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Reporter becomes Canada’s first hijab-clad news anchor
Ginella Massa filled in on Toronto’s CityNews 11pm broadcast and created a buzz after the broadcast ended

A Toronto television journalist is believed to be Canada’s first anchor to don a Muslim head scarf at one of the city’s major news broadcasters.

Ginella Massa was asked to fill in on the anchor desk for CityNews’ 11pmbroadcast last week and created a buzz after the broadcast ended and she Tweeted, “That’s a wrap! Tonight wasn’t just important for me. I don’t think a woman in hijab has ever anchored a newscast in Canada.”

Massa, 29, said on Friday that she became Canada’s first hijab-wearing television news reporter in 2015 while reporting for CTV News in Kitchener, Ontario, a city west of Toronto. She moved back to Toronto, where she grew up, earlier this year to take a reporting job at CityNews.

Massa recognized the personal career strides she had made after stepping out of the anchor desk, but she said it took her editor to point out the larger significance.

“It wasn’t until my editor said, ‘Hey, great job! Was that a first for Canada? A woman in a hijab?’ And I said yes. And so I tweeted about it. As much as I knew it was important, I didn’t expect the reaction that I received. My phone hasn’t stopped buzzing for the last week,” Massa said.

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Okay, so for a while I’ve been thinking about how important it was that A Different World featured a plot on a character (Terrence) discovering islam and converting to become Muslim. It was a subject a lot of Black Americans knew but it was not really talked about in the main stream media. And with seeing this episode and watching Terrence grow as a character and gain the support form his father is an important narrative that needed to be seen/ portrayed. The fact that Islam was being discussed on a tv series in a positive outlook is very uncommon. I was just always surprised I’ve never seen a post on Terrence or this subject so I needed to post it to show my support and allow others to be aware of it’s importance to the Black & Muslim community. 

A Different World - S04 E14


Ohio Students Can’t Say “Terrorism” - Rebel Media.

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You know, I could understand if you didn’t want to assume it was terrorism before jumping to conclusions. And ISIS “claims responsibility” for a lot of things. But a ’misunderstanding’?


(LANGUAGE WARNING:) Gavin McInnes of says progressive capitulation to Islam must end, starting with Lindsay Lohan!

I think it’s pretty obvious this girl has some serious mental health problems. 


Welcome to the Real World, JK Rowling.