DUBLIN REPORTBACK: Really excellent footage demonstrating what happens to Islamophobes in Dublin.


Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad Qualifies For Olympics, Will Become First U.S. Athlete To Compete In A Hijab

Muhammad, an African American women’s saber fencer, first made history several years ago when she became the first Muslim woman to compete for the U.S. in fencing. Now that she has qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Muhammad is making history once more.

“I want to compete in the Olympics for the United States to prove that nothing should hinder anyone from reaching their goals — not race, religion or gender”

I think Donald Trump is going to need an exorcism after hear that. #Love it!

You notice that the “feminist icons,” of today are people like Lena Dunham, Jennifer Lawrence, Hillary Clinton, Amy Schumer, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Tina Fey, etc. They get praised for the most basic “feminism is about equality of the sexes so of course I’m a feminist,” comments. While simultaneously being racist or xenophobic or Islamophobic or abusive or transphobic or anti-semetic or classist or a combination of a few.

Like, I don’t think anyone’s feminism is perfect, but why are the major feminist icons today the ones who solely focus on straight, cis, rich, healthy, white women. I’m supposed to praise someone who jokes about not having Black friends? Jokes about how oppressed Muslim women are? Mocks our cultures? Mocks our accents?


EMERGENCY: We need your help, and to be frank, we need it now. My good friend Kamelliah ( @lesbiandag ) has recently escaped Saudi Arabia and her abusive family, and is now in desperate need of funds. She’s a young, bright and beautiful lesbian ex-muslim who has escaped abuse and bigotry, the threat of death in her home country, and is now facing homelessness and poverty. Seeking asylum is a long process (not to mention costly) and we need your help to help my friend survive. She needs funds for legal matters, food, shelter, and human necessities as she won’t be able to work for upwards of a year. Please, this is so important to us, this is so important to my friend who deserves the right to rebuild her life without the threat of being murdered and beaten for her sexuality and religious views. She deserves a life without fear. No amount is too little, no reblog or share is too insignificant. Tell your church, tell your parents, tell @taylorswift or @ellendegeneres, it doesn’t matter. Please, please, please help. Click here for the donation page, Kamelliah’s full story, and updates on the situation.  

Muslim Culture

Muslim culture is having 85% of the mosque’s population at the hospital waiting room when your grandma has a heart attack. It’s when your uncle passes in a different country so everyone comes over to your house with food and condolences, even the family you’re having drama with.

Muslim culture is packed parking lots where old men are guiding traffic with their canes but actually making traffic slower because they stop each car to ask the driver how their family is. It’s when your car gets a flat tire for the first time and so everyone helps put on the spare.

Muslim culture is fighting over the bill at a restaurant and dropping off meat at the masjid with a sign marked “For anyone who needs a meal”.

Muslim culture is free henna nights the day before Eid and kids passing out candy the day of. It’s when the sweets that are being handed out are from Bosnia but also Benin and also Syria.

Muslim culture is so much more than what you see on the media. Muslim culture is definitely not perfect, but it’s also definitely not what we’ve been told to believe it is.


Muslim woman ejected from Trump rally for being Muslim, standing

Rose Hamid attended the rally to “let Trump supporters see what a Muslim looks like.” Hamid was one of several protesters who wore yellow eight-pointed stars with the word “Muslim” on them. Though Hamid said nothing when she stood up, people in the crowd turned against her and shouted at her until police escorted her out of the rally. She told CNN the awful (and kind) things people said to her as she walked out.

She was just sitting there in an attempt to ‘show what Muslims are really like’ wearing a shirt that referenced PEACE and these assholes kindly escorted her ass out for absolutely no reason after verbally assaulting her. This is what respectability politics gets us. Nothing. Fuck coming in peace ma. See how they did you when you tried to join the team? Fuck the team. Buy and coach your own shit. I’m so heated she was treated that way but I can’t believe she thought it would go down any other way. I’m honestly grateful they didn’t attack her or something the way trump has been getting 'Patriots’ fired up smh. I need Yall to know, black folk, gay folk, Muslim folk, ladies- there’s nothing you can do as an individual to change the socializations that have been ingrained in the majority of people about you. Not wearing hoodies, hijabs, short skirts or being effeminate will not stop people from assuming black kids are thugs, Muslims are terrorists, women are 'asking for it’ or all gay men are flamboyant. Sure you can live your life how you see fit in terms of what you deem 'respectable’ but IT. CANT. KEEP. YOU. SAFE. Only changing the narrative and dismantling a system that thrives on the victimization and exploitation of marginalized groups can do that. And we need to build with one another to get there, not keep asking for a seat waaaaay in the back of somebody else’s (kiddie) table. #dumptrump #islamophobia #muslimsolidarity #respectabilitypolitics #islam #pocunite

