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8 Heavenly Smoothie Bowls

Ever seen a smoothie bowl so beautiful it changed your life? Well, here you go! Lina Haber creates these super scrumptious smoothie bowls that are also 100% vegan. She posts her recipes regularly on instagram. So check ‘em out and get to blending!

island acai bowl with hemp granola instead of the vanilla almond granola (bc only the hemp granola is vegan) from Better Buzz 🐝 so glad to be back in San Diego for school so i can live at this place again 👅 went to a Core2 class, which is heated, at CorePower Yoga in Pacific Beach, and then got this acai bowl to revive my ass afterwrds. hot yoga will make you sweat like no other 😅 also if you guys ever buy bottled water, try to reuse and refill the bottle. you can get so much use out of one bottle, save so much money, and really reduce how much you consume and have to recycle ♻️💦

Six Thirty AM

Summary: Bucky tries to get the reader out of bed

Pairings/Characters: Bucky x Reader doesn’t have to be romantic

Word Count: 572

Prompt: “I got him/her out of bed

A/N: Just a lil drabble to help me get through writer’s block while I work on a series. Tell me how horrible it was?

Warnings: fluff? This is like the most G rated stuff I’ve ever written.

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Yuna Parlor, Okinawa

We had an early flight out of Ishigaki, a small island in Okinawa, yesterday morning, and while all of the duty free and gift shops in the airport were open at 7am, none of the restaurants were. But then, sensing our dilemma, a friendly local directed us to a “hidden” eatery there that opens early for the airport staff… Yuna Parlor!

Yuna Parlor is a bright, airy, island-themed establishment with two tables and a six-seat counter, located in the back of Ishigaki Airport, run by a lone man who you can see here in hissmall kitchen…

Their menu offers a pretty good range of local favorites, from Okinawa soba to pork dishes to “loco moco”…

In the mornings, Yuna offers a more limited breakfast menu, with two soba options, local “juicy” rice, a natto & pork soup set, a daily sandwich and toast…

And then there’s their most elaborate AM option, which I went for, the pork rice bowl…

The pork they use is of the famed Okinawan Agu variety, served with miso soup, pickles and a raw egg…

All for anly six bucks! A steal for an airport meal!!

To access Yuna Parlor from inside the airport, go behind the Starbucks and look for the butterfly garden, which you should also stop and admire…

You’ll see the sign for the restaurant there above these security doors, which you can pass through…

You’ll find Yuna Parlor down the hall on the left…

We could not have been happier to find this hidden gem where we had a marvelous final meal on this amazing island before jetting out!

Strip Club - Part Two

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2188

Author’s Note: Here is part two that a lot of people wanted! It’s cute and got a little smut in it ;) I hope you guys enjoy it and there may or may not be a part three, so stay tuned! Thanks to my lovely friend @rememberstilinski for proofreading this for me!

Part One

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It’s been at least a month since Stiles and I met at the strip club and I’m still living at his place. I’ve felt terrible for intruding on their bro time and I mostly stay in Stiles’ room, sitting on his bed, searching and searching for jobs. I do like living here though, I like the feeling of having others to talk to which I don’t have when I’m living in my old place, since I lived alone. Plus, Stiles’ bed is way more comfier than mine and I like that the both of us cuddle every night. I’ve had a few job interviews, but no one seems to want to hire me, because I worked at a financial company that had been accused of fraud.

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Pong Partner

A Shawn Mendes fanfic. 


A/N: I can’t believe I fucking wrote this. It’s long af and the smut part sucks but it’s my first time writing anything like this so keep that in mind. Feedback would be lovely xoxo (also if you’re not into smut, the smut doesn’t come til the end & it’s fluff up until then)

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Part 4 

Synopsis: What happens when you wake up married to Steve Rogers in a Las Vegas hotel suite? Especially when you have feelings for his best friend and his best friend has feelings for you? Only time can tell.

