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Jack and Oswald on LINE! - Sketch from the Pandora Hearchu Booklet!

Oswald: Jack. (7:10)

Time Stamp: (7:11)

Jack: What’s up, Oswald?

Oswald: Lacie (7:23)

Time Stamp: (7:23)

Jack: Yeah?

Oswald: she (7:30)

Time Stamp: (7:31)

Jack: Yes (※´∇`※)☆ 

Oswald: told me to send you this (7:50)

Time Stamp: (8:20)

Jack:  |ω・`) じー...(silently stares)

Oswald: [The picture of Yura going: chuuuuu <3 (This is the sound of puckering up your lips for a kiss, basically).] (9:01)

The text at the very bottom that is all blurry, sorry about that, says: 

\\Absolutely don’t approve/// \\Not even a little bit///

there was one thing that I really didnt like in Isla. It’s when Josh says “I’m in love with you” and Isla answers “I love you too”.

For me, be in love with and to love someone are two different things. In Portuguese, the word we use for being in love certainly doesnt mean “i love you”. 

I actually cringed when I read that part and thought “pls dont”.