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In the ark

Before you read this, I refuse to believe jay is dead and this is a pretty long MH fanfiction. Enjoy.

The last thing he remembers is being on the floor face to face to that thing! Bleeding from the gunshot wound from his once best friend, Alex Kralie. When he comes to his senses the first thing he dose is scream in agony. He holds his wound the best he can, his hands are now covered in his own blood. His wound stop bleeding ‘that’s good. That’s good.’ He can’t stop crying not only because it hurts. But because he’s alone. ‘Tim?’ Is the fist person that comes to his mind.’T-Tim?’ He calls out for his only friend. He keeps crying and sobbing. He looks around his surroundings. He’s in the woods. ‘Is this the ark?’ He ask him self. The woods are dark and gloomy looking,the sky is cloudy, and since it’s the being of winter his breath is steam. He doesn’t have his camera nor his flashlight. He has his phone but it doesn’t work. He stands up wobbling, he places his fingers where the bullet is. His teeth chatter, he’s about to do something very painful but it will help him. In a single move, he pulls out the bloody bullet. He places his hand again on his bleeding wounds again. He sobs uncontrollably. He walks for what seems like hours, but it’s really only been a few minutes. He calls out but there’s no respond. A little more into the forest he still calls out. Until he hears a voice that is not his own, it sounds female…And that’s when it hits him. ‘Jessica?’ He whispers her name in a low voice. “Jessica!” He calls. On the other end Jessica hears his voice. She instantly recognizes his voice. ‘Jay?’. It’s been so long since she’s heard another voice beside her own. “Jay!” She calls out even louder. “Jessica!!” He calls out. She follows his voice while she calls out his. She runs, while he slowly moves until they are face to face once again. They look at each other for what seems like for ever. She looks exactly the same since he last saw her(well in the tape that tim hid from him), except she has a few cuts on her arms and face. “Jessica?” Says jay.”J-jay.” She smiles while tears fill up her eyes. His eyes do the same thing to. Their smiles turn into wide happy grins while they both sob. She runs towards him and hugs him. Jay holds her so tight, not even remembering that he’s been shoot! The sweet embrace lasted until he grunts in pain. Jessica’s eyes widen, she looks at him “W-what happen?” She ask him. “I’ll tell you later. But now all I need is alcohol and bandages.” He says whit a small smile. “I know a place. Come on, I’ll help you up.” She helps him up and throws his right arm over her shoulder while his left hand covers up his wound. They walk for a while until they reach a little shack. Inside,there’s not much too it. there’s a small mattress whit a shabby olive green blanket on top of it a table and a few cupboards. “Lay down.” She orders him and so he dose. He grunts when his bottom hits the mattress. She pulls out a small box from one of the cupboards. He see that it’s a first aid box. She pulls out a small bottle of alcohol and a few clean bandages. She looks at him for a moment then hesitates and tells him; “Jay, I’m gonna need you to take off your jacket and to pull up your shirt so I can clean the wound.” He sights knowing that even thought the bullet is out if she doesn’t clean it can get infected. He takes off both of his jackets and lays them to the side and pulls up his shirt. His teeth chatter from the cold. He looks at Jessica, who is filling up a cloth full of alcohol. She gives a small sight then tells him: “ready?” He nods. Once the burning liquid hits his skin he cry’s out in pain. The screams last about a few more seconds and they are followed by crying. As soon as the bandages are wrapped around tightly around his waist, his shirt is down and his warm jackets are on him he’s exhausted and sad. But happy in the way that Jessica is alive and he’s not alone in this strange place. Thought he really misses tim. After a while it stars to get really cold. Both jay and Jessica are huddled up in the small dirty mattress whit the blanket. Jay offers one of his jackets to Jessica which she gladly puts on. After he tells her how he got shot and everything else that has happen in the last 2 years.“How did you know how to clean wounds out and all?” He ask her smiling. “Well, a little something I learned from Amy. before she met Alex she was studying to be a nurse but then she gave it all up and wanted to be an actress. but she’s dead now…” Her voice trails off. “I’m sorry about your friend, Jessica.” He says as he tucks a pice of her hair behind her ear. She smiles a bit. “You have no idea how glad I am right now to have you right now at my side.” tells her. “How glad are you?” She ask him. “Glad enough to do this.” He kisses her soft lips. She’s a bit shocked at first, since it’s been a while she’s kissed anybody but she doesn’t dare complain. When the kiss is over jay pulls her in for a hug. He whispers into her ear and says:”I missed you so much.” Whit this her eyes fill up whit tears. She whimpers a little and then brakes crying into jays chest. She’s been alone for a long time to her it seems likes it’s been days when it’s really been 2 years. After a while they are both asleep. They don’t know what dangers are to be faced in the ark. But for now, they are both glad to have each other. They both hope to find a way out, to find tim, to end this madness in a good way, and to live a long happy life. But for now, as long as they have each other they are fine.