buzzed on his phone. A moment of hope flashed and died when he read the message. 7:30 wake up call tomorrow?
Saeki frowned and tossed his phone aside, shuffling into the shower. Freshly cleaned and wrapped in a bathrobe, he laid back on the bed and threw the covers over himself. He pulled the phone close to him and opened it up.
“Ah, that’s better.” He tapped into the photo albums and found a picture hidden in the back of the hundreds of pictures. Your face shyly smiled back at him. “Hello, Honey. Did you know I missed you today?” He grinned at the cat ears and tail you were wearing in the picture. He couldn’t possibly let you find out he had kept that embarrassing photo you had sent him for his birthday. “Good night, Honey.” Saeki chuckled, satisfied, and placed his phone back down on the bedside table.
You were putting away folded, clean laundry in the closet when you found it. Dangling in Saeki’s sock drawer, half caught in his hasty slamming of the compartment, was the sock.
A lone, pastel purple sock speckled with tiny yellow ducklings.
You giggled at the thought of Saeki pulling his socks out to pack in his rushed preparations for the departure, leaving this one behind in his inattention. You could see his frown in your mind’s eye, and your heart does a happy little squirm in your chest. He was just so adorable when it came to his socks. A slight sigh escaped your lips, and you find yourself staring at his sock. You fold it and put it neatly back into the drawer. Looking up, you steal one of his white shirts from his grand collection, and bury your face in it. It smelled faintly like Saeki under the soft, clean detergent scent.
You put it on.
It was so big and comfy. You shake your arms out a little and the long sleeves flap. You giggle. It felt almost like Saeki was wrapped around you. It wasn’t much, but it did sooth your heart a little, and you press the cuffs to your nose, breathing the faint reminder of your boyfriend, and smile into the fabric.

He was rarely out of town like this. A client had offered quite the sum to get him overseas for an important case, and Takao had taken up on the opportunity. It was in no way an easy case, and Takao seemed to find less sleep every night, and greet the mornings with larger and larger amounts of vegetable juice he bought from the closest market. He missed the usual mornings, with the run, the whirr of the juicer, but more importantly, the soft, warm, dear woman who he always woke up to.
After a long day of research and discussion with some other lawyers working upon the case, Takao returned to his hotel with a bought dinner. Opening it, he started on the vegetable croquettes, remarking - with a twinge of disappointment - that they were not hot from the oil as you made them. He reached into his briefcase and pulled out his wallet. He flipped it open to the clear pocket, where a bright picture was carefully cut and placed. His own smiling face gazed back at him from beside yours, backed by the beautiful scenery of the beach. Droplets of seawater gleamed at the ends of your wet locks, and you had on a sweet little smile. Your bikini was blue and simple, but enough to make Takao sputter the first time he saw you in it. That memory flooded to mind now, and he chuckled fondly to himself as he took another bite of the croquettes.
You opened the mailbox after your shift at Long Island, finding a delightful surprise waiting for you. Takao had sent you a letter!
He always sent letters whenever he had to leave, and you found yourself hoarding a slowly growing collection. You hurried back home to read it.
With all the letters spread out on the coffee table in chronological order, you carefully open the newest one - a plain white envelope with his neat printing and a dim sum themed stamp - and read its contents. This time, he was over in Hong Kong, helping a client, Mr Oh, deal with some legal disputes. You flip through pages and pages of his printing, as neat and tidy as your boyfriend himself, your heart bubbly with adoration. Takao always put so much effort into his letters, and reading them felt like having him close by, pouring heart and soul into words for you.  You slide the letter back in its envelope and open the one before it, setting out to reread all of them.

He had worked hard for this chance. Along with a couple of other seniors in his department, he was introduced to the president, and was accompanying him to a foreign conference. After a long yet friendly meeting and discussion in the morning, tonight was a night of manners. Kyoichi felt excited at this major milestone in his career, and wondered if he looked suitable as a representative from Japan. He knew fancy well, but this was a whole new level of international extravagance. He noticed applause sounding in the large hall, and quickly joined in. The president was taking his seat, along with his daughter and her husband. Kyoichi looked at the man. He looked a little nervous at the dinner too. Kyoichi had heard he was once her bodyguard. The two men’s eyes locked for a moment, as if sharing their mutual anxiety at the formal dinner, and both looked away.
Kyoichi stuck his hand in his suit pocket. His finger moved slowly, smoothing over the soft fluff. His own kitty strap sat in there, a soft, reassuring presence that reminded him of you. He took a deep breath. You should be so proud of him. He had to make you proud of him. Letting out the air slowly, he stroked the kitty strap a few more times and pulled his hand from his pocket. He was going to make you so proud. Kyoichi sat up straighter in his chair and gave a cordial smile.
You were curled up on the couch with your after dinner chocolate, sadly watching the marshmallows bob in the warm liquid. You missed Kyoichi. It always tasted better with him beside you, drinking from his mug and putting his arm around your shoulders. You set it down before taking a sip.
Your loneliness wasn’t nearly as bad as when you first started dating. Kyoichi’s erratic schedule was something you more or less got accustomed to now, and you knew he finally got a great chance at an international conference with the president. You were so happy for him, so proud of his achievement, so glad he had been recognized, so lonely without him.
You suddenly get up and go grab your keys from the bowl by the door. The kitty strap dangled from it. You give it a quick little kiss and rub the fluff against your cheek.
Can you sense this, Kyoichi? I’m so happy for you. I miss you.
You sit back down on the couch with the kitty strap and stroke it with a finger. Taking your mug back up, you sip the hot chocolate. Maybe it was just you, but it tasted that much sweeter.

