islamic state of iraq & syria (isis)
74 children executed by ISIS for 'crimes' that include refusal to fast, report says
The blood-soaked executioners of ISIS have spared neither women nor children since the jihadist army established its caliphate a year ago, putting an estimated 74 kids and even more women to death for such offenses as practicing “magic” and not fasting during Ramadan.

“A total of 3,027 people have been executed by ISIS since it declared itself a state under strict Islamic law in Syria and Iraq last June, according to a new report by the UK-based group, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

“Many of the charges against those executed are recorded as blasphemy and spying, but others include sorcery, sodomy, practicing as a Shia Muslim,” the report states.

Just this week, two children whose ages were not known were crucified in the Mayadin, Deir Ezzor province in eastern Syria after ISIS accused them of not properly fasting during Ramadan. The children’s bodies, put on public display on crossbars, each bore a sign explaining their violation during the holy month for Muslims that runs June 17 to July 17. With each execution justified by ISIS’ medieval interpretation of the Koran, the group is attempting to portray itself as the true practitioners of Islam, say experts.

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child released a report in February, documenting the many horrors ISIS has imposed on children who are Kurdish, Yazidi, Christian and even Muslim. Children – even those who are mentally challenged – are being tortured, crucified, buried alive, used as suicide bombers and sold as sex slaves, the report said.

I am so saddened at the slaughter of innocent lives in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.

DAESH, or ISIS, are cowards and a false representation of what a Muslim is. They do not represent Islam, they are nothing. They do not respect human life, freedom, religious equality.

Many Muslims are peaceful people, who want to help others and live freely alongside fellow humans from every religious and cultural backgrounds. There is no discrimination.

However, we have people amongst us who are false Muslims, and they want to wage war between communities, families, countries. They want to bring heartache and pain to everyone who speaks out against them and people who don’t. They indiscriminately take lives, Muslim lives, Christian lives, Jewish lives etc.

In the most peaceful month of the Islamic calendar on the holiest day, they chose to slaughter people, they chose to injure people, break hearts, tear families apart.

May Allah swt ease the suffering of all those affected, not just yesterday but since this terrorist group started their war of terror and may all the victims of these disgusting crimes go through the gates of Jannah and be at peace 💚

I love this picture so much. Im a Brit, but our countries stand for the same principles; Freedom, Liberty and Loyalty. I’d be willing to cover my flag in the blood of those that disrespect it, and i’d gladly do the same with an American flag. 

Credit goes to Some good pictures on their page, check them out.
Islamic State? This death cult is not a state and it's certainly not Islamic
We must settle on a name for our enemies that doesn’t smear all Muslims but does reflect reality

If we are going to defeat our enemies we have to know who they are. We have to know what to call them. We must at least settle on a name – a terminology – with which we can all agree. And the trouble with the fight against Islamic terror is that we are increasingly grappling with language, and with what it is permissible or sensible to say.

When a man sprays bullets at innocent tourists on a beach, or when aman decapitates his boss and sticks his head on the railings, or when a man blows himself up in a mosque in Kuwait – and when all three atrocities are instantly “claimed” by the same disgusting organisation – it is surely obvious that we are dealing with the same specific form of evil. This is terrorism.

But what are the objectives of this terrorism? Is it religious? Is it political? Is it a toxic mixture of the two? And what exactly is its relationship with Islam? Many thoughtful Muslims are now attempting – understandably – to decouple their religion from any association with violence of this kind.

The excellent Rehman Chishti, MP for Gillingham, has launched a campaign to change the way we all talk about “Isil”. He points out that the very use of the term “Islamic State” is in itself a capitulation to these sadistic and loathsome murderers. They are not running a state, and their gangster organisation is not Islamic – it is a narcissistic death cult.

