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A wedding is a day affair, it’s the marriage that is forever and in order to have a timeless and unbreakable bond, brothers and sisters should learn to follow various rights with respect to Islam. Learning to be dutiful and obedient to the husband and being loving and caring to the wife can go a long way to increase love and adoration for each other. This not only preserves the family but also protects the bond created by Allah from collapsing.


Lately there have been a lot of anons asking about memorizing surahs for salah (prayer). A sister (may Allah reward her) sent me these links as a recommendation of how to learn to memorize prayer and surahs.



Persepolis (2007) - Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud

5 bullets on this movie:

  • It’s in french and I recommend you to watch it in the original language, but in the english version Iggy Pop is the voice of uncle Anouche.
  • You can learn Islamic history and a lot about women rights. Marjane, the protagonist, is the best thing in this movie. She’s a rebel girl in a society that oppresses women, and you end up loving her. And also wanting to be her. 
  • It’s as great as the graphic novel. The dialogues are funny, but at the same time the film tells a serious and real story about women’s fight for equality.
  • It’s based on the life of Marjane Satrapi, the writer of the movie and the graphic novel. I think this is what gives the story so much power.
  • It’s mostly hand drawn and the animations is black and white, it’s soooo amazing. Really, it’s one of my favorite movies. 

i was talking to @evenandsana and something that would be so wonderful would be if…vilde were to live at sana’s place for a while

there are signs that are leading us to believe that things aren’t going too well at home for vilde, signs that have been there since season one. she can’t ever host meetings or parties at her place because of her mom, and she’s more than once mentioned these “wine tasting parties” which i think, sadly, might be what she calls nights during which her mom drinks a lot 

and what if at some point things get bad to the point where she can’t hide it so well anymore, and sana notices. and she finds out the truth, how particularly bad it’s been in the past couple of days, and sana…invites her home. and vilde ends up staying with the bakkoushs for some time and it’s such a healing and learning experience for her? 

because she’s made insensitive and ignorant comments and she’s been called out but we’re still, in season 4, getting the feeling that she hasn’t fully learned? but when she spends so much time with sana in her home, that’s when she finally learns and sees. because she sees sana pray, she sees the conversations she has with her mother. and being exposed to all of that in a place that actually feels like a home (something she hasn’t felt in such a long time now), in a place that feels good and safe makes her want to truly listen and learn, and that’s when she finally has these eye-opening moments, at last 

and i think it would be a good idea because we know we’re not going to get a vilde season, but this would give us the opportunity to spend more time with her and see her open up and talk about her struggles, and finally see her be truthful, and at the same time, since this is sana’s season and it’s a season that’s meant to teach the viewers more about islam, we’d see vilde, a non-muslim with a lot of misconceptions about islam, learn more about it through sana

As Christians, we should support our Muslim brothers and sisters during Ramadan!

  • The month of Ramadan is a time for Muslims to focus on their faith. Muslims read the Qur’an, focus on God, and fast from sunrise to sundown. 
  • Wish your Muslim friend a Blessed Ramadan by saying “Ramadan Mubarak (Moo-baa-rak)!” or simply “Happy Ramadan!”
  • The Iftar is the breaking of the fast after sundown. If you are invited to an Iftar dinner, you should go! It is a wonderful opportunity, and it is always a great time!
  • Offer to help out! (If you live in the Northern Hemisphere) Ramadan happens during the summertime, so offer to help them with strenuous outdoor work. 
  • Take time to learn about Islam! Ask questions! It is important gain knowledge of Islam during a time where islamophobia is on the rise. 
  • Educate your church about Ramadan and Islam. 

Shaitan is sneaky.

He won’t tell you to take off your clothes and walk on the ramp. Instead, he’ll tell you to wear your ‘modest clothes’ and 'model’ for an 'Islamic fashion show.’

Shaitan is patient.

He won’t tell you to worship someone else besides Allah.
He will gradually arouse the love of a person, celebrity, athlete, popstar, etc in your heart and watch as you immerse yourself in its worship.

Shaitan is smart.

He won’t tell you to commit zina. He will tell you to 'add’ that brother or sister to 'learn about Islam’ from them.

Shaitan is shrewd.

He won’t tell you to shave off your beard. He’ll ask you to trim it so that you can follow the sunnah and yet 'fit in.’

Most importantly, shaitan is subtle.

Today he will ask you to take something off or add something in which seems so harmless; but remember that it is enough to take a step to ultimately start walking in the direction of the shayateen.

The cursed one sees the strength of our faith in the little 'compromises’ we make in order to 'fit in,’ as benign as they may seem.

What is adjusted today can easily be removed tomorrow.

May we be from amongst those that are safe from the plots of the shayateen.

Ameen ya Rabb!

The individuals who ascribe themselves to (giving) da'wah, it is mandatory that they be investigated: Where did they study? Where did they take knowledge from? Where were they reared? What are their beliefs? Their actions must be investigated, their effects upon the people, along with what good they have brought about. What rectification has their actions produced? Their affairs must be investigated before (the people) are misled by their statements and what is apparent from them. This investigation is mandatory, especially during the present time in which the callers ot fitnah are many.

Shaykh Sālih al-Fawzān (حفظه الله)

[Al-Ijaabaatul-Muhimmatu feel-Mashaakilil-Mulimmah page 34]
translated by Abū Ismāīl Muṣṭafā George