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By grace, through faith.

بالنعمة وبالإيمان.

Although I often post Islam-related stuff, my blog is not meant to be an Islamic blog or a reminder blog. It’s a personal tumblr where I post all kinds of things. Please forgive me for my faults, but that’s just how it is… I love my religion but I’m not a perfect Muslim and have never claimed to be. I’m just saying this because I hope no one follows me thinking this is some super halal blog, and get disappointed when i post something that isn’t necessarily that Islamic

To the Muslim Youth

Right now, with the Muslim Ban in affect and the Quebec Shooting, I am praying for the Muslim Youth. Those who are too young to understand why the world is divided and confused on whether they should support, or fear us. I am praying that the Muslim Youth have an adult they can speak to, that they can rely on, to answer their questions, so they don’t grow up to feel as if they are unwelcome in western society. I pray for those Muslim children who are confused and are being exposed to this hatred on a regular basis and inshallah, they will be resilient through this period of struggle and injustice. I am hoping they will learn how to be proud of their Muslim identity rather than be ashamed of it, and power through this period of hardship.

I, a Muslim woman

What if I, a Muslim woman,
told you Hijab was my choice?
It’s my right, my faith, my beauty,
who I am, and in it I found my voice.
Society can try to undress me,
but what they never seem to realize,
is it’s my protection, my safe haven,
and keeps me away from prying eyes.
It covers my hair, my neck, my chest,
but opens my heart to new salvation.
No it’s not a mask to hide behind,
but hijab is my self-proclamation.

What if I, a Muslim woman,
told you Qur'an is my bill of rights,
promising me the right to an education,
to take my standing to all new heights.
I am to be looked up to: a leader.
I am to marry who I want, when I want,
My man is to treat me with respect;
I’m not some doll to show and flaunt.
We chose each other but he relies on me.
Without me, half his deen is incomplete.
And one day, if we are blessed with kids,
their paradise will lie beneath my feet.

What if I, a Muslim woman,
told you that I am a peaceful one?
I don’t support war or terror,
so tell me, what wrong have I done?
You mention the terrible attacks:
two thousand and one, nine-eleven.
I was too little to even understand,
at the ripe young age of only seven.
I grew up, surrounded with hatred,
but not from any Muslim that I knew.
Those people didn’t look like me;
no, they looked a whole lot like you.

Now what if I, a Muslim woman,
pointed the finger back at you?
You’d ask so innocently,
“But what did I do?”
This time I ask the questions,
and you provide some answers.
How about the genocide
of my Native ancestors?
And what about my dying
Palestinian sisters and brothers?
What about all the Muslims?
And all those you call “others?”

But… I am a Muslim woman,
so there is no room for hate in my heart.
And instead, I will pray for you,
even if you choose to ignore this part.
There is nothing that I want more
than for the world to be at peace,
for us all to be filled with love,
and for this fighting to cease.
Yes, we have our differences,
but be that as it may,
I pray to our one and only God,
that you eventually find the right way.