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US Civilians and Veterans Leave Home for Isis Fight with Help from Social Media | Fazel Hawramy & Raya Jalabi

From his muddy outpost on the front line in North Iraq, Grim can see the black flag of the Islamic State snapping in the wind just 500 metres away.

The 52-year-old Boston native – who several months ago found his way to a peshmerga base south of Kirkuk – sits in a crude breeze-block shelter, surrounded by mud and dirt, gunfire crackling in the background.

“We are fighting a scourge,” said Grim, who did not want to disclose his real name. “We are fighting murderers and rapists: people who burn people in cages, people who behead people. This is not a civilised army. They are animals.”

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Source: The Guardian

The blood of our Christian brothers and sisters is a testimony which cries out to be heard by everyone who can still distinguish between good and evil. All the more this cry must be heard by those who have the destiny of peoples in their hands.
—  Pope Francis to His Holiness Abuna Matthias Patriarch of the Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Church

The Islamic State just destroyed thousands of years of cultural history 

Besides killing thousands, forcing women into sex slavery and stealing billions, the Islamic State has also been wiping out history itself. From the medieval citadel at Tal Afar to the central museum in Mosul, fighters are breaking statues and literally bulldozing archaeological sites. Thousands of years of history simply wiped away. And they’re burning a truly horrifying number of books as well.

Yemen update

Saudi and Arab allies bomb Houthi positions in Yemen

Rebels loot CIA files

President Hadi left Aden today, fleeing in a boat to Djibouti

UN envoy says Yemen on ‘rapid downward spiral’ as tensions rise 

Yemen, long on the brink of catastrophe, may have tipped over the edge 

British Special Forces Pull Out Of Yemen

U.S. Confirms Military Withdrawal From Yemen

ISIS claims increasing stake in Yemen carnage


First They Came for the Jews

…and Obama didn’t speak up because he’s not a Jew.  Then they came for the Christians, and Obama did not speak up because he is not a Christian.  Now, they come for western civilization and Obama will not speak up because he is not an advocate of western civilization.  He believes that western civilization is exploitative and imperialistic, that terrorism is caused by imbalances between the west and rest, and that if only the west would minimalize its arrogance on the world’s stage peace would blossom.

The New Propaganda Video released by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) shows the killing of a group of Ethiopian Christians in Libya. In the shocking graphic video ISIS gunmen shoot and behead the captured group of Ethiopians. The video is 29 minutes long and at one point said “Muslim blood that was shed under the hands of your religion is not cheap,” but it did not specifically mention the Ethiopian government’s actions in Somalia. Various reports state that there are more than 28 men who were brutally murdered by the terrorist group.

The video begins with the history of Christian-Muslim relation. It also features the destruction of churches, icons and Christian monuments by masked men.

The Ethiopian government is in contact with their embassy in Cairo to verify the authenticity of the Video. The speculations are that these group of Ethiopians might be immigrants who were trying to reach Europe for a better livelihood.

Lord Have Mercy.

Dozens dead in Yemen mosques bombings, ISIS ‘claims’ responsibility (GRAHIC IMAGES)

At least 87 people were killed and 260 more were wounded, a medical source told Reuters on Friday. There are conflicting reports on the number of casualties as they keep rising. CNN cited two Houthi officials who said the death toll had risen to 120 people, while 300 more were injured. Reports from Al-Jazeera suggest 90 have died, with least 280 injured.

In America, with Fox News and conservative rhetoric, there is no end to the people and messages defining things as frightening. [AlterNet’s drug editor Philip] Smith adds that, “every social problem needs to have deviant groups or individuals—people who aren’t ‘like us'—but who are the problem and should be feared.”

Arguably, fear as a factor has been growing in America since 9/11, which was obviously traumatic for many Americans. Instead of being treated as a criminal act by a small group of suicide killers, it produced a massively forceful reaction, including two wars. Response to 9/11 provoked a wave of fear, repression and doomsday preparation that continues to escalate to this day. The new evil on the horizon is ISIS, the media-savvy beheaders who have garnered unbelievable amounts of news coverage. The result, no doubt, will be the spawning of untold new ways of intruding on American life and individual rights.

The security state’s sole raison de d'être is to instill fear in the populace to control behavior and collect information. The security state mind is by nature suggestible, paranoid and capable of creating fearful situations out of propaganda and mis- and disinformation.

The reality is that Americans are endlessly bombarded with media messages that are fearful and deceitful. Almost daily, we are urged to fear exaggerated or fake threats. This unstinting hysteria affects our politics and policies. And going deeper, this media onslaught literally shapes how our brains work and what people believe.