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Dunia ini butuh lebih sedikit orang yang hanya bisa menilai orang lain dengan label salah, keliru, menyimpang. Dunia ini butuh lebih banyak orang yang mau melihat, mendengar, berpikir, mencari tahu, mengenai sebab mengapa label-label itu ada. Mengapa ia berbuat salah, mengapa ia mengambil jalan keliru. Perilaku manusia tidak pernah sederhana.
—  Dan dakwah Islam seharusnya dijiwai oleh spirit untuk memahami manusia.

Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim Tumblr friends observing the fast. Ramadan is a great equaliser. Fasting establishes equality among the rich and the poor. It is a compulsory experience of poverty to make all people share an equality (not diversity) of feeling and to sympathise with one another through a collective sense of discomfort.

In these last years we have witnessed the worst refugee crisis since World War 2. We have also witnessed the persecution of the Muslim by illegal wars, apartheid, racism, discrimination, racial profiling, assault, genocide, and Islamaphobia. As one Muslim fasts there will be over a billion other Muslims who will be fasting in unity … in refugee tents and camps; in detention centres; on the streets; in blown up buildings with no electricity; hiding (the fast) for fear of persecution…

Man’s sense of compassion springs from his feeling of pain, and fasting is a practical means to develop compassion in his spirit. When rich people establish such a feeling for the hungry poor, their inner humane principles attain an effective authority. In this regard, it is reported that the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was the most generous among people, and he was especially generous during Ramadan.

Wishing all Muslims a generosity in spirit and in deed this Ramadan. ❤️

There’s a Hadith I’ve been replaying in my head again and again over the past twenty-four hours. And every time I remember it, it takes my breath away.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said in an authentic narration: “If the Resurrection is upon you and there is a seed in your hand and you are able to, then plant it in the ground.”

Now that is an extraordinary expression of faith and hope.

Even in the face of the most intimidating moments humankind will ever know – the end of life and sealing of the universe – our Prophet encourages us to plant a seed.

Rationally, it appears to be the most futile action a human being could possibly take, but our religion encourages that sense of purpose and optimism even when the greatest and most powerful forces seem to be acting against us.

After all, what greater force is there than the coming of the Day of Judgment? The laws of physics will change, the order of the universe will shift, the heavens will fold, the mountains will crumble into air, the seas will surge wildly and fires will spread through the lands.

Despite that, do your part.

Plant it and leave the rest to Allah. Trust Him, He will account for it. He will do it justice. He will do you justice in ways you will not understand.

Just trust Him.

So, in an age of chronic Muslim hopelessness grounded in a century of failure and humiliation, this Hadith is very relevant. But considering what has happened in Aleppo in the past few days, this Hadith needs to be burnt into our collective memory.

Do your part, no matter how small and futile it may appear. Others may mock and reject it, it may appear silly and pointless, and you may not impact a thing for as long as you live — but do it with faith in Allah if you believe it to be the right thing.

That is the spirit of Islam: courage and action born out of certainty in the promise of Allah.

All are right.
None are wrong.

Christianity- Son of God One God as a Trinity. 

Hindu- One Supreme within many Gods and Goddesses. 

Islam- One God for all.

Buddhism- Cycles of Rebirth

Mormon- 13 Articles of Faith

Chinese Religion- Yin and Yang, Cho Ku Rei

Christian Science- Mind and Body, Healing

New Age- Ascension, vibration, Karma

Sikhism- Balance with God

Taoism- Inner harmony, Opposites make up Harmony

Serer- Tree of life

Pagan- Elements, Spirits in all 

Shamanism- Everything is connected. 


What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is not a set of any dogmatic rules, beliefs, or practices. One may choose to meditate, pray, collect crystals, perform rituals, and/or eat vegan. These all can be beneficial, but these things do not make a person spiritual. We are all spiritual beings by Nature, so to embrace spirituality is simply being conscious of and drawing closer to your true nature. It is knowledge of Self.

Each person’s path to self-realization is uniquely their own and no one will have the same journey as someone else. What you may perceive as a sin may in fact be the spiritual liberation for another, and your own spiritual liberation may be seen as a sin to someone else. A loosely defined dichotomy is made within Esotericism between the different spiritual paths towards self-realization. These are known as the Right hand path (or Dakṣiṇācāra in Eastern tradition) and the Left hand path (Vāmācāra in Eastern tradition).