Charlie Hebdo Continues To Be Trash

Charlie Hebdo continues to spread their “satire” racism. This time the cartoonist are depicting the 3 year old Syrian refugee, Alyan Kurdi, who washed up on a Turkish shore after the boat he was in sank, as a “future groper” if he survived and made it to Germany. 

Alyan Kurdi does not have a future as a “groper.” He did not even have a chance at a future at all. The 3 year old DIED during his flee to freedom. He wasn’t in the ocean for fun. He was on the boat fleeing the violence and destruction of ISIS. Only for him to die and have his dead body plastered all over the media, for outsiders to FINALLY understand the Syrian struggle. As shameful as it is, it took the world to see a dead child to regain its humanity and cries for the government officials to pay attention and to help Syria. 

For Charlie Hebdo to take this child’s death and satirize racism with racist images is not only disgusting but disturbing. Muslims are depicted in the media as nothing but subhuman evil monsters, violent perpetrators. It’s not surprising that our men are depicted as jihadi terrorists and our woman are depicted as oppressed victims of abuse, but for a CHILD to not be given the respect or even decency to remain nothing but an innocent victim of war is so disturbing to me. For him to be stripped of his innocence and shown (in the position of his death) as a future pervert, rapist, predator is so infuriating to me. This child did not have a future at all, let alone a future as a “predator” or rapist. 

Images like this, blaming refugees for any issues in Germany or whatever country they flee to is so dangerous. Refugees aren’t packing themselves on boats or walking thousands of miles because they like the view. They aren’t sacrificing their lives to get on unreliable boats, because they want a vacation. They aren’t losing family members due to drowning because they chose to. THEY ARE FLEEING ISIS. THEY SAME ISIS WESTERN MEDIA CLAIMS IS THEIR NEW ENEMY. While you guys are debating whether Isis is a “real threat” these people are living that reality. 

 Whats even more horrendous is that this isn’t their first (and probably not their last) time mocking Alyan’s death. 

“The proof that Europe is Christian: Christians walk on waters…Muslim kids sink.”

Don’t think I forgot all of you who excused their bullshit last time around. Where are all of you “Je suis Charlie” now huh? What level of satire is this? What does a child’s horrible death have to do with their freedom of speech?

I don’t care if any of you find this witty or humorous. Because Alyan Kurdi’s family sure doesn’t. “I hope people respect our family’s pain. It’s a big loss to us. We’re not the same anymore after this tragedy. We’re trying to forget a little bit and move on with our life. But to hurt us again, it’s not fair,” said Tima Kurdi. [source]


British Prime Minister David Cameron slams Trump

On Friday, British Prime Minister David Cameron weighed in on Donald Trump, telling Mic in an exclusive interview, that Trump has made a “fundamental mistake” in his rhetoric toward Muslims and is making the West’s effort to confront the Islamic State militant group “more difficult.”

Cameron also talked to Mic about accepting refugees, saying Britain is on track to accept 20,000 people from Syria. But he said there’s one crucial thing refugees must learn when coming to the U.K.

His Holiness Pope Francis told this body, from the very spot that I’m standing on tonight, that to imitate the hatred and violence of tyrants and murderers is the best way to take their place.  When politicians insult Muslims, whether abroad or (who) are our fellow citizens, when a mosque is vandalized, or a kid is called names – that’s not making us safer.  That’s not ‘telling it like it is.’  It’s just wrong.  It diminishes us in the eyes of the world.  It makes it harder to achieve our goals.  It betrays who we are as a country.