Aren’t you glad bacon brought you back to the meat eating world, Izzy? 

Happy belated birthday celebration. A bed with two women in public isn’t the worst way to celebrate.

My phone does let Izzy show with flash.  It’s not always discriminatory.

  • <p><b>Me:</b> Fiddlesticks! The power's out. I better use my phone sparingly to conserve power in case of emergency.<p/><b>Still Me:</b> [Watches YouTube instead of Netflix]<p/></p>
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It would be nice if we could harness baby energy to decrease our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.


When people told me “once he starts walking he’ll be hell on wheels…” I thought “No fucking way. His legs are short, he might have a good sprint game but I’ll be able to keep pace.”  

So I was partially right - he’s quick in short distances but also shifty - I didn’t know 11 month olds came with cat like agility when it comes to stopping and turning. 

Dude has broke my ankles more than any NBA shooting guard could ever do. 

I’m going to teach Romy how to set a pick - we’ll have to double him up.

School Girl Hannah Smith dies after a torrent of online abuse

Latvian based social networking site ‘Ask FM’ has been at the centre of controversy after 14 year old schoolgirl Hannah Smith was found hanged in her bedroom last Friday by her 16 year old sister. 

In the lead up to her death, Hannah had received several anonymous messages of abuse sent to her on Ask FM. Hannah’s father is calling for the government to step in and help protect young children from being exposed to abuse on social networking sites. 

Ask FM is a social networking site that allows users to be asked questions however anyone can reply and remain anonymous. 

Upon reading news such as this it makes me wonder whether children are ever really safe on social networking sites, and how to parents protect their children. On Facebook it is easy to report anything someone posts which your not happy about and in response Facebook will send the offender a warning. Is Ask FM working in the same way ? You would hope upon reading a death threat online someone would have thought of reporting it causing the site to investigate further. I am not blaming the networking for the death of Hannah Smith however perhaps if there was stricter restrictions on what users can post and respond to, perhaps her tragic death could of been prevented

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FMK - Whiskey, Vodka, and Beer.

First of all, you’re a horrible person for doing this.

Fuck: Beer. Because I can pound beer all night long. I can take it slow or hit it hard. And that head…

Marry: Whiskey, obviously. I mean…whiskey loves me back. Whiskey knows how to whisper in my ear, tell me I’m sexy, give me my courage. Whiskey is my friend.

Kill: Vodka. Vodka is an asshole.

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227, 198, 202, 44, 100, and 30-something.

Ever cried at school?

I don’t explicitly remember, but when I was a child, it must have happened. In fact, I think I dimly remember some Kindergarten situation involving glue-sticks, so yeah, I guess.

Are you stubborn?

To my eternal detriment, yes, I am incredibly stubborn, to the point where I don’t do things that would actually improve my situation because I am too stubborn to actually, for instance, get a new job.

Is Christmas stressful?

Well, I work a retail job, so yes, it is. Not for any other reason.

Have I shaved my legs in the past 3 days?

No. I am a man, and neither a professional swimmer nor a drag queen.

Did drugs?

I have eaten, like, three marijuana edibles, but I don’t remember any particular effect. Drugs do not appeal to me. I don’t even drink more than around six times a year.

My current relationship status.

Single and perverted.