It was only the end of the first week. There was still a week left and he was already out. He had been recommended and selected to be given a chance at an international physics teacher workshop, an extremely reputed event hosted by a top university. You had made him a batch of 200 mochi at his request for him to bring on his trip, and somehow he had eaten them all.
“I bet pouty didn’t actually put in two hundred.” He muttered as he tore open a store bought package of strawberry daifukus, the best he could get out here in a foreign supermarket. “She’s always saying how they’re not that good for me.” He stuffed one in his mouth. “Hell, what is this? Is this even legal to sell?” He chewed scornfully. “Even pouty makes them much better than this. They got the texture all wrong.”
Yamato finished off the package muttering in frustration, and moved on to his dinner of basic udon he had threw together on the hotel stove. Every day was simply too tiring for him to cook.
A good hour after dinner, he goes to find a change of clothes before his shower. Pulling various zippers in his suitcase, he finds something you had packed for him. It was a medium sized box labeled ‘emergencies’. Yamato pulls it open.
“Oh pouty, do you even know how much more I love you right now?” He grins down at the handmade mochi.
“Good job today.” You say cheerfully to Roomba as it lets out the little tune to alert you that it was complete its round. “It’s so clean! Here, have a little reward!” You plug it in to recharge. In Yamato’s absence, the apartment felt so empty you found your only companion to be the Roomba in the corner. You had befriended it, talking to it like you once saw Yamato do. You giggle a little at yourself. It was so strange thinking it, but you could swear that Roomba liked you. No technical difficulties at all like you had feared. You take one of the extra mochi you had made and start nibbling on it.
Has Yamato started eating his packed mochi yet? 
You giggle to yourself. If you knew your boyfriend at all, he would probably be finished and whining for more. Yamato’s frowning, pouting face comes up in your mind and you smile. You wonder how long it would take him to find his emergency package, and feel a rush of pride for yourself at including one for him.

It strange to be away from you. He was so absolutely addicted - no - attached to your presence by his side. You had made plans to bring him to visit your family back in Kyushu, but Daniel had shown up a few days ago and mentioned urgencies back in the kingdom that Ren had to immediately tend to. With a promise that he’ll visit your parents another time, the two of you took planes in different directions.
In the room he had grown up in, Ren opens his suitcase and unpacks a sizeable teddy bear. He put it on the centre of the large bed and stares at it.
He pets its head. It was soft and fluffy despite being crammed into his luggage.
He pulls it over and wraps his arms around it. It smelled like home back in Japan, and like something sweeter and better. It smelled a little like the scent of your soap, the scent that clung delicately to your skin and clothes.
Ren loved this scent. He could always discern it from the various blossoms in the house. It was your scent, as unique, as wonderful, as gentle and lovable as the woman he missed so much. Ren loved this scent.
You got home before Ren did, and found the house to feel airier and emptier than usual. He had set up watering systems for his beloved plants before he left, and you went ahead and took out the plastic bulbs. You took it upon yourself to water the plants in his absence. Bringing the can out to the balcony, you start with pouring some into the pot of morning glories in the corner. It was almost about to bloom. You watch the water seep through the soil and wonder if Ren was going to be home in time to see it. The two of you had planted this one together. You touch a bud lightly with your fingertip and recall how you had accidentally smudged dirt on his cheek. He looked absolutely bewildered and adorable. Sliding along the balcony, you water the smaller plants on the rack, a beautiful assortment of pastel colours Ren had decided on to surprise you. You remember sitting on a stool, watching him repot the flowers under the setting evening sun. It was a sweet and fond memory, and you find yourself grinning uncontrollably. All these plants reminded you of Ren, and your heart swelled with contentment as you relived the memories of each one.

He was back in Kyushu alone this time. You had been caught up with work at Long Island due to the rush of customers for Kunihiko’s newly invented cocktail. Akito lay on his childhood bed, staring up at the messy pattern of glow in the dark star scars on his ceiling. It was a layout you had helped him arrange back in the day, and he chuckled at the poorly distributed placement. Rolling over, he pulled out his wallet from his carry on backpack. Flipping it open, he pulls out a handmade trifold booklet. It was a trio of small, taped together photos. Akito unfolded it and gazed at them with a widening smile. One was of his first kiss with you, taken by the friend he had secretly set up to take a picture. You hardly seemed to change since then, your face still beet red and flustered whenever he kissed you now. The second was a photo booth picture the two of you had taken together. You had sharpied red devil horns around his head and he had laughed and drew in your angel wings with silver. The last one… Akito laughed out loud at his inclusion of the last one in his collection. You in the kitchen, wearing his shirt over your underwear, topped off with an apron. He had taken the photo after one of your nights together, and as he gazed at it now, he sighed with contentment at the newlywed feel to the entire scene.
It was so boring without him. You worked hard at Long Island and came home to the empty apartment, missing him dearly. After dinner, you put on a movie and found yourself unable to concentrate. Going over to the side shelf, you took down a snow-globe. Well, it was almost a snow-globe. Turning it on, the room fills with delightful music - a selection by Akito to be your relationship anthem - and the decoration lights up with a rosy glow. You shake it up and watch the pink petals swirl inside the glass, dancing around chibi figures of you and your boyfriend. It was a gift from him on your six month anniversary, and you gaze at it adoringly. The sweet lyrics teased your heart, drawing a blush to your cheeks just as Akito would with his words.
Chibi Akito stood proudly under the rain of petals, hugging chibi you with a wide grin on his face. You absolutely couldn’t wait until you saw the real Akito again.

