islamic canvas

Frederic Leighton (1830-1896)
“Light of the Harem” (1880)
Oil on canvas
Currently in a private collection

In Islamic culture, a harem is a secluded living area for women that is forbidden to men. Also called zenana in South Asia, this private space has been traditionally understood as serving the purposes of maintaining the modesty, privilege, and protection of women.

Oh you who drinks alcohol, does drugs, commits zina, and everything else. Don’t feel hypocritical or too ashamed to pray. Don’t feel hypocritical if you want to go to the masjid or come to Allah and do deeds to make up for when you’ve fallen. Don’t lose hope in Allah’s mercy. The people judging you are not Allah. Shaitain is cunning and will make you feel you’re too far gone, that you’re not good enough to do these things. No one is perfect, not the most “religious” of “religious” person. Allah knows you, He created you, and this struggle you are going through is not in spite of Him, it’s actually from Him. He dropped you to rock bottom maybe so that you’d remember that no one else but He can help you. So you’d turn to him and put your head on the ground and beg for help. Falling down time and time again and pleading to Allah that you’re doing your best but you need his help because you keep screwing up is not hypocrisy. That’s jihad and repentance, two things Allah loves.
—  Her Blank Canvas

Vasily Vereshchagin (1842-1904)
“Dervishes in holiday costumes. Tashkent” (1869-1870)
Oil on canvas
Located in the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

A dervish is a member of a Muslim (specifically Sufi) religious order who has taken vows of poverty and austerity. Their focus is on the universal values of love and service, deserting the illusions of ego to reach God.

Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan.



(“And the Messenger(SAW) has said, "O my Lord, indeed my people have taken this Qur'an as [a thing] abandoned.”)

oil on canvas
6’ x 4’



My friend makes these beautiful paintings, and sends the money he makes off them to help refugees in Syria and Palestine. The paintings range from $25-$500. If you would like to purchase one, please contact him at

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“Angel, Iran, Qajar Dynasty, 19th century Paintings Oil on canvas  

Islamic paintings from Iran in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art”

under the moonlight

And if I ever lose my eyes, if my colours all run dry,
Yes if I ever lose my eyes, Oh if… I won’t have to cry no more.

Did it take long to find me? I asked the faithful light.
Did it take long to find me? And are you gonna stay the night?