Rehman’s point is that if you call it Islamic State you are playing their game; you are dignifying their criminal and barbaric behaviour; you are giving them a propaganda boost that they don’t deserve, especially in the eyes of some impressionable young Muslims. He wants us all to drop the terms, in favour of more derogatory names such as “Daesh” or “Faesh”, and his point deserves a wider hearing.

But then there are others who would go much further, and strip out any reference to the words “Muslim” or “Islam” in the discussion of this kind of terrorism – and here I am afraid I disagree. I can well understand why so many Muslims feel this way. Whatever we may think of the “truth” of any religion, there are billions of people for whom faith is a wonderful thing: a consolation, an inspiration – part of their identity

There are hundreds of millions of Muslims for whom the word “Islamic” is a term of the highest praise. They resent the constant association of “Islam” with “terrorism”, as though the one was always fated to give birth to the other. They dislike even the concept of “Islamic extremism”, since it seems to imply a seamless continuum of Muslim belief and behaviour: from liberal to tolerant to conservative to reactionary to terrorist.

Their point is that terrorist violence is alien from Islam, and that is why they argue so strenuously that we should drop all references to “Muslim terrorists” or “Islamic terrorists”. They say that any use of the word Islam or Muslim in such a context is actually offensive and derogatory, and helps to alienate the very people we need to win over.

As one Muslim friend put it to me, “you wouldn’t talk about Christian terrorists would you?” And there is some truth in that. We don’t talk about “Christian terrorism” even in the context of the sectarian violence between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Why do we seem to taint a whole religion by association with a violent minority?

Well, I am afraid there are two broad reasons why some such association is inevitable. The first is a simple point of language, and the need to use terms that everyone can readily grasp. It is very difficult to bleach out all reference to Islam or Muslim from discussion of this kind of terror, because we have to pinpoint what we are actually talking about. It turns out that there is virtually no word to describe an Islamically-inspired terrorist that is not in some way prejudicial, at least to Muslim ears.

You can’t say “salafist”, because there are many law-abiding and peaceful salafists. You can’t say jihadi, because jihad – the idea of struggle – is a central concept of Islam, and doesn’t necessarily involve violence; indeed, you can be engaged in a jihad against your own moral weakness. The only word that seems to carry general support among Muslim leaders is Kharijite – which means a heretic – and which is not, to put it mildly, a word in general use among the British public.

We can’t just call it “terrorism”, as some have suggested, because we need to distinguish it from any other type of terrorism – whether animal rights terrorists or Sendero Luminoso Marxists. We need to speak plainly, to call a spade a spade. We can’t censor the use of “Muslim” or “Islamic”.

That just lets too many people off the hook. If we deny any connection between terrorism and religion, then we are saying there is no problem in any of the mosques; that there is nothing in the religious texts that is capable of being twisted or misunderstood; that there are no religious leaders whipping up hatred of the west, no perverting of religious belief for political ends.

If we purge our vocabulary of any reference to the specifically religious associations of the problem, then we are not only ignoring the claims of the terrorists themselves (which might be reasonable), but the giant fact that there is a struggle going on now for the future of Islam, and how it can adapt to the 21st century. The terrorism we are seeing across the Muslim world is partly a function of that struggle, and of the chronic failure of much Islamic thinking to distinguish between politics and religion.

The struggle is really about power, of course, rather than spirituality – but that does not mean we can ignore the potency of the religious dimension. It doesn’t much matter which word we agree on, with Muslim communities, to describe this ideology of terror – Islamism? Islamo-fascism? – but we need to settle on it fast, and then join together to stamp out the phenomenon. If we are going to beat them, we must all at least know their name.
My Way News - State of fear: Survivors tell of life under IS rule
State of fear: Survivors tell of life under IS rule

Each time the Islamic State group overruns a community, the pattern has been roughly similar, AP found — as methodical as it is bloody.

First comes an initial wave of killings of police and troops. Then the fighters often seek to garner support by quickly repairing electricity and water lines. They call on bureaucrats to return to work. Government employees and any former troops or policemen sign their “repentance” papers and must hand over their weapons or pay fines sometimes amounting to several thousand dollars.

