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so, you guys, i know im venting a lot today but

a girl in the town next to mine was kidnapped and beaten to death when walking to the mosque last night.
until about the 25th, there are special prayers (because of ramadan) and people go to get food in between them. this happens between 1-4 am, usually.
please try to keep an eye out for your muslim friends in a time when islamophobia is rampant, and encourage others to do the same. my heart has become so heavy in a holy month of worship and blessing; no one deserves to die because of their religion.

anonymous asked:

i heard that shia muslims have something called temporary marriage

We do, it’s called Mut'ah Nikkah and it’s basically a form of marriage where both parts decide a fixed term for how long they want a marriage to last between them, e.g, 1 hour to – let’s say – 100 years. Both partners can decide what to include and exclude in the marriage contract, for example, a marriage without sexual relations. (Thank you “Zanabism” for this information, I didn’t know that!) When the marriage reaches the end of its terms, the couples separate, but do not divorce. The purpose of Mu'tah varies; some enter Mut’ah to avoid falling into adultery, while some simply enter Mut’ah to “date” their partner without sexual relations being part of the contract. Mutah can also be used to prepare or form a companionship/partnership with someone – in the same way as dating – before they wanna proceed and enter a permanent marriage. Shia Muslims can enter a Mut’ah marriage with any other Muslim (whether Shia, Sunni or Ibadhi) and with the People of the Book (Christians and Jews).

Entering a Mu'tah marriage is a relatively simple process as opposed to Permanent/Conventional marriage.

الِاسْتِشَارَةُ عَيْنُ الْهِدَايَةِ وَ قَدْ خَاطَرَ مَنِ اسْتَغْنَي بِرَأْيِهِ
Seeking to consult someone [in one’s affairs] is guidance in itself, and the one who suffices himself with his own opinion endangers himself.
—  Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (as) [Nahj Al-Balagha p. 506]
U are not welcome to only love some parts

“omg I love shawarma and falafel”
“Arab guys are so hairy”
“I wish I could belly dance”
“the Middle East is all sand and camels”
“all Arabs are dark hair/dark skin, how do you have green eyes?”
“Elie Saab (Arab fashion designer) is bae”
“how are you catholic if you’re Arab? aren’t Arabs Muslim?”
“I would never go to Lebanon I don’t wanna get bombed”
“I wanna travel to Dubai!!”

Why you all need to accept Mitch Islam as your lord and saviour

We all adore Alexandra Paul, but in our excitement over her incredibleness sometimes Mitch is a little overlooked. So have some Mitch appreciation…

Those edges

That matching

The lines (and all while dancing with grace personified - Miss Alexandra Paul)

He makes everything look easy #chilling

The most underappreciated lifter in ice dance?

He supports his teammates

He cares about the environment

He’s a skilled dancer

He has puns

He’s generous

He’s always sweet and appreciative of his fans

He makes birthday dinners #he’sakeeper

He was an adorable child

He’s an adorable adult

Also adorkable

He gives good face (Worlds was a good time, he was looking well)

He keeps in shape

He isn’t going to deny his feelings 

He’s a supportive partner

and boyfriend - going the extra mile to help Alex in her academic endeavours

If my word isn’t enough, let Alex tell you… Not a bad dude.

In conclusion, Mitchell Islam is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. The Mitch Islam Appreciation Squad is currently seeking new members, please join me in spreading the good news. 

Credits: Mitch Islam, Alexandra Paul, Kirsten Moore-Towers, Melanie Hoyt, Robin Ritoss, Jacque Tiegs, Stephen Potopnyk, the Toronto Star.

Do Muslimas ever think about it?

Its really nice how Allah gives women a break from religious practices during their menstruation periods. it’s like here, you’re having a hard time being hormonal and trying to tolerate the simplest annoying things, Allah understands what you’re going through so have a break.

Alhamdulilah, little things we should appreciate.


This blessed month has arrived once again. We are so immensely blessed to be given the opportunity to experience this amazing month, make every single day count; because the truth is none of us know whether we’re going to be here to see the end of it. Utilize your time in the next few weeks to strengthen your relationship with the book of Allah. Make some goals that you will really put an effort to achieve, even if they are minimal ones.. study at least one tafseer, try to memorise one surah, memorise one duaa, memorise one hadith.. try to make as many acts of kindness that you possibly can. Give in charity, spend your leisure time in worship, ask for forgiveness and ask for Allah’s guidance; the guidance we all so desperately need. Make dua for one another, and do not forget the ummah in your duas. Do not forget the Muslims around the world who need the duaas the most. Purify yourself internally, may Allah make this beautiful and blessed month a means of purification, a means of getting closer to Allah Almighty and His beautiful deen, a means of becoming more pious and devoted servants, and a means of changing for the sake of Allah. May Allah give us the chance and the change of heart that we all individually need to become better people, to enhance our qualities and extinguish the sins that are pulling us back in this life. Ameen. Make your intention from now. Have a beautiful Ramadan.

The more we give thanks, the more Allah will increase us in His blessings. He says, “If you give thanks, I will increase you.” (14:7) Knowing this should help us to keep our spirits high, because we know that all we must do for the perpetuity of Allah’s blessings in our lives is to show our appreciation for them.
Imam Zaid Shakir

I’ve decided to start this because of a desire shared by all people who start things like this: one to be heard, one to not feel alone, one to feel reassured and to reassure. 

Ace spaces are pretty religion phobic there is no denying and so I have no interest in navigating such a hostile space and then creating a place for people like us there. As for Muslim spaces, I am aware that there are a few ‘pride’ spaces around for LGBT+ Muslims as well as some really excellent Ace Muslim bloggers here. They stand great where they are but I’m interested in something more. 

I would like to hear from people like me. About their thoughts, hopes, and fears. I want to know more about their lives and where they do and do not intersect with mine. I want to hear about Allah and the Prophet from them. I want to hear about their days living with who they are. I want to hear from those, who like me, are not quite on board with the idea of ‘pride’ for whatever reason and those who are ok with it. I want to give breathing and living space to those who cannot or will not mention this part of them in their main blogs but would still like to speak about this. I want to give center stage to some wonderful, wonderful Muslim Ace bloggers who are often a footnote in other Ace spaces.

I hope you’ll come here and lend me your voice in whatever form. Come and say salaam if that’s what you’d like to do. If you’d like to say something further it would be most welcome as well. 

I hope to see more of you around in the upcoming days!