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Reader POV

Warnings: Language. Angst. Nothing naughty yet ladies and gents…

A/N: Sorry for the delay  - work has been a bitch but here is Part 4. Super stoked for this part and the next so I hope you all enjoy! 

Tags are still open! Also i tried to fix the tag problem but if yours still isn’t working please let me know so I can figure out how to remedy the situation 

Need to catch up: Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Power is a finicky thing. You had seen governments fall - powerful families succumb to their worse fears trying to cling on to the delicate idea of having power. And once someone had it they never knew what to do with it. Except dangle it for the world to see, asking for someone stronger to challenge them. Because the truth of the matter was that humans had no idea what to do when they had achieved something. They always needed more. Power created restlessness.

That was how you felt as you walked up the New York Met steps.

It had been one week since your marriage with Steve. Things were off. You asked Steve for space and he granted it. Even if he woke up early to run with you to get an idea of missions for the day, or tried to help you with breakfast. Even if he left you lunch, worried that you never took the time to nourish yourself throughout the day or offered to make you dinner before you left for the night. Even if flowers started mysteriously popping up on your desk and the large stack of reports you had been meaning to organize and file away electronically had found a way on your desktop.

Steve knew how to give space like a toddler distancing themselves from their mother.

You dug your hands into your brown leather jacket, pulling out a few dollars to pay for your museum pass before walking through security. You walked up the steps, pulling your hair into a pony tail as you reflected on it all, a frown gracing your face. 

It was too much. You had just barely realized you had strong feelings for Bucky. You liked Bucky. Liked that behind all of his hard edges there was a softness to him, smooth and cool. Knew the kind of relationship you could have with him. The kind of life you could have with him - the kind of life you’ve wanted.

Steve was too apple pie for you. Too on the straight and narrow, even if he did recently make some changes that dictated otherwise. You knew the truth. Staying married to you was only happening because he came from a time where divorce wasn’t an option.

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Insp. taken from @synonym-for-life‘s epic post! Make sure to check it out along with her blog!

Draco Malfoy had just taken a liking to muggle food. Harry had spent the last three months introducing him to all the different variety of dishes they could possibly come across in the streets of London.

Draco was particularly appreciative of what muggles called dessert.

Every night, after dinner, Draco would request it and Harry would either take him out somewhere to get it or get him something from the fridge. He’d taken the liberty to make sure they always had a stock of sweets for Draco in case he decided to wake him up again in the middle of the night to complain about being hungry.

It was a few hours past lunch when Draco started craving again and Harry had just left for the Department of Ministries where he worked as Head Auror. Draco still had a few more hours until Harry got home so he decided it best to rummage the kitchen for food alone.

Wary of the appliances, he was careful not to touch any more contraptions that he had not yet mastered using. He walked cautiously behind the small kitchen island and faced the fridge. He eyed it with strong apprehension. He was not to make the same error of mistaking one tool for another. The kitchen was a very, very dangerous place for a wizard like him, and Draco had spent six months learning that the hard way.

Finally deciding that the rectangular box standing before him was, indeed, what Harry called the refrigerator. He grabbed the handle with full precaution and opened it to find nothing.


Draco was fuming. What was he supposed to do now? What was he supposed to eat?

That lousy Potter with his lousy scar and his lousy home. He’s well aware of the fact that I’m not yet familiar with his muggle world and all their muggle shit. If he were to keep me prisoner here you would think he would have at least had the slightest decency to provide me with food!

Draco was about to stomp his way out of the kitchen when something caught his eye.

There, perched on top the island, was a glorious bowl of… of…

What was that Harry put there?

Draco stepped closer for a better look. With his eyebrows scrunched, he was careful to lift the bowl and examine it’s contents. It looked like a green mush of cream.

He’s seen this before! Draco’s eyes lit up, trying to recall why it was so familiar. Then it hit him. This was ice cream. He and Harry have had this quite a few times now and it was one of his favorite desserts. He had identified the flavor of this particular dish to be what Harry called ‘pistachio’.