In loudspeaker announcements, mosque sermons and leaflets, new regulations are laid out: No smoking, no alcohol, and no women working except as nurses or in women’s clothing shops, where even mannequins in store windows are covered. Residents said they were required to build walls outside their homes so women would never be seen.

In each district, an “emir” — often a local militant — is appointed to govern. Schools close, then reopen with IS-written curricula. Taxes are imposed on businesses. Pharmacies are given Shariah courses and banned from selling contraceptives. In most locations, tribes or families declare loyalty to the group and gain positions or perks, several interviewees told AP.

Adnan stayed in Raqqa for almost a year, watching the extremists pervade nearly every aspect of life. IS authorities came to his family’s car parts store and demanded taxes — the equivalent of $5,000. The group was clearly flush with money from taxing businesses, confiscating lands from those who fled and sales from oil fields captured further east in Syria, Adnan said.

ISIS threatens to topple Hamas ‘tyrants’ in Gaza

ISIS threatens to topple Hamas ‘tyrants’ in Gaza

Palestinian Hamas security forces display their military skills during a police academy graduation ceremony in Gaza City, Thursday, May 21, 2015.

Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) threatened on Tuesday to turn the Gaza Strip into another of their Middle East fiefdoms, accusing Hamas, the organization that rules the Palestinian territory, of being insufficiently stringent…

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Rest in peace to the victims of sectarian violence today. 3 terrorist attacks on 3 continents. (kuwait, Tunisia, France) the islamic state has claimed responsibility for one-in Kuwait at a Shia mosque-where 27 are reported dead and 227 injured.

ISIS has called for increased attacks during Ramadan. ISIS has a global network that is capable of carrying out massive amounts of violence. The group fuels sectarian conflict in the Middle East and beyond by exploiting the shia/sunnia divide in Islam, as seen by the Kuwait terror attack, in hopes of establishing a sole Sunni caliphate. (their current land holds, with a capital in Raqqa, already stretch significantly across Iraq and Syria). Life under the Islamic State can be viewed here:

because of a network of courageous Syrians, you can also view daily updates on life in Raqqa under ISIS and news on the surrounding area/battles between Iraqi and Kurdish forces and ISIS by citizens forced to live under ISIS rule- “Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently” (twitter)

an extremely useful and thorough guide to the sunni/shia split and resulting sectarian conflict/proxy wars can be viewed here:!/ 

If you are interested in following the middle east, here are some great twitter accounts around the world and/or on the ground in varying middle eastern nations (covering varying topics including but not limited to-Arab Israeli conflict, plight of the Palestinians, sectarian violence, developments in iraq and syria, ISIS, the Iran nuclear deal and Iranian politics) :

Hayder al-Khoei, Sultan al Qassemi, Ahmed al Omran, Quentin Sommerville, Gregg Carlstrom, Matt Duss, Trita Parsi, Kenneth Roth (Human rights watch) 

Finally, some links to organizations/networks of relief for Syrian and Iraqi refugees that are victims of current conflict:

stay woke, ya’ll. 

Talks about what a brother (who used to hate Islamic State because of media lies) found when he visited Wilayat Al-Kher after IS had taken over it

Talks about what a brother (who used to hate Islamic State because of media lies) found when he visited Wilayat Al-Kher after IS had taken over it

