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Lara Abdallat won the Miss Jordan pageant in 2010. Now, she’s a hacktivist fighting ISIS.

Lara Abdallat is not your average beauty queen. She was Miss Jordan 2010 and first runner-up to Miss Arab 2011, but she abandoned her career in pageantry for a mighty cause. Abdallat is currently fighting the Islamic State group and as a hacktivist with Ghost Security. It’s like Miss Congeniality, but in reverse — and her efforts are actually making a difference.


July 20 2015 - Protesters angry about the IS bomb attack in Suruç, which killed 32 young activists who were going on a humanitarian mission to help rebuild Kobane, held rallies in several Turkish and Kurdish cities. They were also protesting the Turkish government’s lack of action against ISIS. Turkish riot police attacked rallies in multiple cities with water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas. [video]/[video]

ISIS have threatened the people of Gaza

“The rule of sharia will be implemented in Gaza, in spite of you. We swear that what is happening in the Levant (Syria) today, and in particular the Yarmouk camp, will happen in Gaza. We will let your children and elderly cry, the same as we did in Yarmouk camp, like we killed the infidels, those liars, who fought against us. I swear to god we will do the same as we did in Yarmouk camp, we will repeat this in Gaza again, we will turn Gaza into shreds and blood.”
Links between Turkey and ISIS are now 'undeniable'
A US-led raid on the compound housing the Islamic State’s ‘chief financial officer’ produced evidence that Turkish officials directly dealt with ranking ISIS members, Martin Chulov of the Guardian reported recently.
By Natasha Bertrand

Islamic State official Abu Sayyaf was responsible for directing the terror army’s oil and gas operations in Syria. Islamic State (aka ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh) earns up to $US10 million per month selling oil on black markets.

Documents and flash drives seized during the Sayyaf raid reportedly revealed links “so clear” and “undeniable” between Turkey and ISIS “that they could end up having profound policy implications for the relationship between us and Ankara,” a senior western official familiar with the captured intelligence told the Guardian.

NATO member Turkey has long been accused by experts, Kurds, and even Joe Biden of enabling ISIS by turning a blind eye to the vast smuggling networks of weapons and fighters during the ongoing Syrian war.

The move by the ruling AKP party was apparently part of ongoing attempts to trigger the downfall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Ankara officially ended its loose border policy last year, but not before its southern frontier became a transit point for cheap oil, weapons, foreign fighters, and pillaged antiquities.

In November, a former ISIS member told Newsweek that the group was essentially given free reign by Turkey’s army.

“ISIS commanders told us to fear nothing at all because there was full cooperation with the Turks,” the fighter said. “ISIS saw the Turkish army as its ally especially when it came to attacking the Kurds in Syria.”

But as the alleged arrangements progressed, Turkey allowed the group to establish a major presence within the country — and created a huge problem for itself.

“The longer this has persisted, the more difficult it has become for the Turks to crack down [on ISIS] because there is the risk of a counter strike, of blowback,” Jonathan Schanzer, a former counterterrorism analyst for the US Treasury Department, explained to Business Insider in November.


July 21 2015 - Protesters set fire to an ISIS flag tied to the flag of the ruling Turkish AK party.

Thousands of people gathered in London in solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attack in Suruç, Northern Kurdistan, and to express their anger about the Turkish government turning a blind eye to IS. [video]
ISIS: Destroying Egypt’s Sphinx, Pyramids Is 'Religious Duty' - Breitbart
ISIS “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said destroying Egypt’s national monuments, such as the pyramids and the sphinx, is a “religious duty."

“The fact that early Muslims who were among the prophet Mohammed’s followers did not destroy the Pharaoh’s monuments upon entering Egypt does not mean that we shouldn’t do it now” 

what a way to contradict your own stupid ideology

Salafis believe in the way of the Salaf, the early Muslims who were the first converts & the first three generations of Muslims, Salafis believe in rejecting ‘religious innovation’ that came after those first three generations

destroying objects or shrines/sites that were once used for worship is merely a sign of how weak your faith actually is that you feel so threatened by it (I mean the individual person’s faith, not the religion itself)

people used to worship the sun, are you going to blow up the sun?

but regardless of whether these sites were destroyed by the early Muslims or not, the destruction of heritage & ancient culture is an unforgivable crime

Islamic State looting Syrian, Iraqi sites on industrial scale

Islamic State militants are looting ancient sites across Iraq and Syria on an industrial scale and selling on treasures to middlemen to raise cash, Irina Bokova, the head of the U.N. cultural agency UNESCO said on Thursday.

