islamic drawing



Can you imagine at the time of your death being comforted by the angels sent down by Allah merely to bring you good news, telling you to be happy, that you are guaranteed jannah, congratulating you for all your hard work back in dunya. MashaAllah. Can there really be anything better than that?

Let that sink in for a second.


I heard that every 1st Febuary is World Hijab Day,
So I thought, meh…why not I make a drawing of the different types of Hijab that are commonly wore here in Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia. Each of these girls in Hijab are based of people I know/met

For those who are struggling to wear it, its okay, that was me too until I set my motivation that I wore this Hijab because of Allah s.w.t (God)  and not because what others think about it. Because I know that Allah s.w.t (God) knows best on the reason why we really have to wear it. 

Be proud that you are wearing the identity of a Muslim! Its okay to be fashionable (but not too extreme XD) as long as you follow the shari'ah.

And of course for non-muslims who wants to try, go ahead! wearing it makes you see the world in a different point of view, in an amazing way!  and maybe understand the circumstances a muslim woman has to take each day.

Oh and remember,

“Whats the point of wearing a hijab if our attitude/adab is bad?”
Wearing the Hijab is one thing, but the attitude and behaviour towards others is MUCH morreee important! If we wear the hijab like a pious lady and attitude is horrible, people will judge muslims horribly too! Don’t send them hate comments or bullying them . Instead treat them with the best manner and respect :) 

Anyways thats all from me everything that is good comes from Allah s.w.t (God) and what is bad comes from my human mistake.

Wassalam~  ^_^”

Istikharah is not a prayer to search for answer through dreams. Rather, if the journey towards what you look for is made easy or made more difficult, by Allah’s permission. If still unsure, do more istikharah until its clear as black & white & you don’t have any more doubt about the situation and the decision you have to make. InsyaAllah 
-AlKauthar Perth-

The serenity & comfort you feel when your Istikharah is answered and you know exactly what Allah SWT wants you to do.

El islam dice: Que todas las personas en este mundo son iguales y que nadie debe experimentar que la gente hable detrás de su espalda, que no se debe ofender al otro, que no deben ser juzgados o ser el hazme reír. Así que si escuchas a alguien usar la religión para legitimar su odio, entonces no los escuches. Porque el odio no viene de la religión, viene del miedo.

—Sana Bakkoush