1- He said that after IS controlled the wilayah, thefts and plunders have totally disappeared, and now people can go out safely in late hours
2- IS advices those who do wrong, damages cigarettes and prevents selling things with higher prices than they really deserve
3- He gave an example for that saying Ice’s price increased, so they bought it from the seller, then sold it (in his presence) with lower price
4- If you have a grievance (anybody harmed or oppressed you) they will give you your right
5- No one can lie to Islamic State as the lier fears their punishment
6- Lots of people have given allegiance to Islamic State as a result for what they had seen from their good actions on the ground and their good behavior
7- Islamic State has never forced anybody to give allegiance to it
8- Jeans had disappeared and those women who used to wear un-modestly, they now wear modestly
9- and if Islamic State see one wearing un-modesty they advise her and they accept it
No one was punished
10- Islamic State try their best to provide gas and petrol for the citisiens
11- When Islamic State was sure that one of its soldiers was taking money from citizens without no right, they punished him while citizens were watching
12- Some thugs gave allegiance to Islamic State to be safe from its punishment, but they began to follow its rules and never made any excesse nor crime
13- Assad’s every partition took 500 Lyrah from me, but after i entered in Islamic State land they didn’t take any money from me
14- Before battles, Islamic State gives 3 choices:
Giving bayah to it
Putting down weapon and be safe
Or fight
15- Selling cigarettes is totally forbidden in Islamic State. If they saw someone selling cigarettes, IS buy them and then burn them
16- But if he sold cigarettes again, they burn them without paying
17- Islamic State cleaned the streets so they became cleaner then they were
18- Islamic State popularity is growing amongst the people as they provided safety and services, but many dislike ‘foreigners’ to be with them :/
19- IS Mujahideen tell to the people that if anyone had a grievance against anyone of them he should tell them, even if it was against an Amir.

Not all the point translated :/

شهادات من ولا ية الخير ( دير الزور سايقا )

غرد بها الاخ

ارفلون مع #غزة


تكلمت مع أخ كان في زيارة لديرالزور وكنت ادخل معه في نقاش يومي بخصوص ما يجري, المهم عاد الرجل مقلوب 180 درجة بعد عودته لما شاهده على الأرض

2- الأخ كان له موقف سلبي جداً من داعش قبل زيارته لديرالزور وبعد عودته عاد وقد تغير موقفه تماماً, وتكلم عن ما شاهده على الأرض وبكل إنصاف

3 -هذا الأخ قال لي أن داعش تفرض نفسها في ديرالزور والبوكمال واختفت السرقات والنهب تماماً مع إكتمال سيطرتها,ويخرج الناس بأمان في ساعات متأخرة

4-قال لي أن داعش لاتتكلم مع احد ولا توقف احد وإنما تأتي بأسلوب النصيحة لمن يطبق شئ غيرسليم تتلف الدخان,تمنع بيع المواد باسعار اكثر من قيمتها

5- ضرب لي مثلاً في إرتفاع أسعار الثلج, قال يسألون البائع كم معك, فيقول كذا قالب, فيشترون منه البضاعة بعد إحتساب ربح شرعي, ويبيعونه هم بحضوره

6- قال لي لاوجود للجيش الحر او النصرة نهائياً وفقط داعش, وهناك بعض المتخفين يقتلون منهم كل يوم أثنين إلى ثلاثة باسلوب الإغتيالات على دراجات

7- قال لي هذا الأخ إن ما من مظلمة وترفعها إلا ويأتيك حقك فيها, خاصة من المهاجرين, بعض الأحيان تشتكي للأنصار فيكون هناك تلكؤ

8- قال لي لايجرؤ احد على الكذب مع داعش, فإن سألوه هل لهذا عندك حق فإنه يجيب بكل صدق رهبة مما قد يصيبه إن كذب عليهم.

8- قال لي أن كثير بايعوا داعش بعد مشاهدة افعالهم على الأرض, وحسن معاملتهم وقال لي انهم لا يفرضون البيعة على احد كما كانت تصل الأخبار

9- قال لي أن الجينز اختفى من المدينة, فمن كانت تلبس لباس غير محتشم احتشمت, ومن يرونها غير متحتشمة ينصحونها فتمثل رهبة ووجلاً ولم يعاقبوا احد

10- قال هذا الأخ لي قصة غريبة,قال يستنكرون على من يأخذ راتبه من النظام ولكن لا يعاقبونهم وبنفس الوقت يفرضون عليهم ان يلتزموا بدوامهم