One fifth of Iraq’s about 10,000 official world-renowned sites have were Islamic State control and heavily looted, and it was unclear what was happening in “thousands more” areas, Bokova told a meeting of experts in London.

Some sites in Syria had been ransacked so badly they no longer had any value for historians and archaeologists, and UNESCO was also increasingly worried about Libya, she said. Read more.

وَمَنْ يَقْتُلْ مُؤْمِنًا مُتَعَمِّدًا فَجَزَاؤُهُ جَهَنَّمُ خَالِدًا فِيهَا وَغَضِبَ اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَلَعَنَهُ وَأَعَدَّ لَهُ عَذَابًا عَظِيمًا
(النساء 93)

But whoever kills a believer intentionally - his recompense is Hell, wherein he will abide eternally, and Allah has become angry with him and has cursed him and has prepared for him a great punishment.

An-Nisa’ 93.

—  Surah An-Nisa (Qur'an)
Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq
The sectarian terror group won’t be defeated by the western states that incubated it in the first place.
By Seumas Milne

For the past year, US, British and other western forces have been back in Iraq, supposedly in the cause of destroying the hyper-sectarian terror group Islamic State (formerly known as al-Qaida in Iraq). This was after Isis overran huge chunks of Iraqi and Syrian territory and proclaimed a self-styled Islamic caliphate.

The campaign isn’t going well. Last month, Isis rolled into the Iraqi city of Ramadi, while on the other side of the now nonexistent border its forces conquered the Syrian town of Palmyra. Al-Qaida’s official franchise, the Nusra Front, has also been making gains in Syria.


Some Iraqis complain that the US sat on its hands while all this was going on. The Americans insist they are trying to avoid civilian casualties, and claim significant successes. Privately, officials say they don’t want to be seen hammering Sunni strongholds in a sectarian war and risk upsetting their Sunni allies in the Gulf.

A revealing light on how we got here has now been shone by a recently declassified secret US intelligence report, written in August 2012, which uncannily predicts – and effectively welcomes – the prospect of a “Salafist principality” in eastern Syria and an al-Qaida-controlled Islamic state in Syria and Iraq. In stark contrast to western claims at the time, the Defense Intelligence Agency document identifies al-Qaida in Iraq (which became Isis) and fellow Salafists as the “major forces driving the insurgency in Syria” – and states that “western countries, the Gulf states and Turkey” were supporting the opposition’s efforts to take control of eastern Syria.

Raising the “possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality”, the Pentagon report goes on, “this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran)”.

Pay no attention to the fact that U.S. allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia are using the renewed War on Terror fervor directed at the Islamic State to embark upon their own brutal agendas. 

In Syria and Iraq, Turkey uses the propaganda to bolster their actions predominantly against Kurdish fighters in the northern regions of those nations. Turkey then had the audacity to claim it would create, administer, and secure “safe zones” in Syria which will be anything but.

Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, has managed to utilize the ISIS scare to advance its interests throughout the Arabian peninsula, specifically in Yemen where it continues to violate a nation’s sovereignty to conduct airstrikes in urban centers densely populated by civilians.

Be advised that neither SA nor Turkey actually want the Islamic State gone; they do, however, want ISIS to bear the brunt of their own war crimes against Yemenis and Kurds.

R.I.P to all the British, Irish and other people who were killed in the Tunisia terror attack. Simply so sad and shocking that IS would target innocent holidaymakers. My own dad goes here every year, it’s very scary thinking he could have been there. My heart goes out to the 16 year old boy who watched his family murdered in front of him. It’s just horrifying.