Many are already familiar with the characteristics of the Right hand path. The RHP is defined as being any system where the ultimate goal is uniting with the Godhead or Source in the afterlife. This is believed to be done by believing in and obeying the Will and Laws of God. Therefore, all mainstream religions by default fall under the RHP classification. Other characteristics of the RHP are a belief in a universal moral code that clearly defines good and evil, belief in the concepts of karma or divine judgement based on moral decisions made during one’s lifetime, and the acceptance of social norms.

The Left hand path is defined as those traditions that teach that the individual Self can be akin to God through spiritual insight, and reject the idea of needing to accept or obey a higher power. If belief in a higher power exist, LHP adherents view their relationship with it as a partnership, or an alliance which does not require subservience. Good and evil are relative in the LHP’s view and social convention is rejected, therefore taboos are often embraced as being legitimate practices for spiritual liberation. Magic, especially sex magic, is often used in ritual and it is believed that the forces of the universe can be harnessed to one’s personal Will by magical means, and that power gained and wielded in such a manner is an aid to self-realization or enlightenment.

Gnosticism can be viewed as a Left hand path tradition, for it rejects mainstream religion, its dogma, and its idea that one needs to submit to the Will of a deity. However, the ultimate goal within Gnosticism is to escape the prison of the material world/materialism and reunite with the Divine, which is the ultimate goal within RHP traditions. In truth, characteristics of both the LHP and the RHP exist within all spiritual traditions, just like how there is a little “yin” in the light side of the circle and a little “yang” in the dark side of the circle. The RHP and the LHP is often seen as being “good” and “bad” or “light” and “dark”, but they should not be treated as such. Both paths are equally as valid for attaining self-realization. Remember, no one’s path will be the same. What works for you may not work for others, and vice versa.

The most important thing within spirituality is following your heart or your True Will. Within the Teachings of Ptahhotep, the oldest wisdom texts in the world coming from Kmt (Ancient Egypt), it is written:

“Follow your heart as long as you live.
Do not make a loss on what is said,
do not subtract time from following the heart.
Harming its time is an offence to the Ka (spirit).
Do not deflect the moment of every day
beyond establishing your heart.
As things happen, follow your heart.
There is no profit in things if it is stifled.”

The heart is where your spirit, your True Divine Essence, is located. To get more in tune with your heart space is what spirituality is all about. When you are able to know, understand, and follow whatever is your heart’s True Will and Desire, then you are on the correct spiritual path towards self-realization. Let me briefly add that to follow the “True Will” within your heart does not mean to do whatever you want, nor does it mean to impose your Will onto someone else. The heart produces Love and therefore your True Will will always manifest itself through Love and operate in harmony with Nature. Any desires that would harm yourself and/or others is a product of a faculty within the mind (the Ego). Perhaps this is a concept I will address in a future post…

Peace, Love, & Balance

everafterflawless  asked:

Hey, I am interested in creating a Djinn character living in the Islamic Afterlife for my story, but I am trying to find research on Jinn spirits and Islamic Afterlife, but some sources don't seen valid enough to take seriously. Do you mind helping me find info on these two topics?

That’s a good point to make; some articles online are just not accurate, and especially when writing about religious or cultural topics you don’t understand, it’s important to get your information from the source and from reliable resources. I highly recommend speaking with someone from the Islamic Faith and asking those questions directly, but here are some more resources I hope will help:

Dimana Posisi Kita di Garis Naik Turun Peradaban Islam?

1. Dimana posisi kita di garis naik turun peradaban Islam? Nampaknya menjadi pertanyaan yang besar untuk direnungi dengan mendalam.

2. Kita sebagai Umat Islam secara global yang hidup di tahun 2017, 93 tahun setelah kekhalifahan Utsmani tumbang oleh Yahudi Mustafa Kamal.

3. Sebagai renungan, kejatuhan khilafah Utsmani tak lepas dari faktor internal; yakni jatuhnya moril dan akhlak umat Islam. Agama saat itu hanya dipandang sebagai formalitas, sedangkan ruh perjuangan sedang mati suri.

4. Judi disemarak sebagai simbol modernisme, wanita berlomba melepas jilbab, menuntut emansipasi semu yang ujungnya; rusaknya tatanan sosial. Koran Turki waktu itu menyebutkan bahwa judi dan miras adalah keharusan sebuah peradaban modern.

5. Segala hal inderawi yang berbau barat diambil; mode pakaian, gaya hidup, cara makan, membabi buta diikuti padahal itu tak patut ditiru.

“Dari sini”, tulis Muhammad Quthb, “paham westernisasi yang menyerukan reformasi dengan cara Barat berupaya meniru Eropa dalam segala hal, maka mereka jatuh dalam kerusakan sebelum berusaha mengokohkan dirinya dengan kemajuan ilmu dan materi.”

