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Canadian Parliament backs air strikes on Islamic State in Syria

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Canadian legislators on Monday voted to back the government’s plans to bomb Islamic State positions in Syria, a move that opposition parties say threatens to drag Canada into a long war. The House of Commons approved the plan 142-129. The result was never in doubt, since the ruling Conservatives have a majority in the chamber. The vote also approved the extension of Canada’s six-month mission by a year to the end of March 2016.

Well, the latest Iraqi developments have officially confirmed the fact that American and British imperialistic military endeavors served no purpose other than to further radicalize religious fundamentalists and other militants; it’s almost like they were entirely cognizant of that fact and did it anyway, so as to perpetuate the supposed “necessity” of Western intervention in the region. WEIRD, HUH?!

Women in the Islamic State – manifesto and case study

Excerpts from an ISIS document for Muslim women.

We must correct that which has become entrenched in our minds since we were small, what we were told by ourteachers that Muslims must prove to the disbelievers of Europe and elsewhere in glorious days gone by, that he hadbuilt material civilisations, its heroes the atheists and libertines like Ibn Sina the esoterist, Ibn Nafis [who discovered the circulation of blood] and Ibn al-Haitham [optics and physicist] and others. The civilisations of these people were built upon the ruins of those before it. Now, we must disavow these heretics, these “geniuses” of Europe - they are friends and protectors of each other. Muslims do not need what these people provided. Muslims do not need to spend long parts of his short life learning of the worldly sciences that give no spiritual reward, apart from that which repulses the might of the infidels and benefits Muslims. This issue is known and clear – Muslims do not need any of the above.

Only learn enough about science to build a bomb.

It is well-known that the material societies today are built upon the ideology of an atheist

Richard Dawkins?

the ideal Islamic community should refrain from becoming caught up in exploring [science,] the depths of matter, trying to uncover the secrets of nature and reaching the peaks of architectural sophistication

I don’t want knowledge; I want certainty!

women have this Heavenly secret in sedentariness, stillness and stability, and men its opposite, movement and flux, that which is the nature of man, created in him.

>tips keffiyeh

a woman studies these worthless worldly sciences in the farthest mountains and the deepest valleys. She travels, intent upon learning Western lifestyle and sitting in the midst of another culture, to study the brain cells of crows, grains of sand and the arteries of fish!

Do animals have brains? WHO CARES, NERD!

From ages seven to nine, there will be three lessons: fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) and religion, Quranic Arabic (written and read) and science (accounting and natural sciences). 

From ten to twelve, there will be more religious studies, especially fiqh, focusing more on fiqh related to women and the rulings on marriage and divorce. This is in addition to the other two subjects. Skills like textiles and knitting, basic cooking will also be taught. 

From thirteen to fifteen, there will be more of a focus on Shariah, [Sirk: you can never have too much Shariah!] as well as more manual skills (especially those related to raising children) and less of the science, the basics of which will already have been taught. In addition, they will be taught about Islamic history, the life of the Prophet and his followers. 

It is considered legitimate for a girl to be married at the age of nine. Most pure girls will be married by sixteen or seventeen, while they are still young and active. Young men will not be more than twenty years old in those glorious generations

Women gain nothing from the idea of their equality with men apart from thorns. Under “equality” they have to work and rest on the same days as men even though they have “monthly complications” and pregnancies and so on, in spite of the nature of her life and responsibilities to their husband, sons and religion.

Hey, ladies! Under Shariah you get a week off during your period. You’ve got nothing to lose.

The situation in Northern Iraq remains deeply worrying and we condemn the barbaric attacks waged by ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) terrorists across the region. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced across the region and in need of aid supplies.

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Hunted Hazaras travel 'Death Road' through Afghanistan

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West of the Afghan city of Maidan Shahr is a 40-kilometre stretch of paved highway known as “Death Road”, where drivers say the country’s ethnic Hazara minority are slaughtered by militants “like sheep and cows”. “The spit dries in our mouths from fear when we pass it,” says Mohammad Hussain, who ferries passengers along the road from Kabul to Hazarajat, a region in the central highlands of Afghanistan where the Hazaras have traditionally settled. Over the years, Hussain says, he has seen the headless bodies of so many people he claims were killed by the Taliban that “I have become ill and have nightmares”.
ISIS War Powers Resolution Text

I urge those who believe that if we left ISIS/ISIL/IS alone, they will go away, to change their views.

The last time we thought with such an isolationist policy, Pearl Harbor happened, and we got dragged into World War 2. I urge you to see the problems of an entire region dominated by a group that claims to be a nation and is hostile to everyone outside of it, especially those who are not of the same religion, and even of those who are in the same religion as them. We would be dealing with a group with millions of residents, enough money to build an actual military, and over several hundred thousand fighters, not to mention thousands of special ops fighters that would be sent over to terrorise the West. They will also gain access to the region’s weapons of mass destruction, currently owned by Israel (nuclear, chemical, biological), Syria (chemical), and Egypt (chemical, possibly biological).

Do you want another 9/11 to happen? Do you want to see people falling from those towers again? Do you want to see those towers fall and kill thousands of us again? Do you want to receive a notification that one of YOUR relatives or friends was on one of those flights or in those buildings and died again? Because if ISIS was left to those devices, that is exactly what will happen, and me and everyone else who knew about how dangerous ISIS is will say, “I told you so. I told you that THIS catastrophic death and destruction would be waged upon us even if we did nothing to them, and you did not listen. You have only yourselves to blame apart from these monsters in human clothing.”

I urge Congress to vote yes. We need to bomb and shoot these pigs into the sand, and then drag them to the gates of Hell where they belong alongside Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Timothy McVeigh, and countless other murderers, terrorists, and despots.