11- قال إن داعش زارت دوائر الحكومة الخدمية وطلبت قوائم بمن يأخذ راتب ولايداوم, واتصلت بهم والزمتهم بالدوام جبراً

12- قال لي إنهم يوفرون الغاز ويوفرون المشتقات النفطية ما استطاعوا ويبيعون نفط لأطراف تكرر بطريقة بدائية لتغطية الطلب عليها وبأسعار عادية

13- قال لي أنه ثبت على داعشي انه يأخذ آتاوة فقامت داعش بمحاكمته وصلبته وعلقته ثلاث أيام حتى شاهده كل من في المدينة ردعاً لغيره

14- قال لي أن بعض الزعران بايعوا داعش ليأمنوا عقابها على ما فعلوا من قبل, إلا انهم التزموا بقوانينها ولم نعد نرى منهم تجاوزات إطلاقاً

15- قال لي دفعت لكل حاجز من حواجز النظام 500 قبل ان اصل لأول حاجز لداعش قبل دخول ديرالزور وهناك توقفت عن الدفع حتى عودتي

16-قال لي إن حواجزالنظام عاملتني بكل أدب عكس المتعارف عليه ولكن كانوا يأخذون500 واحدهم طلب غرض في حقيبتي وقلت له انها هديةلأحد ما فلم يأخذها

17- قال لي أن داعش تنذر من تقاتله بثلاث خيارات قبل بدء المعركة إما المبايعة او وضع السلاح والجلوس جانباً وتكون آمناً وإما القتال

18- قال لي إن مجهولين على دراجات نارية يقتلون بين حين وأخر 2-3 من داعش ويفرون فلا يرمى عليهم النار لوجود أناس في الشارع عند هروبهم

19-قال لي ممنوع المتاجرة بالدخان نهائياً ويأتون للبائع فيدفعون له ثمن الدخان ويتلفونه في أول مرةوينذروه ولكن في المرةالثانية يتلفونه دون دفع

هذا الرجل عاد وموقفه متغير تماماً من داعش بغير ما تركته عليه قبل شهر من الزمان, وقال لي الواقع غير ما نسمع تماماً

20-قال لي صلبوا أثناء وجودي 3 أشخاص 2عراقيان و1 قامشلي العراقيان بتهمة عملاء إيرانيين قامشلي بتهمة عميل نظام ولم يتكلم المتهمون بكلمة واحدة

21- قال لي انهم صلبوهم بعد الإنتهاء من المحاكمة وتلوا علينا الحكم والتهمة غير اننا لم نشاهد المحاكمة وكذلك لم يتكلم المتهمون امامنا

22- قال لي المحاكمة تمت في وقت سابق ولم يحضر احد منا, غير انهم صلبوهم امام العامة بعد ان قالوا ان التهم اثبتت, اي شاهدنا تنفيذ الحكم فقط

23- اقسم لكم اني نقلت ما قال الأخ الذي احسبه على خير والذي كنت في جدال يومي معه بخصوص ما يجري وأن الأخبار لا يمكن الحكم فيها قبل معاينتها

24 - قال لي أن داعش نظفت الشوارع وأزالت حواجز ترابية كانت في الشوارع وغسلتها بالماء حتى عادت انظف مما كانت

25- بالنسبة للحاضنة الشعبية قال لي يبدو لي أنها بإزدياد مع توفر المزيد من الأمان والخدمات, غير ان كثيرين يرفضونهم ايضاً لوجود أجانب معهم.

