isla vista massacre


Elliot Rodger’s vlog that was uploaded to his channel the same day he killed 6 people and injured 14 others near the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbra before killing himself.

Did you know that there were men who died in the Isla Vista massacre as well?! Of course not! Because nobody on this website said a peep about it. Acknowledging the simple, veritable truth would distort the narrative of this being a crime strictly against women and perturb the hijacking of a real-life tragedy for the purposes of the feminist agenda. But above all, it shows just how much the lives of men are worth to the contemporary feminism. If women are murdered, it’s a tragedy; if men are murdered, it’s not even worth mentioning, because feminism denies their humanity and the reality of their victim-hood, even in such open-and-shut cases as this. Though one has to wonder about their caring of the victims in general, regardless of gender, since all I’ve seen was talk of the attacker and complete erasure of the victims and of the lives that were lost. That and a complete lack of respect for the dead! But I guess one man’s tragedy is a feminist’s ideological payday.