isla vista attack

  • #YesAllWomen because I had to explain to my friend that what she endured was rape, and not a drunken mistake”
  • #YesAllWomen because as teenage girl I shouldn’t have grown men wolf whistling and shouting at me as a walk down the street”
  • “Because I wore a fake wedding ring when I waitressed. ‘Belonging’ to another man was the only way to get customers to back off. #YesAllWomen
  • “When I had a seizure in my home, the EMS guys asked my roommates if it was possible I was trying to get a boy’s attention. #YesAllWomen
  • “Because 'Text me and let me know you got home safe’ is standard, necessary and normal.#YesAllWomen
  • #YesAllWomen applies to this woman, remembering my ex with raised fist telling me how much I deserved to get punched in the face.”
  • #YesAllWomen i shouldnt have to worry about what i wear to school or in public so i wont get the wrong attention from males”

#YesAllWomen: Isla Vista attack puts a spotlight on gender violence