6. Apa yang terjadi di Turki -ibukota khilafah saat itu- berdampak sangat riskan bagi negeri sekitarnya, terutama Mesir dan wilayah Syam.

7. Rentang waktu 1920-1970an jadi episode terburuk; Islam ditinggal, tanah dijajah, dan kapitalis-komunis jadi alternatif pemikiran. Di Mesir berkembang sosialisme, di Suriah tumbuh liberalisme, begitupula negeri lain.

8. Itulah mengapa, jika kawan semua melihat film & drama produksi periode itu, tak akan ditemui wanita berjilbab. Yang ada perempuan perokok, lalu opera ala barat menjamur di ibukota kaum Muslimin.

9. “Tahun 1970, tak kutemukan satupun wanita berjilbab di Alexandria”, tulis DR Musa Syarif. Jangankan Asia, Arab pun kala itu sangat jauh dari Islam.

10. “Israel pertamakali berdiri kokoh di Palestina, ketika pantai-pantai Gaza diramaikan oleh judi dan pelacuran, perempuan muslimah berlomba mengenakan topi ala ratu Inggris dan tinggalkan jilbab”, tulis seorang Jurnalis.

11. Spirit Islam kembali kuat mulai kurun 80-an, ketika Syeikh Ahmad Yasin dengan ‘Mujamma Al Islamy’ mengubah perjudian menjadi rumah tahfidz, pantai menjadi tempat mengaji. Reformasi pendidikan dan ekonomi mandiri.

12. Di Turki muncul pemimpin shalih Adnan Mandares yang kembalikan Azan dalam bahasa Arab serta diam-diam melakukan Umrah (yang karena itu beliau dihukum mati oleh militer), Necmetin Erbakan penggagas persatuan negri muslim, Guru Spiritual seorang tokoh yang kini kita kenal dengan nama Erdogan.

13. Perlahan tapi pasti, penjajah tumbang, sekularisme kehilangan tempatnya di hati umat Islam.Semangat Islam jadi gagasan yang sangat fresh, alternatif segar dan menjanjikan.

14. Indonesia pun bisa jadi contoh, dulu wanita berjilbab dituduh ninja & teroris. Kini, subhanAllah, lebih banyak berjilbab dibanding yang tidak.

15. Di masa itulah generasi baru lahir. Generasi yang tak mengecap westernisasi buta, yang tumbuh saat modernitas dan agama berharmoni. Kita ada diantara mereka.

16. Menjawab pertanyaan kawan, “dimana kita sekarang? Jatuhnya atau bangkitnya?”, maka jawabnya “kita ada dalam fase grafik naik setelah kejatuhan yang pilu.”

17. Satu cover majalah Amerika mengambil foto seorang muslimah Indonesia berjilbab naik motor dan dibelakangnya ada konstruksi gedung. Unik?

18. Bagi kita itu fenomena biasa, namun itu bahaya bagi mereka. Foto itu menyiratkan makna; bahwa Umat Islam telah bangkit di era modern, sibuk membangun & makin religius!

19. Maka, kita di persimpangan sejarah ini mendapat sebuah momentum untuk mengenalkan pada dunia hubungan mesra Islam dan modernitas. “Bukan agama yang tunduk pada perkembangan zaman, melainkan adaptasi realita baru agar sesuai dengan agama.”

20. Kekuatan baru telah lahir. Generasi muslim yang eksis dengan ilmu dan teknologi, logika dan sains, moderat dan di saat yang sama agamis. Saatnya isi momentum ini dengan keahlian kita masing-masing.


Jinn and Human Beings

Some people can go into a trance and contact beings from the invisible realms. However, we should remember that whether these are angels or jinn, invisible beings have their own conditions of life and are bound to certain limits and principles. For this reason, one who gets in touch with jinn should be careful, for one may fall under their influence and become their plaything.

Some assert that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1839–1908) of Qadiyan (India), fell victim to such tricks. He attempted to serve Islam by struggling against Hindu Yogism through Fakirism, but evil spirits got control of him. First they whispered to him that he was a reviver (of religion), then that he was the Mahdi (Messiah), and when he was finally under their influence and control, told him to proclaim that he was an incarnation of God.

Sins and uncleanliness invite the influence of evil spirits and unbelieving jinn. People of a susceptible nature, those who tend to be melancholy and those who lead dissipated and undisciplined lives, are their primary targets. Evil spirits usually reside in places for dumping garbage or other dirty places, public baths, and bathrooms.

