Christchurch shooting: reports of multiple casualties after shooting at mosque – live updates
Centre of New Zealand city locked down and police investigate explosives in crashed car
By Kate Lyons

A witness who was at the mosque during the shooting has spoken to TVNZ and says that the shooting lasted for about 20 minutes and systematically went through the mosque, going from room to room targeting people.

  • At 1:40pm a gunman entered the Masjid Al Noor Mosque in central Christchurch and opened fire
  • There are reports of casualties with local media are reporting some people have died, with witnesses saying they saw “lots of bodies” on the ground, though police have not confirmed the number of those injured or dead.
  • This is an active shooter situation, with police responding to more gunshots fired at other locations across the city.
  • The city remains under lockdown, with central Christchurch evacuated, children who were participating in the climate strikes were evacuated, schools are under lockdown.
  • Police have confirmed to the Guardian that there is a bomb in a car that has crashed on Strickland Street in the city. People are being evacuated from the area.

its funny how when christians are homophobic, it’s individuals who decide to be disgusting and go against the christian faith of acceptance and love. but when a muslim is homophobic, it’s because islam preaches homophobia. 

it’s almost as if this double thinking is islamophobic–every religion will contain people who use their faith for hate instead of love. yet christianity gets a pass for homophobic devoters, but islam doesnt.

interesting! 🤔

Shit, I feel sick. One of those bastards actually filmed himself shooting people praying. Friday’s prayers are sacred. We ask forgiveness. We ask for love and peace and happiness for our families, friends and for all the people who are suffering. It’s the most important prayer of the week. Those muslims did nothing wrong. They did nothing wrong. They did nothing wrong. How dare those killers murder them in cold blood and make a spectacle out of their death because the simple thought of their existence was an insult to their racist views?

My heart is with their loved ones.

عظم الله اجرك واحسن عزاءك وغفر لميتك