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Some investor keeps asking Claire out so she tells him she's got a boyfriend, and ofc Owen comes walking towards her for a completely different reason and she grabs him and introduces him as her boyfriend! (Bonus if there's some confrontation/revelation of feelings about it after!)

I’ve been literally obsessing over this prompt ever since it hit my inbox because it has the potential to be SO DAMN GOOD. I really, really hope I’ve done this the justice it deserves! I’d love to like.. Write more of this story. If people wanted me to.

“And that, ladies and gentleman, concludes our tour of Jurassic World for today,” Claire beamed professionally to the six investors in front of her. “My assistant, Zara, is ready and waiting to give each of you your keycards and will show you where you’ll be staying tonight, before we pick back up tomorrow for our 9.30 meeting,” she continued, the speech practiced and perfect after nearly seven years on the job.

The only distraction that may have caused Claire to falter was the persistent stare of the man to her left. Lucas Morowski, an InGen representative who hadn’t even really needed to attend, had been bugging her for the whole fucking day. It wasn’t that Claire was being rude; flighty, even, or - God forbid - an ‘icy bitch’ (because she’d never heard that one before), she just wasn’t interested, and the man wouldn’t quit.

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What Lies Beyond Borders: Chapter 2

“There’s nothing left anyway!” Razor blathered on. I sighed, yet remained stoic. 

“Sorry, Razor. You’re coming with me.” I kept my monotone voice and deadpanned expression. 

“N-no. I-I’m not leaving. I-I’m telling ya…I’m not leaving.” He was panicking, yet he was calm. Something tipped me off that he might have back up arriving soon. 

A few moments of intense glaring faded and he picked up his gun, I fired directly into his arteries and ended him. Immediately, a few of the goons barged in, firing bullets in every single direction. 

I simply jumped out the window, landing neatly on my two feet like a cat. More firing continued as I rushed to get the gunmen out of the civilian vicinity. 

There were too many vehicles arriving at Razor’s place; and I dashed off. 

The chase continued until I had finished off every last one of them in the city square; the last moronic piece of shit confused as I made my escape after throwing a handful of cash into the air and the residents just lunging of it. 


A few days later: I opened my doors for the milkman to arrive; and a few of my neighbours were looking in my general direction. 

Ugh…those old fellas need to look elsewhere. Those girls look like they want to throw acid on my face. Meh….I literally escaped death. Cat fights are not my thing ladies. 

“Oh look! She’s back!” The incessant exclamations from my neighbours nearly gave me a migraine but I simply smiled and waved. 

“Oi! Why are you ogling at her?!” Mrs. Yamachiro grumbled. “…I’m not ogling at her-” her husband trailed off. 

I disappeared behind my front door, only to pop back out in 5 minutes. 

She started heading out when a superior officer rolled up next to her in his jeep, an older man around 50-60 years old. “Oi! Kiddo! Jeez…It’s 9:00 am already. Let me drop ya off-” 

“Thanks, Officer Uechi.” She smiled and plopped next to him. “I had a briefing with Commander Nobunaga at 9:00 am…and another one with Instructor Ishigami later today-” 

“Still call those guys your instructors, eh?” 

“Better than calling them bruh-” 

They both laughed and drove off to their HQ. 


“Sir, Razor was kept in an area close to the Northern Border, and ISI was about to recruit him to take out our agents-” I gave my fully detailed reports both verbally and in writing. 

“Good job, Phantom, as usual,” Nobunaga smirked. “Give the full report to Akechi.” 

“Thank you sir,” I nodded. “I will-” we stood up to leave. As soon as I turned, Nobunaga called me back.
“Yes sir?” 
“Your face looks like shit. Take a leave and rest.” 
“This face will heal in 2-3 days. The situation will take longer than expected. Why-?” 
“For the past 10 years, you’ve taken on assignments back to back without ever taking a break. Don’t push your fate so much.” 
“Sir, one day if I’ll ever go on administrative duties, I’ll wind up like you: reading files all day long.” 
Nobunaga chuckled. “Fine. As long as you’re cured of this shitty face of yours you can go on the next assignment.” 

Excitedly, I plopped down, “Where?” 

“Make those wickedly famous konpeitos of yours this evening then I’ll find a new enemy for you in a new country.” 