26-قال كنا مجموعةواشتكى احدهم انه اشتكى لداعش في البوكمال ولم تلبيه فاشار عليه شخص ان من كان هناك تغيروا واستلم من المهاجرين قدم شكوته فلبوه

27- اتلقى بعض الردود التي تكذبني,واقسم لكم غير حانث ان ما كتبت هو ما نقلته عن الأخ القادم من زيارته لديرالزور والذي كان موقفه سلبياً من داعش

28- قال لي ان الدواعش يقولون إن كانت لك مظلمة أعطيناك حقك ولو كانت عند أميرنا, وقال إن قدمت شكوتك للمهاجرين فاعرف انك ستأخذ حقلك

29- قال لي اصبح من لديه مظلمة عند احد يقول له, لم تبق لي إلا ان اشكيك لداعش, قال فيرد مظلمته خوفاً من ان يشكيه لداعش, قال لها هيبة على الأرض

جمع اخوكم ابودجانة الغريب

ابودجانة الغريب


Original link in the arabic language:

For more information about Islamic State visit:
Zaky Mallah: I stand by what I said on Q&A. Australia needs to hear it
I don’t support Isis. I am simply standing up for Australians who deserve better than an Islamophobic government intent on weakening the rule of law
By Zaky Mallah

By Zaky Mallah

Last night, I caused some controversy. It’s great that I’ve started a discussion. I stand by everything I said.

The so-called Islamic State would be extremely happy to hear what Steve Ciobo had to say on Q&A. It feeds into their recruitment propaganda.

Some young Australian Muslims – who were already feeling vilified – now feel they are being openly targeted by this government. They are saying they would love to leave and join jihadist groups.

They ask themselves, “Why should we Muslims live here, and be subject to this bullying, when in Iraq and Syria, Isis tell us we are welcome?” The harder the Abbott government pushes its counter-terrorism agenda, the more radicalised some young people feel.

After last night, many are accusing me of supporting Isis. For the record: I am not a supporter of Isis. I hate Isis. I was just making the point that Ciobo’s comments play into the justification many Muslims feel for joining Isis. When a member of the government says that Muslims accused of terrorism can have their citizenship stripped without a judicial process, it is dangerous.

Ciobo’s comments to me last night, that he would be happy to see my citizenship stripped, was a classic case of a politician looking for votes. His comments were a disgrace to fair dinkum Australians who understand this country is built on the rule of law. He is proposing to throw that out and replace it with an authoritarian system. Is that what Aussies want? God forbid.

Fortunately, I am not a dual citizen. So stripping my citizenship is unlikely to ever happen (well, not in the near future). I am strongly standing up for Australians who are under threat from this outrageous, Islamophobic government that is weakening the rule of law and replacing it with a dictatorial system like that which exists in Syria, where Bashar al-Assad and his ministers have the power to do whatever they like to people without trial. This a very dangerous step Australia is taking. 

I was acquitted of terrorism in 2005, but not because of a technicality, as Ciobo would have you believe. Instead, it was because a jury heard that I had been set up by the New South Wales police, aided and abetted by an undercover operative who paid me money to hear a good terrorism story. They decided I was not guilty of the most serious offences and no threat. I was dumb and naive at the time. I was only 20.

Years later, I’m on good terms with Asio and counter-terrorism police. I meet with them regularly, they shout me a coffee, we chat about Syria and national security. They know I’m an idiot at times, they know I like to stir the pot. They would have watched last night laughing and shaking their heads.

The government needs to hear from people like me because I’ve been there, done that. I’ve been to Syria, I’ve spent time with the Free Syrian Army. I know how some young Muslims look at the world.

This was the point I was making on Q&A when I had my outburst. I make it proudly and would say it again. The Abbott government has no one to blame but themselves for the new recruits that Isis is attracting here in Australia.

UNESCO chief warns about militant ‘culture cleansing’

UNESCO chief warns about militant ‘culture cleansing’

Tourists walk in the historical city of Palmyra.

The head of the U.N. cultural organization on Wednesday called for a campaign against the “culture cleansing” being carried out by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants.

