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Lunch Box (2015) - Yong, who loves to cook, falls in in love with an Indonesian girl named Yulia. To win her heart he keeps cooking food for her which she never eats. Later on he finds out that Yulia only eats Halal food. He learns everything that there is to know so he can make suitable food for her to eat.

‏ما دام الله معك لا يهمك شخصاً آذاك.
As long as Allah is with you, don’t worry about those who hurt you.

ما دام الله يحفظك لا تحزن على أحد أهملك
As long as Allah is protecting you, don’t become sad over someone who dominates you.

وما دام الله يريد لك شيئاً فلن يقف في وجهك شيء أبداً.
As long as Allah wants something for you, nothing will ever stand in your way.

do you guys realize how amazing this clip and this whole relationship is. not only bc of the clear chemistry and adoration between these two pure kids but it’s the way they speak about their beliefs: a boy confesses why he gave up on some parts of islam to a muslim girl and he knows that the girl won’t judge him. and he doesn’t judge her.  they like each other and have a crush on each other, but better yet - they fucking respect each other. and to see islam presented in this way - in a new, complex way - in a tv show feels kinda fucking revolutionary and amazing to me, and im not even religious so I can only imagine how it feels for religious people!

Biography of Prophet Muhammad - SAW

Biography of Prophet Muhammad - SAW

40 Lessons by Holy ProphetMuhammad (S.A.W)


01. Refrain from sleeping between fajr and Ishraq, Asr and Maghrib, Maghrib and Isha.


02. Avoid sitting with smelly people. i.e (onion)


03. Do not sleep between people who talk bad before sleeping.


04. Don’t eat and drink with your left hand.


05. Don’t eat the food that is taken out from your teeth.


06. Don’t break your knuckles.


07. Check your shoes before wearing it.


08. Don’t look at the sky while in Salaat.


09. Don’t spit in the toilet.


10. Don’t clean your teeth with charcoal.


11. Sit and wear your trousers.


12. Don’t break tough things with your teeth.


13. Don’t blow on your food when it’s hot but u can fan it.


14. Don’t look for faults of others.


15. Don’t talk between iqamath and adhan.


16. Don’t speak in the toilet.


17. Don’t speak tales about your friends.


18. Don’t antagonize your friends.


19. Don’t look behind frequently while walking.


20. Don’t stamp your feet while walking.

21. Don’t be suspicious about your friends.


22. Don’t speak lies at anytime.


23. Don’t smell the food while you eat.


24. Speak clearly so others can understand.


25. Avoid travelling alone.


26. Don’t decide on your own but do

consult others who know.


27. Don’t be proud of yourself.


28. Don’t be sad about your food.


29. Don’t boast.


30. Don’t chase the beggars.


31. Treat your guests well with good heart.


32. Be patient when in poverty.


33. Assist a good cause.


34. Think of your faults and repent.


35. Do good to those who do bad to you.


36. Be satisfied with what you have.


37. Don’t sleep too much - it causes forgetfulness.


38. Repent at least 100 times a day (Istighfaar).


39. Don’t eat in darkness.


40. Don’t eat mouth-full.


‘Send to others to remind them’.

—————————————- -May Allah bless you…! Aameen.


Love is real.


Why do we sleep in the masjid but stay awake in parties?

——————————————-Why is it so hard to talk to Allah but so easy to gossip?

—————————————— Why is it so easy to ignore a Godly text message but re-send the nasty ones?

—————————————–Are u going to send this to ur friends or are u going to ignore it?

——————————————Allah said: “if u deny me in front of ur friends, i will deny u on the day of Resurrection”



If each muslim says astaghfirullah wa atubu ilaih 3 times now and forward, in a few seconds billions will have said it and You’ve got nothing to loose so pass on…..

vilde the snake went and told the pepsi max squad about elias calling sana a slave, the pepsi max girls calling sana a psycho, them all thinking they know about islam so much better than sana bc sana being on the bus means she’s not representing islam in the right way at all, noora and yousef 😷😷😷, sara backstabbing sana all this time. noora being super pretty but sana not bc she’s the outcast.

sana remove yourself from them all.

Judging Our Country

Jesus said, “Do not judge” because he knew that judging divides people.  How true in our divided country, where people with different world views judge each other nonstop.

