conversations with a Muslim guy

*modesty, dress code, hijab comes up*
me: what are your thoughts?

muslim guy: now let me ask you this - would you rather eat an uncovered or covered cand-

me: *abruptly stands, stuffing breadsticks into my purse* I’m so sorry, I have to go right now

I'm A Little Sad

This is not going to be a popular post but it’s how I feel.

I came to Islam without knowing a single Muslim. Many asked me to change my name but I refused. I am still Tuscany: always have been and always will be. I didn’t understand hijab at first since I didn’t meet other Muslims for a while. I wore a scarf over my hair but I kept wearing short sleeves because I didn’t know.

I posted several photos online like this and luckily, I didn’t know any of you who would make fun of me in my beginning moments. Instead, I was surrounded by kind people who taught me that hijab also included the arms. Later, they gave me my first abaya.

I was instantly so touched that they gave me something that I needed. I tried to wear it to every jummah so Allah would know that I’m trying hard. It was a constant reminder of my blessings when I wore it.

People would ask me, “Hey, I’m going to Jordan/Pakistan/Egypt/Saudi/Etc. Do you need anything?” I would always say clothes.

I converted in a July the day before Ramadan and I started wearing hijab literally overnight. It was hard going from eating every day to not eating or drinking sun up to sun down while having several more layers on. I started avoiding going outside though…

I suffer from heat strokes and I was scared all of the time that I was wearing too many clothes…that I would have to go back to the hospital again. However, when I wear an abaya or a Kameez, which are made in warm climates, I could have the freedom I wanted without worry. I could feel comfortable like I did before.

This was a double-edged sword. I was comfortable but suddenly, it was like my skin color was different. Was it really? Of course not. But in small town Indiana, I was no longer seen as white. People stopped hiring me. People would yell, curse, and spit on me for wearing clothes that looked like I was from somewhere else…it didn’t matter if I told them I was from here. They were convinced my parents were from overseas. I must speak Arabic. People always asked what I thought of 9/11.

It was a struggle because my parents couldn’t understand what it’s like no longer be seen as white. My mom begged me to stop being Muslim, and when I said no, she begged me to stop wearing the hijab. So I could be free from this hell, she said. She would call every day to tell me that Christ missed me and would accept me again regardless of my sins.

I said “No, Allah asked me to do this. As long as I have faith in Him, it will work out.” And it did.

I moved to a community with Muslims in it. You know, I cried a little the first time I saw other women wearing the same clothes as me. They were doctors, wives, friends, sisters, children, and mothers.

I got my first job, and I made some friends in the community. I struggled as all converts do navigating the thin line between culture and religion.

Many years later, here I am. I wear the abaya and the niqab BECAUSE I FEEL GOOD. I feel free and comfortable. I feel like I’m striving for the sake of Allah and I’m always learning more about the cultures around me. Careful to insist that my Midwestern culture not be forgotten but also not overtaking the culture they’re bringing to me…that we can mesh our pasts into something beautiful in the present.

The Prophet’s famous last sermon said that there is no race better than another and no culture better than another except through piety. I never meant to offend anybody by wearing what I do. I always try to learn about these cultures, embrace them with love and teach others. I never meant to offend anybody during my journey of self-discovery. I only meant to please Allah. I apologize if I’ve offended any of you or you feel like I took your culture.

A shaykh told my class one time that if you want to protect someone from the evil eye when you compliment them, simply saying “MashaAllah” isn’t enough. You should also make a duaa that Allah increases them in whatever you’re complimenting them on.
May Allah increase you in beauty.
May Allah increase you in wealth.
May Allah increase you in knowledge.
May Allah increase you in patience.

ANLADIYSAM ARAP OLAYIM; Efendimizin (sav) Arap olmasından dolayı Araplık üzerinde  Efendimiz (sav)'e hakaret ettiler, kin kustular.. Yahudiler bunu söyledi ama bizler de bilinçsizce söyledik..! KARA FATMA; Beyaz yüzlü, nur yüzlü Hz. Fatıma'ya (r.a.) ve tesettür giydiği için kara cilbaba hakaret olsun diye böceğe 'kara fatma' dediler bizler de aynısını cahilce söyledik..! KAKA; Büyük komutan, büyük sahabe ve Yahudilerin en çok nefret ettiği sahabelerden biri Kaka (r.a.). Yahudilerin çocuklarını lavaboya götürdüklerinde Hz.Kaka'ya kin kusarak çocuklarının yaptığına 'kaka' dediler bizlerde hiç araştırmadan kaka dedik..!
“Woe to me, thrice. I have taught [Prophet] Musa from what to warn the sons of Adam.”

‘Abdu’l-Rahiman Ibn Ziyad Ibn An’um said:

While [Prophet] Musa (‘alaihis salaam) was in a gathering, Iblees came wearing a hooded cape that changed in colors. When the devil came nearer he took off the cape and set it down and came to Musa saying: “Peace be upon you.” Musa replied: “Who are you?” He said: “I am Iblees.”

Musa responded: “No greetings from Allah to you, what brought you here?” The devil said: “I came to greet you because of your high godly status.” Musa said: “What have I seen you wearing?”

Iblees replied: “I use it (the cape) to capture the hearts of the sons of Adam.”

Musa asked: “What is it that if a human does will enable you to take him over?”

He replied:

“If he becomes fond of himself, and considered his (good) deeds plentiful.”

I warn you from three things:

First, never be alone with a woman that is not lawful to you. Because whenever someone does so, I personally accompany him and use her to seduce him.

Second, never promise Allah something except that you fulfill your promise. Whenever someone promises Allah something I personally accompany him to prevent him from fulfilling his promise.

And never take an amount of money to give charity except that you make sure you give it to that charity. Whenever someone takes an amount of money to give to charity, I personally accompany him to persuade him not to give it.

Then Iblees walked away saying:

“Woe to me, thrice. I have taught [Prophet] Musa from what to warn the sons of Adam.”

[Ibn AbI al-Dunya in Maka’d al-Shaytaan, 1 1 /47] Posted from the Book – The Devil’s Deceptions (Talbees Iblees): by Imaam Abu’l Faraj Ibn al-Jawzi]

Truly in the heart there is a void that can not be removed except with the company of Allah. And in it there is a sadness that can not be removed except with the happiness of knowing Allah and being true to Him.

And in it there is an emptiness that can not be filled except with love for Him and by turning to Him and always remembering Him.

And if a person were given all of the world and what is in it, it would not fill this emptiness.

—  Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya

TORONTO: Group of Mercy’s 3rd Annual TTC campaign “Islam Taught me…”

The campaign highlights what Islam teaches Muslims in regards to their work, family and community. Ads were placed in the busy Toronto station at different platforms to help show people what Islam really means. There were 10 different posters of men and women in different fields with a quote about what Islam has taught them; each poster was potentially read by thousands of transit passengers, helping to spread the positivity of Islam Insha'Allah

For any Muslim suffering with an addiction

Whether that addiction is drugs, alcohol, gambling, masturbation and so on… You are not lost, you are not on a one way ticket to the hell fire. There is always hope. 

“Oh son of Adam, if your sins were as high as the clouds I would still forgive you” -Hadith Qudsi. 

Do not let your addictions push you further away from the Deen, I am not going to stand here and say just stop I am not naive I have suffered and to an extent still suffer from addiction. Just cut down for the sake of Allah (swt) slowly pull yourself away from whatever it is.