Draco smirked, proud of himself for a job well done.

Potter thinks he can outsmart me, does he? Hiding food from me. He probably set this aside for himself for later! That selfish git.

Draco was not going to give him the satisfaction. He put the bowl down and took out a spoon from one of the drawers. He then proceeded to scoop an entire spoonfull and shoved it right down in his mouth.

Draco’s eyes widened like saucers as he realized this wasn’t at all what he thought it was. This definitely was not ice cream.

Draco started choking at the burning sensation that soon attacked his throat, his tongue began to sting in a way he never imagined, and the brutal sensation was quick to spread along the insides of his mouth. He ran to the sink and spat fiercely in a tight grimace. Coughing profusely, he grabbed the detachable faucet from it’s handle and pressed it in haste, spilling water everywhere.

On his face, in his mouth, in his nose, on his clothes. On his

And his throat was still burning.

Harry was about to get another mouthful for this.


Harry had just arrived in his office after stopping by to see Hermione in her department to give his opinion on her work as she requested. He was about to sit down when he heard a loud tapping on his window. He opened it and an owl flew past his head. Harry turned to see an envelope on its beak.

It wasn’t just any envelope.
It was trembling.

Harry knew what was about to happen. And he dreaded it. Slowly, warily, he walked toward the letter with his hand outstretched. He looked away and squinted his eyes just in case it blew up even before it was opened.

And just when the tip of Harry’s fingers touched the edge of the envelope, Kingsley stepped into his office.



The letter erupted into flames and Harry’s cheeks were the brightest shade of red. Harry turned his head to face Kingsley who was completely stupefied. There was an eerie silence followed by a loud uproar. Harry looked behind Kingsley and found that he had forgotten to close the door.

Harry heaved a loud sigh and looked at Kingsley, completely undignified.

Kingsley managed to offer him a weak small smile and spoke, “Kinky.” But it was barely heard through the loud hooting and catcalls the entire office was giving Harry.

Harry groaned and bumped his head on a nearby cabinet. “The bloody twat ate the wasabi,” he reasoned, but with the noise so loud, it was almost to himself.

If you’ve managed to read this far, I really appreciate it! So sorry if this ended up like trash hahaha love you guys thanks for putting up with my shit x

I Would Never Hurt You

Note: I’m sorry I’m so behind on requests, guys! I’ve had the worst writers block :( thank you for this one, sweetie! I really hope you like it. the title sucks, but hopefully the fic doesn’t. ♥ .c

Request: Can i request a fic where Bucky and the reader don’t get along, and he keeps making snarky comments (ugly, fat, blah blah) and eventually the reader gets into a huge argument with him and everyone leaves the room, and then he raises his metal hand and the reader gets scared. then hes really upset that you thought he would hurt you and fluff fluff :D

You’re not even sure when it started; it being the constant bickering between you and Bucky. Maybe it was when he commented on how you needed to spend an extra ten minutes in the gym. Or the day he was alone with you and kept pestering you and trying to get you to do things for him while he lazily sat on the couch all day.

All you knew was that Bucky had no filter and didn’t care if he hurt your feelings or not. You didn’t give him a break either but only because he pushes your buttons far too often to deem it acceptable. You didn’t back down from a fight, nor an argument. Bucky knew that and he knew just what to say to get you riled up.

You were sitting in the kitchen, having just worked out. You needed a small snack to recover from your HIIT exercises. Clint and Sam were talking about the new episode of some show you had no clue about. You laughed at Sam’s face when Clint said some dude would come back and kick some other dudes ass.

You were sitting on the island, swinging your legs back and forth as you ate your smoothie bowl. Bucky soon walked in; the rest of the others joining. They had been training in the gym with you, and you had been pushing yourself more these days, especially since hearing how Bucky thinks of your body.

