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Controversial "Charlie Hebdo’s” Crass Response to Hayao Miyazaki’s Comments

On January 7, a pair of gunmen attacked the Paris offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which had attracted attention for its depiction of Islamic leaders and religious figures. Beloved anime director Hayao Miyazaki touched on the subject in a TBS radio interview, and in keeping with his complex political views, he questioned the wisdom of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon, suggesting that it is better to target one’s own political leader than to take aim at revered figures of other cultures.

The magazine responded, and in keeping with their approach, they weren’t having any of Miyazaki’s proffered point of view. Its counter is attributed to Cabu, a 76 year-old cartoonist who was murdered in the attack.“

I agreed with this comment on the article -

"The problem I have with Charlie Hebdo in this is that: this panel just isn’t funny. They’re using satire in the most boring, surface-level way, just to say that they think Miyazaki is full of shit. I’m all for voicing opinions through creativity and whatnot, but this cartoon right here is about as creative as 4chan trolls.”

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