Later that evening: 

“Sir, I swear I’m beginning to feel like you simply recruited me because I make good Konpeitos-” 

Nobunaga poured some sake into his glass. “Seems fair for those konpeitos and your craziness. How do you live like this, Phantom?” 

“Furniture from 15, maybe 20 years ago. There are no books or photos, and for the last 8 years, your salary has been just sitting in your pocket at the same usual rate. Why?” 

“If I stay here, I’ll spend so much. For the last 10 years, I’ve blown up the government’s funds anyway-” 

“Tsk. You wretch. How much money do you have saved up till now?” 

“Maybe about $3 million-” 

“Hmm. It will rot in the agency’s bank while it’s still stashed there-” 

“No sir. The day I retire from my job is the day I’ll splurge out all that cash. I’m a girl, and girls love spending-” I winked cheekily. 

He laughed, sipping his sake. “How come you’ve never had a boyfriend; or at least a partner?” 

“How can I even have one? First of all, I’m barely here. Secondly, it’s this damned job-” I sipped a glass of water. 

“Tch. What’s wrong with your job?” 

“Sir, we can’t even give a good description of my occupation. Whenever anyone asks, “What do you do for a living?” I reply ,”I’m in the civil service-” followed by 500 more questions. Sir, sometimes I feel like just letting it all out and screaming “I’M A SPY! NFD AGENT!! JAMES BOND IN FEMALE FORM!!” 

Nobunaga laughed, seemingly amused. 

“Sir, I still have time at least. How come you didn’t get hitched?” 

“Ah, In my youth, I used to be a poet. And poets, you know, don’t do arranged marriages. They prefer love marriages.” 

“Did you fall in love with her?” 

“Yes. once.” 

“My my-who was she?” 

“She was…a sweet….simple…girl….” a look of fondness crossed his face. “The type of girl who’d make you want to live your life for her after meeting her once.” 

“Then what?” 

“Then? This responsibility…this duty….cut my path….” 

“And so…between love and duty…you chose duty-” 

“Yes. I was also trained secretly like you-” 

“Do you have regrets, though?” 

“Yes. Every moment. Every day-” 

A brief moment of silence passed between us until his phone went off. A few short words later, he hung up. 

“Looks like your next assignment has been found.” 

The next morning. 

Public Safety HQ + Training Facility

“Japan and Isla de Luna have been at war for the past century. Between these two nations, only Isla de Luna has the technology for an anti-missile attack from Japan. And the formula for this technology is in the hands of a prominent scientist-” Nobunaga finished off. 

I looked towards the screen, the visual image of a handsome man with long red hair, and two of his security officers clearly visible. 

“Professor Takeda Shingen. The world knows him as a scientist only, but he gave up a prominent post in La Isla de Solaria and is now teaching in Japan’s Tokyo University. However, we’ve had suspicions for a few months that Professor Takeda has been sharing his research on nuclear warfare with other scientists who work for the Japanese National Defence system.” 

“So I have to stop him?” 

“No, Phantom. You’re going to act as a dance student while posing as his housekeeper to gather intelligence. And watch out for Ieyasu. He is a student who often drops by the professor’s villa to research the nuclear papers as well. Keep. Him. Out.” 

I grinned. “I’ll do it.” 

Just then, Ishigami cut in. “Make sure no one winds up dead this time. Every time you go on an assignment someone winds up dead.” 

“Yes Instructor Ishigami-” 

Nobunaga snickered, “still calling him Instructor?” 

“Old habits die hard, Commander-” I smiled.


Tokyo University, Japan 

I was cleaning up the old man’s study while dancing to one of my favourite songs, moving my hips like a pro belly dancer. 

I didn’t realise that the front door had been left ajar. Meh, who cares? 


Ieyasu’s POV: 

He peeked inside the house, only to stop at a window which he thought was the dining room window. As luck would have it…it was the window to the professor’s study room. 

And that woman…the way she moved sent him into a dizzying frenzy of hormonal emotions. Crap. 

That voice…that face…the way she moved her hips…DAT BOOTY…Gah! He needed to concentrate…..

Shaking his head, he sighed. This was going to get too weird. He was here to steal that information and this girl wasn’t going to stop him. 


How wrong he will be, as his darker side surfaced up. 

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