But the way of Jesus requires making judgments about what is right and what is wrong.  What is just and what is unjust.  What is true and what is false.

And so I think when Jesus said, “Do not judge,” he meant “do not be judgmental.”  To be judgmental means to lack understanding and compassion. To delight in being right.  To delight in tearing down, or condescending, or even attacking.  

To be judgmental means to raise yourself by putting down someone else.

Being a Progressive Christian does not mean progressing beyond judgment.  It means progressing in consciousness of our own judgmentalism.  So that we can find healing from it and so can our country.

Basics of understanding Islam ♥

Have you been interested in Islam or just wanting to understand the basics of it, but you are not really sure where to start or who to ask?
This is a quick little Q&A to help you out ♥

1. What is Islam?

Islam is a way of life.

The word ‘Islam’ means to be in ‘submission’ or to ‘surrender’ to God. Therefore the word Islam is not a noun, it is actually a verb! Anyone who ‘surrenders to God’ is seen as practicing Islam ♥

2. What is a Muslim?

The word ‘Muslim’ means ‘one who submits to God’ ♥ It is an adjective describing the person who practices Islam (ie. s/he surrenders to God) ♥

3. What do Muslims believe?

Muslims understand that there is only One God, and He is Omnipotent and the Creator of All ♥

We do not need a medium to pray to God (ie. We do not need to pray to anything else to get to God), we communicate straight to Him ♥ In Islam the more we pray to God and the more good we do, the closer we can become to Him ♥

In many religions the belief of humans being impure and unable to communicate with God directly, is rejected entirely in Islam ♥

Why would God Create you with His Own Hands, to then call you too dirty and impure to speak to Him?

In Islam, we know God is Merciful ♥

“And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein.”
Quran (50:16) ♥

4. Who is ‘Allah’?

‘Allah’ is the Aramaic word for ‘God’ ♥ When a Muslim or anyone says the Name ‘Allah’, they are saying ‘God’ in another language ♥

Allah = God ♥

5. Why do most Muslim girls, especially, cover their hair? What is that called?

The covering of the hair and certain parts of the body is called ‘Hijab’ ♥ The word ‘Hijab’ means ‘veil’ or ‘curtain’ ♥

God Created girls in a certain way and means to protect them from the potential ‘badness’ of men and other outside elements by veiling them ♥ Girls do not need to wear Hijab fully infront of other girls and their close family members, it is only infront of strange men, as it is a ward to potentially being sexually/in other ways used and/or hurt/taken advantage of ♥

For more information about Hijab and the Elevation of Women in Islam, please read my following blog post:

6. What is the defining characteristic of someone who is truly Muslim?

Peacefulness ♥

“Allah is gentle and loves gentleness in all things.”
(Bukhari and Muslim)

“And We have sent you (O Muhammad ) not but as a mercy for the Aalameen (mankind, jinns and all that exists)”
Quran (21:107)

For more a little more information about Mercy in Islam, please read the following blog post:

7. Why does the media speak so badly about Islam at times?

People would do a lot of things to get ‘buzz’ about their article, their blog/media posts, and just plainly themselves ♥ Islam is a hot topic word these days, and people like to misquote Quranic verses and Hadith to make themselves more popular and/or to stir controversy for their own reasons.

People who understand that they should not believe everything that they hear on T.V. or simply just in the media, will research the topics of confusion themselves and realise that the information on the media is incorrect and created, not for educational purposes, but rather entertainment and popularity ♥

If you are not Muslim but you are reading this blog post for your own educational purposes, I commend you and thank you greatly for your open-mindedness, and May God Reward you ♥

If you wish to understand the so-called ‘Sword Verses’ of the Quran, please read the following blog post:

Thank you for reading this blog post ♥ I will be God Willing writing another blog posts about the basic practices in Islam next ♥ please keep tuned to find out more about Islam ♥

I hope this message reaches you all in good health, Emaan, and happiness ♥ Ameen ♥

anonymous asked:

This is just curiousty dont get offended.Being a women how can you believe in a religion which allows a 40 year old man to marry a 10 year old? Which does not give women equal rights in will? Which asks women to cover themselves so men dont get attracted? Which limits the rights of women to such a horrifying extent?

