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I love your art and don't agree with people attacking you but one thing people are angry with Pewdie about is that he does not separate a joke that is funny from a comment or action that hurts people who are not in his position. That is all. I don't care if you draw him; you are an artist and you should be able to draw whatever you want, but I just don't want you to think Pewdie is innocent of bad behaviour.

i understand his jokes sometimes go far he even did some Islam jokes 

did i get sad yeah i did 

did i get angry and writ bad thing at him no i didn’t 

because i understand this is a joke he doesn’t mean what he say he is making a character ( pewdiepie ) 

 he make jokes at “everyone” even “himself”

yeah he did stupid stuff but he is not the only one :\ there is some bad YouTubers who are really bad and mean but they didn’t get hate as mush as him ( just because he is a 1 most subscribing channel )

and even with his bad jokes he made a lot of people happy and give so mush money to charity 

i dont care what people say but pewdiepie is good person and that’s the only thing matter to me :)

muslim twitter is filled with blasphemous jokes. Don’t make jokes out of any aspect of islam guys, it’s not cool.

And don’t you dare reply with: chill, it’s just a joke.


Just like making racist jokes isn’t cool, making religious jokes isn’t cool. Don’t get sins on yourself just to be funny.

Have some respect for your religion if not for yourself.

Is it Fair?

A man is taking a walk in Central park in New York. Suddenly he sees a little girl being attacked by a pit bull dog . He runs over and starts fighting with the dog. He succeeds in killing the dog and saving the girl’s life. A policeman who was watching the scene walks over and says: “You are a hero, tomorrow you can read it in all the newspapers: "Brave New Yorker saves the life of little girl” The man says: - “But I am not a New Yorker!” “Oh ,then it will say in newspapers in the morning: ‘Brave American saves life of little girl’” – the policeman answers. “But I am not an American!” – says the man. “Oh, what are you then? ” The man says: - “I am a Saudi !” The next day the newspapers says: “Islamic extremist kills innocent American dog.