It didn’t sit well with you and you knew you shouldn’t let it get to you, but you couldn’t help it. Seeing how Nat and Wanda looked compared to you, you were determined to better yourself. But today, you knew you needed to take it easy and just do some hardcore exercises for a few minutes, instead of prolonged exercises for an hour and a half like you usually did.

Avoiding Bucky’s gaze, you hoped he wouldn’t say anything to you. But no matter how much you wished he’d leave you alone for just a few minutes, you knew he’d always run that mouth of his.

As if on cue, you heard him snort. “You know, no matter how many smoothie bowls you eat, it won’t help get rid of your fat, right?” Bucky asked, crossing his arms against his chest and he stared you down, a smug smirk plastered on his face.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “It’s healthy, dipshit.” You muttered, bringing the spoon to your mouth. You were losing your appetite the more his words circled throughout your brain.

Bucky cleared his throat with a chuckle. “Yeah, sure, whatever you say, chubs.” He quipped as the room slowly died down from it’s loud commotion. Your heart sank a tad and you set your bowl down.

Hopping off the kitchen island, you took your bowl and dumped the contents in the trash. Tossing the bowl in the sink, you walked back over to where you were, only standing.

“I suppose I should starve myself then? You know, since no matter how healthy I eat, or how much I exercise, you always have to point out how imperfect my body is.” You said with a firm voice, lifting an eyebrow.

Bucky looked you up and down, your body shifting under his harsh stare. “Hm. I mean, it takes away from your face. But neither pleases the eye.” Bucky said, running his hand through his hair.

You heard a few gasps come from the team, nobody was sure how to address what Bucky just said to you. Your eyes threatened to fill with tears but you held them back, not wanting to give Bucky the satisfaction of seeing you cry.

“What’s your deal?” You spat, shaking your head. “Is your brain really so fucked up from that machine, that you forgot how to be a decent person!?” You basically yelled out, your tone getting louder.

Bucky’s mouth fell open, completely shocked at what you just shouted at him. More gasps sounded through the room, but you ignored them. You knew you shouldn’t had brought that up, but he deserves to have a taste of his own medicine.

“Excuse me!?” Bucky yelled, his feet bringing him a bit closer to you. Your heart started racing in your chest and you inhaled deeply before losing every ounce of calm you had.

“You fucking heard me! You treat me like shit, Bucky!” You yelled back, a crack eliciting from your throat at the end.

Bucky scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Oh come on! They’re jokes! You’re such a weak person!” Bucky shouted at you, his eyes boring right into yours. He was fuming with anger, but so were you.

Suddenly, the sound of chairs squeaking against the floor brought you out of your death stare with Bucky. 

You watched as Wanda left with Nat, their eyebrows raised and lips tucked into their teeth. “We’re, uh-gonna go.” Sam said before rushing Clint out of the room, his hands on Clint’s back, urging him forward.

“I’m not gonna get hit in the head with a spoon like last time. Go, go, go!” Tony rushed, pulling Bruce out of the kitchen. The others quickly followed behind, though Steve lingered before he decided to let you and Bucky get your anger out.

You bravely took a step forward, peering up at Bucky. “You’re a bully. You’ve been one to me ever since I got here basically! I only shoot back because I don’t let people walk all over me!” You shouted, watching Bucky’s eyebrows crease again as he growled. “If you weren’t such a bitch, maybe we could get along!” He yelled back, his fists clenching by his sides.

You stepped even closer, your chest nearly touching his torso. “I only act like a bitch because you don’t know when to stop being an asshole!” You yelled even louder, noticing Bucky’s breathing picking up.

His metal hand suddenly shot up to run through his hair, the move causing you to flinch. You held your arms over your face as one of your legs rose up to shield more of your body, a high-pitched squeal fell from your mouth. You stayed like that for a few seconds, not really sure what you were waiting for.

You had no idea why you thought he was going to hit you, but as your breath came out in huffs, and you heard Bucky’s calm, you slowly let your arms and leg down. 

