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Terror attacks are part of living in big city, says Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan has said he believes the threat of terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city” and encouraged Londoners to be vigilant to combat dangers.

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Perhaps the London mayor is correct in a gun-free society….bring that shit to Texas and see what happens.  #lonestarstate  #WeHaveGuns


I was very honored to meet and talk with my powerful brother and Hip-Hop artist Kendrick Lamar. The Cultural Revolution is On. The artistic community has historically been in the vanguard of social change. • #Farrakhan #KendrickLamar

Something so few people seem to understand regarding the situation in Europe, is how they seem to think the inherent landscape of the place will not be irrecoverably changed by the current, uncontested ‘refugee’ migration. So often I hear ‘Oh well, we’ll disappear but our culture will survive’. Will it? Do you really think a culture heavily dominated by Islam wouldn’t gut the contents of the Louvre for being un-Islamic? Do you think Notre Dame wouldn’t be converted into a mosque? That its windows and sculptures, like that in every old church in Europe, wouldn’t be smashed as idolatry? That the pagan Parthenon wouldn’t be finished off, or that Stonehenge wouldn’t be pulled down? Can this be called impossible, when its already happened in areas controlled by ISIS, whom many of these ‘refugees’ support, or in places like Saudi Arabia where pre-Islamic sites are regularly destroyed? Our culture will not live on, cradled by a new, ‘adopted’ population. It will be wiped away, and replaced by the culture of a new people, and with it will go thousands of years of memory.


“We were not brought here to be made citizens. We were brought here against our will. We were not brought here to enjoy the constitutional gifts that they speak so beautifully about.” -Malcolm X

“Malcolm’s whole entourage was infiltrated with police. He may have had as many police as he had regular folk in his entourage, under cover.” -Van Jones

[From the film “13th” on Netflix]

Highly qualified lawyer goes to the United Nations, accompanied by a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, to speak about Islamic State and urge investigations into genocide. Gets translated to…..showing off her baby bump.

Turkey’s referendum

Following the passing of a referendum to extend the powers of the Presidency, Turkey has taken another step toward neo-Ottomanism and away from “liberal democracy”. Ataturk’s attempt to build a secular nation has failed as religious Turks in rural areas have far higher birth-rates than their sterile secular-liberal urbanite compatriots. Our racial enemies (Erdogan firmly among them) want to put our race and nations to the sword. Just a few weeks ago, he advocated that every Turk in Europe have 5 children to gain power over our nations. He understands that a population which does not reproduce in sufficient numbers will be destroyed and supplanted by those that do. If we want to survive the 21st century, we must turn to a unifying racial identity politics of our own.
Exclusive: Trump to focus counter-extremism program solely on Islam - sources
The Trump administration wants to revamp and rename a U.S. government program designed to counter all violent ideologies so that it focuses solely on Islamist extremism, five people briefed on the matter told Reuters.

The Trump administration wants to revamp and rename a U.S. government program designed to counter all violent ideologies so that it focuses solely on Islamist extremism, five people briefed on the matter told Reuters.

The program, “Countering Violent Extremism,” or CVE, would be changed to “Countering Islamic Extremism” or “Countering Radical Islamic Extremism,” the sources said, and would no longer target groups such as white supremacists who have also carried out bombings and shootings in the United States

The CVE program aims to deter groups or potential lone attackers through community partnerships and educational programs or counter-messaging campaigns in cooperation with companies such as Google… and Facebook…


Malcolm X : “My advice always to brother Cassius is that he never do anything that will in any way tarnish or take away from his image as the Heavyweight Champion of the world, because I frankly believe that Cassius is in a better position than anyone else to restore a sense of racial pride to not only our people in this country but all over the world. He is trying his best to live a clean life and project a clean image, but despite this you’ll find the press is constantly trying to paint him as something other than what he actually is. He doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t drink; in fact if he was white they’d be referring to him as the All-American Boy, like they used to refer to Jack Armstrong.”

It’s not often I compliment the french (in fact honestly, I tried to avoid it whenever possible) but I cant stress enough how highly I rate Marine Le Pen for not kowtowing. The last 8 or so years, we’ve had even the US President bowing before Islamic clerics, it’s refreshing to see someone who refuses to submit.