School Girl Hannah Smith dies after a torrent of online abuse

Latvian based social networking site ‘Ask FM’ has been at the centre of controversy after 14 year old schoolgirl Hannah Smith was found hanged in her bedroom last Friday by her 16 year old sister. 

In the lead up to her death, Hannah had received several anonymous messages of abuse sent to her on Ask FM. Hannah’s father is calling for the government to step in and help protect young children from being exposed to abuse on social networking sites. 

Ask FM is a social networking site that allows users to be asked questions however anyone can reply and remain anonymous. 

Upon reading news such as this it makes me wonder whether children are ever really safe on social networking sites, and how to parents protect their children. On Facebook it is easy to report anything someone posts which your not happy about and in response Facebook will send the offender a warning. Is Ask FM working in the same way ? You would hope upon reading a death threat online someone would have thought of reporting it causing the site to investigate further. I am not blaming the networking for the death of Hannah Smith however perhaps if there was stricter restrictions on what users can post and respond to, perhaps her tragic death could of been prevented

Tumblr Yearbook Awards

Most likely to be a Vampire from the Anne Rice universe: @hthrloo

Most likely to lead a tribe of survivors when the bombs drop: @littlerunnergurl

Most likely to describe their penis as “vascular”: @metacognizant

Most likely to take a tank for a joyride through an urban setting: @vanpocalypse

Most likely to become a food and drink critic and get a travel channel show @helmsdeepwa

Most likely to summon and elder god at work out of sheer hatred for coworkers: @messthatisjess

Most likely to relieve Pulitzer Prizes:
@thetreeremembers and @emergentpattern

Most likely to be a pirate of the Golden Age: @ladyofthehouse

Most likely to be able to outwork Bruce Lee in the gym: @incexual and @thegreencamel

Most likely to run this country: @arborescent

Most likely to be an actual superhero: @isitsafe

Most likely to make me say the word “Bae”: @lavidaderomy

Most likely to say “Roll Tide” on a regular basis: @wickedpissahyall / @iamthepreety (it was a tie)

isitsafe replied to your quote:You had a long nap and I slept late yet here we…

It would be nice if we could harness baby energy to decrease our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.


When people told me “once he starts walking he’ll be hell on wheels…” I thought “No fucking way. His legs are short, he might have a good sprint game but I’ll be able to keep pace.”  

So I was partially right - he’s quick in short distances but also shifty - I didn’t know 11 month olds came with cat like agility when it comes to stopping and turning. 

Dude has broke my ankles more than any NBA shooting guard could ever do. 

I’m going to teach Romy how to set a pick - we’ll have to double him up.

isitsafe  asked:

36, 24, 39.

36. Favorite clean word?

Diaphanous. It’s my favorite word in the world.

24. Baths or showers?

Showers. No, baths! Well. bath for fun, shower for clean. There’s no wrong answer here, is my point.

39. Do you have any scars?

Just one, on my left knee. I was at a track meet in 7th grade, wearing my cinder track spikes (½ inch), there was a misunderstanding - literally - and I wound up being chased, caught, and tackled by a very angry shot putter. My right foot landed under my left knee, and the spike tore my knee open. I refused to get stitches because I had to run in a relay and didn’t want to leave the meet, so I ran with tape on the knee and blood going everywhere, and now I have a jagged inch-long scar that doesn’t look NEARLY as badass as the original wound did. :)

Izzy asked a few asks in a thing where you answer, ask and tag

My questions for y’all.

1. Have you ever played tennis?

Yes, but not really.  My grandmother lives across from a public school that has a great outdoor pool and tennis courts.  (yes, foreign things to the school system here in Memphis that struggles to get things like teachers and books).  After school hours they were open to the public.  When I would visit my grandmother (I lived in Holland and Greece most of my childhood, so it wasn’t often) I would “play” tennis with my cousin there.  So yes, but I have never played a real game of tennis.  I think it is something I would like to try.  