“Wh-what was that?” Bucky quietly asked, watching your body tremble in fear because of him. You swallowed thickly. “I thought-“ Bucky gasped. “You thought I was going to-Y/N, no. I wouldn’t-” Bucky breathed unevenly, his eyes falling to his hand.

Your eyes glanced back and forth between his hand and his face. “I know, I just…” You trailed off, watching Bucky’s face contort with an emotion you couldn’t place. 

“Bucky, I know you wouldn’t do that.” You whispered, feeling your anger dwindle down to nothing. “Y/N, you flinched. M-more than that. You-you fucking…” Bucky rasped, his eyes not daring to look at your face.

Bucky’s heart sank in his chest as he inhaled, the images of you flinching and shielding yourself from him clouding his mind. “I-I need to go.” He muttered before walking away, his head hanging low. You wanted to stop him and tell him you were okay, but your voice didn’t work. Neither did your feet.

A few hours had passed and you felt guilty for everything. All of the arguing, shoving Bucky’s past in his face as a way to get an upper hand, reacting the way you did when he raised his hand. It hurt you to watch him walk away, and you wanted to go find him to apologize, but you weren’t sure if he’d listen to you.

You were sitting in your room, looking out of your window. The sun was setting and as you watched the city below, your heart became heavier. You’ve even shed a few tears. Not wanting to waste another moment, you moved away from your window and walked over to your door to go find Bucky.

As you slung your door open, you almost bumped into the man himself. “Bucky.” You breathed out. His eyes were puffy and bloodshot. “I needed to make sure you were alright.” Bucky whispered, his eyes still not looking up at you. “I was coming to make sure you were.” You admitted, stepping aside so he could step into your room.

His hands were stuffed in his pockets and his shoulders were slumped. You shut your door for more privacy and walked over to Bucky. Nervously biting your lip, you stood in front of him again. “I wanted to say that I’m sorry, Bucky.” You said softly, hoping he’d notice your attempt at burying the hatchet.

Bucky nodded and sniffled. “I’m-I’m sorry, I just-I thought about everything. The way I treated you, what I’d say to you, and when you reacted like that towards me earlier,” Bucky’s eyes met yours and you never felt so grateful to see them again, “I felt so horrible. Y/N, I would never hurt you.” Bucky said, shaking his head. The movement caused a strand of hair to frame his face.

It was your turn to sniffle now as your eyes burned with tears. “It didn’t have to be physical. Bucky, your words hurt me.” You said quietly as you moved to sit down on your bed. Bucky sat beside you, his hands now resting on his thighs. “I guess I was afraid.” Bucky shook his head, his voice shaking with emotions.

Your hand raised up to rest on his shoulder. “Bucky, I want to start over.” You said, watching his eyebrows crease together. “I’m a monster, you don’t want to do that.” Bucky scoffed, shaking his head. Your mouth fell open. “Bucky, no you’re not! I feel so bad for bringing that up earlier; I was just so angry.” You said, the guilt returning.

Bucky shook his head. “Y/N, I can’t get close to you. You’re totally opposite of everything I’ve ever said. When I first met you, you were so happy. I went through so much and I didn’t like how cheerful you were. I wanted to take it away from you. How is that not monstrous?” Bucky questioned, his head turning so he could look at you.

You sighed and shuffled closer to Bucky, taking his metal hand in yours. “We can start over. Please, Bucky?” You desperately asked, your lip trembling. Bucky’s eyes stared into yours for a few moments before he leaned in to hug you. You hesitated at first, but let your arms rest on his lower back.

Bucky let out sob and pulled you in closer, your body cradled into his chest as you sat in his lap. You’ve never seen Bucky like this, much less had any physical contact with him except for the occasional moments his nose would touch yours in a heated argument.