He was on a tour around Japan. It’s only been a few days when he started missing everything about you. Your smile, your voice, your scent, the comfort of your body when he came home exhausted, the way you combed his hair gently… Yuta slumped into the hotel bed and rolled himself into the blankets. He missed you so much. Rain pattered outside.
The blanket sushi stuck out a hand and felt around the bedside table, grabbing his phone and pulling it down to him. Yuta opened up his voice recording app and pressed the first recording on the list. He cranked it up above the sound of the rain. Your voice softly filled his ears, and he smiles. He had recorded this when the two of you went out to karaoke, and the cute duet was always a nice touch to fall asleep to. Yuta’s heart warmed at the sound of your voice, singing him to sleep. His own was just a compliment to yours, a minor thing compared to the radiance of your voice to him. Yuta listened to the song end, satisfied with the reminder of your presence, and started to drift off to sleep with the sound of the precipitation.
It was raining today. You gaze out the window and see the rainstorm pound on the trees. Your chopsticks pause over your rice. Hopefully Yuta was doing alright, and the storm wasn’t causing his performances any problems. Thinking of Yuta, you turn to see the teru teru bozu hanging along the back porch door. There seemed to be one missing. You hurry over to it and find it lying on the ground, the old string having snapped. You give it a cut of replacement string and go back outside, feeling your hair buffeted by the strong winds of the storm. Determinedly, you tiptoe and try to hang it back up. You had made these alongside Yuta, and they were such a dear symbol of your love that you refused to let a single one down. When you finally got it tied up, you were soaked through by the slanted downpour. Heading back inside, you change and start towelling your hair dry, coming back to the door to watch the small cloth dolls swing on their strings. The one you had put back up was turned around by the wind, and its smiling face, painted on by Yuta, smiled at you with an adorable expression that reminded you of your dear boyfriend.

He sat at the bar that evening, taking the chance to get a good look of foreign bars and their atmosphere. It was much different from the one he ran, but it was a nice change of scenery he appreciated in the moment. There was only one thing about this business trip that bothered him. His eyes flickered to the empty seat beside him.
You weren’t there with him. He ordered your usual drink and waited. The bartender passed him a cocktail and he took it, gazing down at it with fondness. It was a common one he usually made for you, nothing compared to the cocktail he had created and dedicated to you of course, yet it was a nice reminder of the woman he loved so dearly. He stirred the light pink liquid and watched the cherry swirl around, bobbing with the motion.
“It’s a very interesting choice of drink that you have, sir.” The bartender, seeing no other customers, attempts a bit of small talk. He was young, 23 or so, with a wide smile.
“It’s what I make for my girlfriend.” Kunihiko said as he took a sip from the glass. Under the dim lights, the pale pink looked like the soft blush on your cheeks that he saw so often and loved so much. “I won’t get to see her for another week, and this is probably the best way to keep her on my mind for the night.”
You sat at home with a shaker cup and some liquor you had taken from Long Island when you closed up the bar that night. Pouring measured amounts in, you tried to make one of those drinks Kunihiko always preferred.
You didn’t hold the shaker together properly and some flies out and splashes onto your face and shirt. Sputtering a little, you give an amused chuckle at your clumsiness, wondering what Kunihiko would say if he saw you now. He would probably laugh and take the shaker from you to teach you. It would be a nice time learning from him, you imagine, and your heart gets excited at the idea.
With a giggle, you note to yourself that you had to ask him how to do this when he came home. You pour out the contents into a glass and stare at the pale blue liquor. Well… that didn’t look quite right. With a laugh, you take out your phone and snap a picture, emailing it to Kunihiko.

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You see her when you close your eyes, Maybe one day you'll understand why

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Sadness. Nsfw. This was inspired by this wonderful edit by walkbynight, fandom goddess. Somehow, it became sad. I’m sorry. 

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You see her when you close your eyes 
Maybe one day you’ll understand why (x)

Back to your cage, he tells her.

The stakes are too high and the decisive hour is too close for Pan  to allow himself to be sloppy. Wendy Darling is one of his weaknesses, one he admits to himself reluctantly, in mere flashes of self-awareness. He cannot have her involved in this, not more than she already is : he certainly can’t risk his enemies finding her now and deciding to use her against him.

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