2. If you were stuck on Gilligan’s Island would you try to find a way home, or would you make the island your home?

One of the downsides of living overseas is not getting the same kind of shows in reruns or barely even got any good shows—-we got Alf.  But I am aware Gilligan’s Island, just not familiar with it as most of you are.  Depends on who I was stuck on the island with. I’m great at making where ever I live my home.  That is a bonus of moving all over throughout my life.  

3. What was the last DVD you purchased?

The last DVD I purchased for me was my birthday present.  I both the Studio Ghibli collection, which has 27 movies on it.  It’s beautiful, wonderful, awesome and more.  I have only taken the time to watch two movies from it so far and of course those were ones I had already seen.  I guess I need to have a Ghibli marathon soon.  (see, I can train for a marathon—just may not include any running).  The last DVD I technically purchased was the Harry Potter collection.  It was one of the tangible gifts I bought my kids for Christmas in honor of our trip to Universal Studios. 

4. Pick a food that might be a good pizza topping but isn’t normally eaten on pizza.

I’d say feta, but it’s cheese and what’s a pizza without cheese?  I like chopped garlic on pizza.  Also spinach and tomatoes.  I’m not answering this question well.  My kids like going to Stevie B’s because they can get mac n cheese pizza.  Their favorite is mac n cheese with sausage.  All these are not uncommon toppings.  I like the philly cheesesteak style topping on a pizza too.  Oh, hell, just top my pizza with money.  I might not like to eat it that way, but I can just pick off the topping before I eat it. 

5. Do you gamble on a regular basis?

I love the scratch off cards.  My regular basis of buying those things are purchasing them about three times a year, if I remember.  I have gone years without buying them.  I just love scratching off the little silver stuff on them.  On this topic I think one of my favorite radio ads is the one about how the scratch off tickets are a great Valetine’s day gift because you can “get lucky”. 

6. If your home was on fire would you try to save your computer?

Depends on what kind of fire and how bad it was and what was going on.  If my life was in danger, no!  I have been in two small house fires and in one of those situations, fuck yeah, but putting out the fire was really a higher priority.  The other fire all I was thinking about was how I was going to get outside. The house was already full of smoke and the fire started while I was in the bath tub.  So I was worried about getting out and the fact I was going to be naked when I got outside—in the middle of military housing. 

7. Did you ever get revenge after being mistreated?

I think my own survival and happiness is the best revenge.  I don’t even really wish anything bad to those who have wronged me. 

8. How many Stooges can you name?

Curly, Larry, Moe and Shemp.  

9. What’s your hip-hop stage name?

How the fuck do I not have a hip-hop stage name? This is something that needs to be fixed. 

10. How many is company?

Again, what are we doing?  Pretty much I’m ok with people.  I’m not a fan of crowds (yes, this said by the girl who just spent vacation with nothing but crowds of people).  Crowds can be fun for people watching though. 

11. How many is a crowd?

Ha! (Shauna, read all the questions before you answer the questions next time)  Universal Studios is how many.  But seriously, if we are all getting along and having a good time it’s not really a crowd.  One cranky person can make a setting of two people a crowd. 

My questions for anyone who wants to answer.  I will try and tag as well. 

1. What is your favorite non social media app?

2.  What is the most recent album that has been released that you can listen to over and over again? 

3.  What was one show/cartoon you couldn’t wait to watch as a kid? 

4. Has a pick up line ever worked for you or on you?  If so, what was it.  Or what were they?

5. What is the worst interview question you were asked and what was your answer? 

6. Who is one of your favorite comedians?

7.  If I came to visit you, tell me some of the things we would get to do around town? 

8.  What did you eat for breakfast?  

9.  What is your favorite game to play?  (this can be of all time or more recent)

10.  What is a goal you are working on?

11.  What is your favorite physical feature?

(all feel free to answer!)


Captain Spaulding’s Christmas commercial from The Devil’s Rejects.