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Tashirojima, or as it’s more commonly known (for obvious reasons), “Cat Island” is a small island in Ishinomaki, Japan. With only approximately 100 people living on the island and thousands of stray cats, it’s a cat-lovers dream come true. It is believed that the population of cats thrives due to a belief that feeding cats will bring good fortune. Dogs are even prohibited from the island! In the middle of the island lies a small cat shrine. The story behind this shrine lies with the fishermen of the island. They said that the cats would come and beg for fish, and they would often give into the cats and feed them. On one occasion, the fishermen were collecting rocks for their fixed nets and one fell, killing one of the cats. Feeling guilty and upset about the loss of the cat, they buried it and built a shrine.

i think you’re really beautiful

a playlist for someone who i hope will realize someday how beautiful they are

multi-love - unknown mortal orchestra
the only one - the black keys
keep on lying - tame impala
the chase - future islands
i follow you - melody’s echo chamber
derka blues  - the growlers
i think you’re really beautiful - starry cat
pepsi/coke suicide - elvis depressedly
no other heart - mac demarco
sometimes - beach fossils
i wanna be a witch - julia brown
i don’t want to get over you - the magnetic fields
ooo - karen o

♢ listen here ♢

“Cats crowd the harbor on Aoshima Island in the Ehime prefecture in souther Japan, February 25, 2015. An army of cats rules the remote island in souther Japan, curling up in abandoned houses or strutting about in a fishing  village that is overrun with felines outnumbering humans six to one.”

photography:©Thomas Peters

h/t TIME


thrivers on islands #92 (Ogi Island, Kagawa) by Marser
Via Flickr:
1/4000s f/2.8 ISO200

AOMG Follow the Mouvement with Jay Park (Fiance 😍).

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