islamic pottery


Hispano-Moresque ware is a style of initially Islamic pottery created in Al Andalus or Muslim Spain, which continued to be produced under Christian rule in styles blending Islamic and European elements. It was the most elaborate and luxurious pottery being produced in Europe until the Italian maiolica industry developed sophisticated styles in the 15th century, and was exported over most of Europe. The industry’s most successful period was the 14th and 15th centuries.

Top Image: Valencia, c.1430-1500

Bottom image: Manises dish, 1430-1450

Ewer with Rooster - Islam

(630-1260 A.D.)

This ewer is made of brass and a copper alloy. Copper was used because it is malleable and if another metal is added to it, it becomes stronger. 

This would be used to wash hands or contain drinking water. In the neck of the vessel, there is a filter to prevent rocks and pebbles from getting in their drinking water. 

It was common to put animals on these, it incorporated sculptures of animals onto functional objects.