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“Stand tall for the beast of America.
Lay down like a naked dead body.
Keep it real for the people working over time,
Who can’t stand living off the governments dime.
Little birds looking down at the battle grounds.
Can’t fly if the wind ain’t kind.
They plant seeds for the beast of America.
Putting little kids on med’s and wine.”
- “beast”, Nico Vega.

Note: this is an older/alternative version of the song beast by Nico vega from their 2006 album,’Chose your words poorly’ . So you won’t have any luck finding it on youtube. And I’m sorry if this made you sad or mad or what ever the hell. And i spelled naked wrong*faceplam*

imagine Vincent getting a knife and goes upstairs to Evan/HABIT’s room. once he’ inside and at side of HABIT’s bed, Vinnie just looks at him while clutching the knife in his right hand. he looks at his sleeping friend or at least time to time it is his one and only friend. he just keeps staring at him while tears fill up his eyes and he brings the knife up just above where Evan’s hart is. He trembles a little and rise the knife above his head. he’s doing this because he cant stand living this hell he being a servant to thing! a thing that has taken over his best friend mind. A thing that has killed everyone he loves and has ever cared about. And the only way he can stop this is just by killing it. And killing it, will kill his best friend as well. He stops in mid air and falls to the ground crying and shaking while the knife drops to his side. He doesn’t want to kill his best friend. He don’t want to kill the last person he has in this world. Whit his sobs and whimpers Evan, not HABIT, Evan wakes up. He lays on his bed for a few more second listening to his friend crying on the ground. He sits up and looks down to Vinnie on the floor. He notices the knife at his side. He don’t say anything, but he keeps staring at Vincent. After a few more seconds, Evan says in a tired raspy calmed voice: “Vinnie?”. This time Vinnie looks up at him and says,“Is this Evan or H-Habit?”. He stands up and walks over to his friend on the bed, still waiting for answer. “It’s me, Evan.” He tells him. Whit this Vinnie just wraps his arms around Evan and hugs his friend and not a monster. They both cry while hugging each other. They both know that this won’t last for ever, so they both hug for the longest time. And cry for the longest too.

carrier”, you say.
 while we whisper your name.
 it all depends on your faith.
 to bring what is ours, all in one place…

I FINALY FINISH IT!!! this took 4 hours to draw, scan, print, etc. and all the pages that say something on them all say ‘the rake’ in different languages. lee is just here floating,holding the knife while pages from the journal float around him.  And sorry if the little poem I made on top sucks.