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Friendly reminder that religious gay people exist!! You do not have to choose one or the other! You’re not a bad gay for being religious and you’re not a bad follower for being gay! You can be both! They’re both important parts of your identity and there’s nothing wrong with being both!


LeninLover69 AKA PissPigGrandad AKA Brace Belden is alright! He, the YPG, and the YPJ assaulted the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa. He is a socialist who joined the YPG to fight ISIS and help protect the people of Rojava, a confederate socialist territory in northern Syria that allies itself with the PKK in Turkey and other leftist groups in Iraq. Before the assault, his unit was under mortar fire, which he described as: “dipshit keeps missing”.

He was afraid that he was certainly going to die, but now he is alive and appears to be well. Solidarity with Comrade PissPigGrandad


I was very honored to meet and talk with my powerful brother and Hip-Hop artist Kendrick Lamar. The Cultural Revolution is On. The artistic community has historically been in the vanguard of social change. • #Farrakhan #KendrickLamar

I hate to break it to yall but the reason so many far right parties are rising globally is precisely because of far left ideology that seeks to silence any and all conversations that does not aligned with a “holier than thou” liberal ideologies. What if we agreed that Muslims are generally good people but Islam as an ideology and religion has a lot way to go? And what if the conversation is not derailed with using Christianity as a counter agreement. What if we just understand that although communism in theory sounds humanistic, all of its applications have failed and results in population hunger and hatred. What if we agreed that if we understand that while modern concepts of barriers and borders are new, the idea of country and regional boundaries has been around for milenias.

Like what if those things are nuanced and we actually talk about the grey area rather than the black or white.


Anti-Muslim hate crimes rose 57% in 2016, new report says

  • When members of the Islamic Community of Fort Pierce, Florida, woke up to their mosque set ablaze on Sept. 12, 2016, they witnessed their mosque become a part of a staggering statistic.
  • The Florida mosque became one of 2,213 anti-Muslim incidents in the United States in 2016, according to a Council of American Islamic Relations civil rights report released Tuesday.
  • The report, titled The Empowerment of Hate, found that the number of anti-Muslim bias incidents rose 57%, up from 1,409 reported number of incidents in 2015. From 2014 to 2015, incidents rose 5%. For incidents reported as “hate crimes,” CAIR reported a 44% increase from 2015 to 2016. Read more (5/9/17)

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Archaeologists in Ethiopia uncover ancient city in Harlaa

A forgotten city thought to date back as far as the 10th century AD has been uncovered by a team of archaeologists in eastern Ethiopia.

Artefacts from Egypt, India and China have been found in the city in the Harlaa region.

The archaeologists also uncovered a 12th Century mosque which is similar to those found in Tanzania and Somaliland.

Archaeologists says this proves historic connections between different Islamic communities in Africa.

“This discovery revolutionises our understanding of trade in an archaeologically neglected part of Ethiopia. What we have found shows this area was the centre of trade in that region,” lead archaeologist Professor Timothy Insoll from the University of Exeter said. Read more.

This time, its going to be different. ☄

May you all have a blessed Ramadan. And reverts, If you guys feel lonely, don’t forget that you are being rewarded for every effort and every trial you go through. Allah is near. He is very near so don’t isolate yourself, reach out, have fun, pray a lot and stay determined on changing your life this month. You are gonna break bad habits and you are gonna be better than u were in April. Because this time its different 💪.

“A wall was built which separates
the beloved from his lover.
The park was closed and in its place
flew flags across the border.

Steel, mortar, brick, and stone,
fortified the wall.
Sensors, lighting, radars, cameras,
spied upon us all.

And stony men with steeled hearts
lined each border crossing,
above each place where the wall was low,
they stood there proudly watching.”
- Howie Abel, AMERICA: The Anthem of Eugene V - Canto II: Crime