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Iranian Islamic Architecture

The fall of the Sassanian dynasty by the invading Muslim Arabs led to the adaptation of Persian architectural forms for Islamic religious buildings in Iran. Arts such as calligraphy, stucco work, mirror work and mosaics became closely tied with the architecture of mosques in Persia (Iran). An example is the round-domed rooftops which originate in the Parthian (Ashkanid) dynasty of Iran.

City of Riyadh in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which lies in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula. It has an estimated population of about 27 million, with about 8.8 million registered as foreign expatriates. In area, Saudi Arabia is the largest state in the Gulf region.

in Malaysia, it is illegal to be a Shia Muslim. like you are placed in jail for practicing Shia Islam. police literally raid buildings and round up shias and put them in jail. 


The Blue Mosque aka Shrine of Ali is a mosque located in the heart of Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan.

The Seljuq dynasty sultan Ahmed Sanjar rebuilt the first Blue Mosque at this location. It was destroyed by Genghis Khan in the invasion around 1220. It was rebuilt in the 15th century by Sultan Husayn Mirza Bayqarah

A site plan of the location made in the 1910s shows that there had earlier been a smaller walled precinct in the mosque, which was razed to create parklands later, although the portals to this precinct still remain as gateways for the shrine.

Tombs of varying dimensions were added for a number of Afghan political and religious leaders over the years, which has led to the development of its current irregular dimensions. These include the square domed tomb of Amir Dost Muhammad, Wazir Akbar Khan and a similar structure for Amir Sher Ali and his family.

America will never forget Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Everything else? Well…

5 Horrifying Attacks on America Your History Books Left Out

#5. The Hanafi Went Full Die Hard on Washington, D.C.

Hey, remember when a dozen terrorist gunmen seized three buildings in Washington, started shooting cops and politicians, then took 134 people hostage? If you answered “no,” isn’t it kind of crazy that you just did that? The 39-hour siege sounds like the setup for a Steven Seagal movie. It was carried out by about 10 members of the Hanafi Movement, a radical splinter section of the Nation of Islam. The buildings they seized were a Jewish community center, the Islamic Center of Washington, and the District Building, which was the city government’s headquarters. So they essentially seized the capital of America’s capital.

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