Women are not oppressed in Islam. Women have rights.

Women, through Islam, were given the right to owning property, conducting business, and fighting in war way before women in any other areas were.

Women have an extremely high status in Islam, we are treated like queens. 

We get taken care of, we don’t have to provide for our necessities. It is the OBLIGATION for the nearest male (husband, father, brother, uncle, etc.) to provide for us. We don’t have to do an inch of effort. BUT, if we want to work, if we want to provide for the household, we have total rights to just as the wife of the prophet ﷺ, Khadija ra radi Allahu ‘anha had her own business and provided for the family. 

When it comes to the age of Ayesha radi Allahu ‘anha when she got married to the prophet Muhammad ﷺ, most scholars believe she was actually around the age of 19. However, even if she was young, this was not an odd practice back then. In fact, the UK eliminated being married from the age of 11 just about a while ago, not too long from today. So if you want to go on that, UK is also a victim here.  

Women are given honorable rights, honestly, I believe Islam is far easier for women than it is for men. Men have to provide for the family, they have to pray in the mosque every Friday, they have to give a mahr (unless women excuse them from it) when getting married, and so on. All these, women do not have to do. Women even get a break from prayers and other religious obligations such as fasting every time they get their periods. How easy Allah is on us women Subhanallah. 

The prophet Muhammad ﷺ often encouraged for men to be of the best of character with their wives and not to mistreat them. A woman, in fact, came to the prophet Muhammad ﷺ complaining that her husband does not fulfill her sexual needs because he would spend the night praying, the prophet ﷺ reprimanded her husband and told him to leave the prayers at night and fulfill his wife’s needs. LOL, can you imagine?! 

Before Islam was revealed, daughters were buried and killed when born, Islam prohibited this and gave women rights they did not have before. We have the right to divorce and the right to educate ourselves to expand the list of rights.

So…how then do we not have rights or are oppressed? 

How are we limited? We are not? I live life just like any other woman, just more covered up is all. 

Also, what is wrong with covering up? Clothes were a form of advancement in the “Stone age.” We are at the peak of advancement. If you look through this analysis, it is those who roam around in shorter clothes that are moving far from advancement. 

Secondly, covering is less for men and more for our benefit. The point of covering is so that men do not objectify us, not for us to do any favor for men. Covering up forces men to marry due to deeper reasons than for the superficial surface. Covering protects a woman from lustful eyes and from being in danger. The notion of escaping beauty standards and from being objectified is far more appealing and liberating to me than to go around in shorts 🤷  (no hate, I’m not judging you all, just personal preference). We are dignified and respected, not objectified and disrespected.

So now you tell me, what’s wrong with the way Islam treats women with utmost respect, honor, and dignity?

Please do let me know your thoughts and have a nice day! 

The more I go closer to islam, the less I want to live in a western country (especially usa). 

I want to live in a place where I can really connect to people because we have the same beliefs and morals, I want to live in a place where I won’t have to explain why I don’t eat out even though I’m not vegetarian/vegan, I want to live in a place where I don’t have to keep making excuses for not attending “BYOB” and swim parties, I want to live in a place where we can all walk to the masjid, I want to live in a place where the city will be filled with salam, I want to live in a place where I won’t be judged for practicing my faith (which happens in many muslim countries too but at least I won’t be in fear of violence), I want to live in a place where I can pray where I am without fear, I want to live in a place where I can eat out without worrying if it’s halal, I want to live in a place where the adhaan calms the city, I want to live in a place where there are more resources to learn islam, I want to live in a place where elders will tell me stories of prophets, I want to live in a place where I can tell stories to young ones and enlighten them with the knowledge I have, I want to live in a place where I can wear my hijab without fear, I want to live in a place where we can celebrate Eid without holding back. My heart yearns for this. It really does.

Narrated Abū Huraira (radhīAllāhu ‘anhu):

Allāh’s Apostle (ﷺ) said, “The invocation of anyone of you is granted (by Allāh) if he does not show impatience (by saying, “I invoked Allāh but my request has not been granted.”)

—  [Sahīh Bukhārī, Vol. 8, Hadīth no. 352. Translated by Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khān]