You moved your arms from under his to rest around his neck tightly. His breathing was ragged as his metal hand gripped the material of your shirt tightly. “I’m so sorry.” Bucky sobbed into your neck. You blinked away your tears. “Bucky, I’m sorry.” You whispered, resting your hand on the back of his head.

You two sat there for a while, holding each other, sitting in silence as you thought about how horrible you had been to each other. You decided to break the silence and begin your journey to becoming friends with Bucky.

Bucky whimpered as you pulled away from him and you had to admit, it was kind of cute. You stood in front of Bucky and extended your left hand towards him. “Hi, I’m Y/N.” You said with a small, albeit genuine smile. Bucky looked up at you and let a little chuckle out. He shook his head and grabbed your hand in both of his.

“It doesn’t have to be like that, Y/N. We can accept everything and move on.” Bucky said, his smile growing wider as he watched yours grow. “Well, I look forward to it, Bucky.” You said softly, truly hoping you could start over with Bucky. You still felt guilty, but maybe this was your second chance. You never wanted to see Bucky hurt again.

Bucky pulled you back onto his lap, holding you close again. You two stayed that way for hours, just enjoying the final moment of silence between you two.


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F Oneshot: I believe in you.

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Yoongi x reader

Gender: Male x Female
Genre: Fluff (with a bit of angst)
Warning: -
Word count: 1386

A/N: Story was inspired by this song.

Note: Male version of this story.

                                                    4 AM.

“Yoongi it’s late…Where are you going?” She mumbled, her voice drowsy from sleep.
She was right, it was already passed midnight and the bustling city had died down into soft uneven beeps and roaring of car engines. In fact morning should be showing up anytime soon.

“I’m going to the studio, the boys will also be there. Just wait alright, maybe I’ll be home earlier tonight.” I said as I slipped on some jeans and a large black hoodie that reeked of her. She must’ve been wearing it again. Knowing she wears my clothing when I’m not around brought a joyful sadness that tied knots in my stomach. “Okay…be safe.” She yawned out before she fell back into her slumber. Before I left her bedroom I took a quick glance at her body, how her arms clasped around one of the pillows. Is that suppose to be me?

                                                  12 AM.

Drunkenly I stumbled into her apartment. The pile of keys and keychains clattering on the wooden floorboards. Placing my finger against my lips I shushed them to be quiet, not wanting to wake up my dearest. A smile spread across my lips as her sleeping figure crossed my image.
Of all the things about her, her sleeping figure was my favorite. It was a reminder how peaceful things can be.

“Yoongi?” Her voice was drowsy again when was the last time I had heard her voice full of energy? Her body was wrapped in a white nightgown, her hands rubbing at her eyes. She looked so adorable I think I might even change my favorite image of her to this one.

“Ow baby~” I sang out spreading my arms wide open, kicking my shoes off I stumbled towards her, almost tripping on my way to her. The dark scenery behind her, the closed curtains and the lights turned off, made me realize how late it actually was. “Baby, I’m so sowy, I pomis to…” I knitted my brows in order to find the right words, but I couldn’t find any. Cold hands cupped my burning red cheeks drawing attention back on her face. “Let’s go to bed,” she whispered. I slowly nodded my head. Her fingers laced with mine as she guided me to her bedroom, a quiet and short journey I never want to live without.

                                                 10 AM.

The chirping of the birds sounded like screams. Groaning I moved around in bed, my arms searching for something that wasn’t there. Slowly opening my eyes I looked to my side to find nothing but pillows and the other half of the blanket. Furrowing my eyebrows I slowly and carefully got up, trying my best to keep everything in that I consumed the other night.
As I opened the bedroom door I was greeted with the smell of spices. Shuffling through the hall and into the living room I turned to look at the open kitchen where she was humming one of my songs. Her hips, though covered in a wide shirt, swayed from left to right. Ah, maybe this is my favourite image.