“Extremists don’t destroy heritage as a collateral damage, they target it systematically to strike societies at their core,” Irina Bokova said in a speech at the…

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Islamic State (ISIS) in Jerusalem Threatens Christians - For the first time 'ISIS Palestine' publishes fliers in eastern part of the capital city threatening 'revenge' against Christians - 26 June 2015

A flier published by in the name of the brutal Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization was put up around eastern Jerusalem on Thursday, in what is thought to be the first such announcement in the Israeli capital.
The flier threatens Christians in the area with “revenge,” and is signed by the organization “ISIS Palestine,” reports Channel 10.
ISIS does not have an operational presence in Israel, but support for the group among Islamists is on the rise, with dozens of Arab citizens leaving for Syria and Iraq to fight for the jihadist organization after ISIS members took part in Hamas’s terror war against Israel last summer.
An ISIS-inspired cell was nabbed in Hevron in Judea last November, while in Gaza an affiliate of the group has clashed with Hamas and repeatedly fired rockets at Israel to spark fighting between Israel and Hamas.
Perhaps as a result of that threat to Hamas presented by ISIS, Palestinian Arab commentator Halad Ameira, who is considered to be a follower of Hamas’s terrorist ideology, told Channel 10 the group should hold talks with Israel.
“A negotiation between Muslims and non-Muslims is something that should be taken into account,” said Ameira. “Enemies negotiate when they’re killing each other. What is forbidden according to religious law is concessions undercutting the key principles.”
Hamas’s charter calls for a genocide against all Jews, and the destruction of the State of Israel.
Ameira claimed that even if Hamas were to sign a ten-year “tahdiya” or temporary lull deal with Israel, it would not be a breach of key principles.
“Jihad is not a goal in and of itself but rather a means to achieve peace,” he claimed, asserting that the terrorist violence aiming to destroy Israel was meant for “peace.”

AMAZING Story of a 13 year old who made hijrah from Idlib to Raqqah (Islamic State), leaving his family behind, after searching for the truth:

This is a short converation between a brother in Raqqah & a 13 yr old boy who made hijrah to the Islamic State from Idlib. A story that reminded me of the times of the sahābah, when they would leave their families, lands, and wealth purely for the sake of Allāh, and how the Ansār would welcome them and give shelter and victory to them. The brother narrates the story & says:

Today while i was walking in the streets of raqqah under the shades of the Sharī'ah of Allāh towards the masid to pray Asr, i see this little kid about 13 yrs old, i rubbed his head and said:

“Assalāmu Alaykum”

He replied the salam, so i then asked:

“Where are you from?”

He replied: “From Idlib”

I said: “Where’s your family?”

He said: “Back in idlib”

I asked: “What are you doing here?”

He answered: “I made hijrah to the lands of Sharī'ah!”

I was amazed and asked myself how a kid this young in our time could have such deep undertsanding?

I asked: “Why did you leave your parents? (Knowing that what he done was right but I wanted to know how he was thinking about this matter)

“I left my family because at the end of the day all that’s going to be left for you when you die is your deeds”

“How did you come here?” I asked.

“I stopped cars on the streets, travelling from car to car till I got to Aleppo, and then i found some brothers there that got me to Raqqah, brought me food, gave meMONEY, and showed me a masjid to sleep in.”

He kept mentioning the greatness of Allāh in helping him in this path, then I asked him: “How are youLIVING here?”

He said: “I stay here in a masjid next to the Islamic court and every night a brother gets me dinner before i sleep”

I asked: “What makes you so sure the Islamic State are upon the truth?”

He replied: “I’ve tried every group in Syria back in Idlib and over there we had Jabhat Al-Nusra and Jaysh Al-Fath, and they are all agents, who fight and ally with the enemies and the Americans, and I searched and looked around for the truth and the Islamic State is the one on the right path”

SubhanAllah, i was still curious so i asked him what really brought him to the Islamic State.

He said: “I came to give victory to Islam, and now im trying to enter an academy to learn my religion and i still didn’t finish my paper work, and im going to this brother who is offering to help me and take care of me, and im going to meet him now in his house”

I told him to stay with me a little so that i could help him out.

