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What you will never find on Tumblr

One thing that you will never find on tumblr is a rejection of the post below based on the actual writings in the Koran and Hadith. For every single verse about peace there are dozens advocating violence and death. As a result all Islamic apologists are left with is the “well you are worse” defense. This defense is of course filled with lies and exaggerations BECAUSE MUSLIMS ARE PERMITTED TO LIE! Just going on rebuttals I get, you would think that the KKK has millions of members and is running rampant all over the US and Hitler was a southern Baptist. Now comes Islamic apologist trying desperately trying to hang on to the LGBT support. So how do they try? Deny the truth with no proof, BECAUSE MUSLIMS ARE PERMITTED TO LIE! Ignore the gays being thrown off of buildings, ignore the transgenders being beaten to death, ignore the lesbians being stoned to death. Obviously your eyes are lying Islam is a religion of peace.  

@springs-1  You are a shill for a deathcult that has as a primary target homosexuals, transgenders and anyone else that disagrees with the cult that kills anyone that doesn’t conform. You are obviously threatened by the fact that the LGBT community is coming to grips with the death that follows Islam as sure as winter follows autumn for their community.

We know 2 things about Islam and it is all anyone ever needs to know:

1. Islam through the Koran and Hadith permits killing, subjugation, enslavement, maiming, torture, rape and destruction. Specifically of the LGBT community.

2. Muslims are permitted to deceive non-believers about the above.

No one is fooled any longer Islam is not the friend of LGBTs. Islam is a Deathcult. 


Associating the entire religion of Islam with terrorism or oppression is narrow-minded and wrong. For centuries, Muslims around the world have been responsible for scientific discoveries, works of art, and major technological advancements. There is a great deal of diversity in the way Islam is practiced by the 1.6 billion Muslims around the world, it is a vastly complex and diverse religion. Read more

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In Egypt, 3 Muslim female police officers died protecting Christians in Palm Sunday attack

  • In Egypt, three Muslim female police officers — Nagwa El-Haggar, Asmaa Hussein and Omneya Roshdy — are being hailed as heroes for attempting to save the lives of Coptic Christians targeted in two attacks that took place on Palm Sunday.
  • El-Haggar, a brigadier general for the Egyptian police force, died while in the line of duty at St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria. She was 53.
  • The attack at St. Mark’s killed at least 17 people and injured 48 others; the suicide bombings took place right outside the main gates of the cathedral. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. El-Haggar was conducting inspections for people entering the church. The bomb detonated when she rushed to the aid of her male co-workers after noticing they had trouble with the suspect, Arab News reported.
  • On Twitter, Council of Arab-British Understanding’s Joseph Willits tweeted photos of El-Haggar, including one taken minutes before the attack. Read more. (4/10/2017 8:34 PM)

لاتتردد في العوده الى الله
مهما لوثتك الخطايا والذنوب
فالذي سترك وانت تحت سقف المعصيه
لن يفضحك تحت جناح التوبه

Do not hesitate about returning to Allah
Despite your mistakes & no matter how sinful you might be
For if He covered (protected) you under the roof of sin
He will not expose you under the wing of repentance