“Morning.” I grumbled. Grabbing one of the island chairs and dragging it across the floor causing my to cringe at the loud noise. Groaning loudly I took a seat. The second I sat at the kitchen island a bowl was gently placed down in front of me. Surprised I look up only to see the back of her once again. “Aren’t you going to eat as well?” She slowly shook her head. “I to get ready.”
“Where are you going?” Her soft chuckle, though it triggered my headache, brought warmth to my heart. Turning on her heels she gave me a warm smile and pointed at the clock “I have school, did you forget?” I glanced at the clock and back at her. What should’ve been a decent morning suddenly crashed.

There were deep and dark bags under her smiling eyes, in fact her whole appearance looked like she could crumble and fall with a simple touch. How come I only now noticed this?

                                              17 PM.

“Hyung!” Jungkook called out from behind the studio door.

“Come in.” The door cracked open revealing a photo shoot ready Jungkook, he was just training a couple of minutes ago. “Yah, don’t you look fancy. Where are you going?”

“Oh, Y/N is here to pick me up to go to the movies.” My ears perked up.

“Y/N?” I asked.

“Yeah, she asked me to give you this,” Jungkook revealed a plastic bag from his back. Still a bit confused I grabbed the bag “uh, thanks.” I mumbled.

“No problem, talk to you later okay?” Nodding once more I watched how Jungkook disappeared.
Blinking a couple of times I looked down at the bag, lazily opening it up to show the contents of it. The bag was filled with medicine and sweets and on top of it all was a pink sticky note.
Reaching for it I pulled it out of the bag and read what was written on it;

Take care of yourself and have some sweets!

I believe in you!


A wave of sorrow crashed into me, with my other free hand I clasped it around my mouth in order to keep myself from crying. Perhaps it was because of Jungkook or the bag or the mix of both that I realized my own girlfriend never asked to come home early or asked to make time for her. Even though I am always cooped up in my studio or at work, even though I barely have any time for her, she never once acted selfish. Is it because she knows that once this is all over the time I couldn’t spend with her will be made up in the end?

I didn’t realize that tears were dripping down my face and over my hand. Letting out a choked out sob I started to crumble into a ball.

God, she’s amazing.

                                              20 PM


Surprised she was. Clutching at the fabric of her shirt she let out a heavy sigh.
“Don’t scare me like that!” She pouted, causing me to chuckle. Placing her bags down and taking off her coat and shoes she walked towards me with a raised eyebrow.

“I thought you were working till late.”

“So did I, but I decided to come home early and surprise you.”

Her features contorted into a thankful look followed by a soft smile.

“Surprise you did.” She whispered out as she fell into my arms, her fingers playing with the sides of my hair. My arms wrapped around her waist pulling her even closer as we swayed to a silent song. The love in her eyes almost made me break down, or maybe it was for the bags under her eyes that seemed to grow bigger.

“Yoongi?” She whispered out.

“You know how much I love you right?” I whispered back, the sudden affection causing her to look down in embarrassment and chuckle. The action made my heart stutter and I couldn’t help but press my lips against the top of her head. Not wanting to move away from her I began to mumble against her hair.

“You know how much you mean to me right?”

“What is all of this, Yoongi?”

“Y/N…” I pulled her closer if possible, taking in her scent before letting out a deep breath.
“Just wait okay? Soon the boys and ! will be big, so big that you’ll hear on the streets ‘those bangtan boys, they are famous!’ Just wait okay? Soon you can be proud of your own man.”

She chuckled even more, her body shifting so that she can look up to me.
“But Yoongi, I am already proud of you.” I tried my hardest to suppress a smile.
Shaking my head slowly I ghosted my fingers across her face and let them go back to their original position.

“I don’t think you get it Y/N.” With knitted eyebrows she looked confused at me.
“Let me make this simpler. Soon you can be proud of your husband.” Her eyes slowly widened with shock and in the corners I could see tears building up. “Just wait okay?” Hiding her face in my chest she nodded.

“I believe in you, Yoongi.”

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