He said: “I can’t because I promised another brother and a muslim never breaks his promise.”

I couldn’t believe how a 13 yr old kid in our time could have such deep sense and conception to the reality of the situation that we’re in, Subhān Allāh even more than the elderly muslims of our time. And I think to myself the reason why is because this kid lived the reality, he wasn’t fooled by the masonic hypocritical media, he’s young but he’s gone through much, he’s had more experience andTESTS in his religion than a 60 yr old muslim in the lands not governed by islam, so his eyes were exposed to the unfiltered reality, that led him straight to Allāh first, and then the soldiers of Allāh in the Islamic State.

For information about Islamic State go to this link:

Gunmen kill senior Iraqi oil official in Kirkuk

Gunmen kill senior Iraqi oil official in Kirkuk

Baiji refinery, north of Baghdad, is a focal point for government efforts to slow the advance of ISIS. The complex has changed hands several times in months of fighting.

Gunmen shot dead a senior oil official working for Iraq’s state-run North Oil Company (NOC) on Sunday, police and company officials said.

NOC’s chief of operations, Saad al-Karbalaie, was killed in the northern oil city of…

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During the week of Independence Day, we’re taking a moment to appreciate U.S. Navy aircraft carriers’ ability to always be at the ready, defending our freedoms every day and protecting the interests of our partners and allies worldwide.

In just the past year, USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) flew armed sorties for 55 days against ISIS while diplomats struggled to get clearance from host countries for others to join the fight. USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) returned from a marathon deployment that lasted nearly 10 months, six of which were spent fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. And in April USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) and its Carrier Battle Group were credited for dissuading Iranian ships from delivering shiploads of weapons to rebels in Yemen.

As U.S. Navy Admiral Mark Fitzgerald said, “Our nation deserves no less” than a strong aircraft carrier fleet, and as we celebrate our nation’s 239th Independence Day, we thank the men and women serving aboard aircraft carriers for ensuring our freedoms endure.  

Jordan Fears Imminent Islamic State (ISIS) Invasion - 18 June 2015

Jordan is gearing up for a possible invasion by Islamic terror groups, local media reported Thursday.
According to reports, King Abdullah II, on a tour this week of border areas near Iraq and Syria, offered to arm Bedouin tribes living in those areas - on both sides of the border - to fight against Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra, which threaten Jordan from the east and north.
Abdullah’s concern has been growing in recent weeks, reports said, over the fact that after 3,000 bombing raids by the US and its allies, ISIS has not been beaten back – and seems only to get stronger.
With the organization solidifying its rule in much of Iraq and Syria = and in line with its pledge to expand its “Islamic caliphate” to the entire world, starting with the Muslim countries - Abdullah believes that Jordan is high up on ISIS’s list for an attempted takeover.
Meanwhile, Jordan faces another danger from the north.
The Al-Nusra group, a fundamentalist organization associated with Al Qaeda, controls much of the area on the other side of the Syrian border. This group, too, has expansionist plans, and the open frontier between Syria and Jordan is almost an open invitation to incursions by the group.
During a tour of the border areas on June 15, Abdullah stated that it was Jordan’s obligation “to assist Arab tribes in Iraq and Syria,” hinting that he would rely on the tribes as a first line of defense against incursions by ISIS and Al-Nusra.
The tribes living on both sides of the border have close ties, and Abdullah believes that they would aggressively defend their areas from invasion by the Islamist groups, reports said.
Abdullah’s declaration set off rumors in the Arab media that Jordan was preparing to seize border areas on Iraq and Syria in order to fend off invaders. That plan was denied by Ahmad Almoumani, an advisor to Abdullah.
“Jordan has no plans to expand at the expense of neighboring countries, who we respect and value. We hope to preserve our own independence, and our borders,“ he stressed.