Jinn can penetrate a body even deeper than X-rays. They can reach into a being’s veins and the central points of the brain. They seem to be like lasers, which are used in everything from computers to nuclear weaponry, from medicine to communication and police investigations, and to removing obstructions in our veins and arteries. So, when we consider that Satan and all jinn are created from smokeless fire that penetrates deep into the body, like radiation or radioactive energy, we can understand the meaning of the Prophetic Tradition: Satan moves where the blood moves.

Jinn can harm the body and cause physical and psychological illnesses. It might be a good idea for medical authorities to consider whether jinn cause certain types of cancer, since cancer is an unordered and diseased growth in the body that we can describe as cellular anarchy. Maybe some jinn have settled in that part of the body and are destroying its cellular structure.

Although science does not yet accept the existence of invisible beings and restricts itself to the material world, we think it is worth considering the possibility that evil spirits play some part in such mental illnesses as schizophrenia. We constantly hear of cases that those who suffer from mental illness, epilepsy, or even cancer recover by reciting certain prayers. Such cases are serious and significant, and should not be denied or dismissed by attributing them to suggestion or auto-suggestion. When science finally accepts the existence of the metaphysical realm and the influence of metaphysical forces, it practitioners will be able to remove many obstructions and to make far greater advances and fewer mistakes.

Today, the doors to the metaphysical worlds are only slightly ajar. We are barely at the beginning of contact with jinn and devils. However, one day we will feel constrained to enter these worlds to solve many of their problems pertaining to this world.

The Qur'an states that God bestowed upon the House of Abraham the Scripture, Wisdom, and a mighty kingdom (4:54). This mighty kingdom manifested itself most brilliantly through Prophets David and Solomon, upon them be peace. Prophet Solomon ruled not only a part of humanity, but also jinn and devils, birds and winds: God subdued unto him devils, some of whom dove for pearls and did other work (21:82). Solomon had armies of jinn and birds, and he employed jinn in many jobs: They made for him what he willed: synagogues, fortresses, basins like wells and boilers built into the ground (34:13); and Wind was also subdued to him; its morning course was a month’s journey and the evening course also a month’s journey (34:12). As pointed out earlier, the throne of the Queen of Saba’ was carried from Yemen to Jerusalem by a jinn in the twinkling of an eye (27:40).

The verses relating to Solomon’s kingdom point to the final limit of humanity’s use of jinn and devils. They also suggest one day we will use them in many jobs, especially in communication. It is quite probable that they also will be employed in security affairs, mining and metal-work, even in space studies and historical research. Since jinn can live about 1,000 years, they may be useful in establishing historical facts.

What is the Middle Path?

What is the middle path that so many religions speak of?

In the Asian thoughts its the line between the Ying & Yang. In Christianity it is following the teachings of Jesus, to be like him in order to open heavens gates. In Kabbalah it is following the middle pillar of equilibrium. Buddha explains it as not harming any living thing and to be one with high morals. Even the basic teachings of Islam has this idea, although in today’s era it is seems as it is filled with extremism portrayed by the media. This is the idea of knowing the “good” & “bad” and choosing the thoughts & response that rides in between. To be neutral.

How can this be accomplished?

Living every moment with focus on the moment. We are so distracted by “things” and ”stress” that it is at times overwhelming to the senses. It does take practice. It begins with the individual & the desire to want this in their lives. When the flash of anger, the feelings of being “hurt” by someone elses thoughts/deeds is the moment we all make the decision. Do I ride this emotion or make the conscious effort to make change? To think with our heart and not our ego.

So…. stop ….. think…. Direct the mind through the heart when a situation requires a decision… then do it!

Narrated Abu Huraira, “The Prophet said, ‘But for my fear that it would be hard for my followers, I would have ordered them to clean their teeth with Siwak on every performance of ablution.” Bukhari :: Book 2 :: Volume 13 :: Hadith 13

Times when usage of Miswaak is Sunnah:

  • Before recitation of the Qur’an.
  • Before recitation of Hadith.
  • When the mouth emits and odor.
  • On Friday (Juma mubarik)
  • Before learning or teaching of virtues of Islaam.
  • After entering ones home.
  • Before sleeping.
  • Performing Tahajjud Salaat
  • Upon awakening.
  • Before entering any good gathering.
  • When experiencing pangs of hunger and thirst.
  • After the signs of death are evident.
  • At the time of Sehri.
  • Before meals.
  • Before undertaking a journey.
  • On returning from a journey.