Kobane residents recall horror of 48-hour IS siege

‘My neighbour, he was 14 or 15, was running beside me. He said he was wounded and when I looked he was covered in blood. He died.’

Turkish soldiers distribute water to a group of Syrians waiting at Syrian side of Turkish border after clashes in Kobane (AA)

After months of heavy fighting, many Kobane residents thought that the worst was behind them. The city lay in ruins, but many had begun returning to their homes to rebuild their lives. This homecoming, however, was shattered when Islamic State (IS) militants broke through Syrian Kurdish lines, announcing their return with a dawn suicide attack on the southern entrance to the city.

During the 48-hour siege that followed, IS killed more than 235, mostly civilian, Syrian Kurds. Hundreds more were able to flee north to Turkey where they are now able to recall the horrific events of last Thursday.According to their accounts, IS first went from house to house slaughtering Kobane residents in the dawn raid. Some were executed at close range, others gunned down as they slept following early 4am prayers in the first week of Ramadan.

While the world’s media focused on the beach attacks in Tunisia, where an IS supporter killed 36 mostly Western holidaymakers on Friday, Kobane burned yet again.On Tuesday morning, 172 injured Syrian victims, including 40 children, were still languishing with bullet and shrapnel wounds in the Suruc public hospital. The tiny hospital has been overwhelmed in the last three days and medical staff have worked three sleepless nights as the hospital’s nine ambulances ferry the victims fleeing Kobane across the border.

Waiting on the hospital grounds to take home his injured brother, who was shot in the leg during the massacre, was labourer Lazgin Endowi, 24. He recalled scenes of pandemonium as he tried to escape his assailants and get his family to safety.His 20-year-old sister was killed in the attack, while another sister also lay injured at a separate hospital further east in Sanilurfa.He said he woke to the sound of a large explosion and like many of his neighbours, came out into the street to investigate. As the group stood in the street, he said he saw 10 to 12 gunmen, dressed in Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) uniform approaching.Initially, he recalls expressing relief at the sight of what appeared to be Kurdish forces.“Then they calibrated their weapons and opened fire randomly on the people,” Endowi said. “They were just metres away.”

The Kurds managed to wrest back control of Kobane in January, following a four-month, hard-won battle between IS and Kurdish forces of the YPG, backed by American airstrikes. Since then, the YPG have managed to push IS even further south and have retaken chunks of land to cut off vital IS supply routes, with many analysts believing the Kobane assault to be a response to the advance.  

 It has now emerged that the IS militants disguised themselves as Kurdish forces to sneak into the city, even going as far as shaving their trademark long beards, in a calculated deception to enter the residential areas of Kobane.“I started running, and I could hear them shooting after me,” Endowi said.“My neighbour - he was just 14 or 15 - was running beside me. He said he thought he was wounded and when I looked at him he was covered in blood. He died.”Taking refuge in a nearby garage with dozens of others, Endowi then made a perilous journey back to his house, where his parents and injured siblings waited, terrified, for an ambulance.“There was no one on the streets, only corpses,” he said.

Azat Muhammet, 21, a member of the YPG resistance forces, was also woken around 6am at his rooftop station in the city.“One of the neighbours fired four shots in the air and said IS had come back … I started to run and almost fell off the roof, I was so afraid,” he recalled.“I ran back to the house to get my weapon, because I wanted to resist.”On his way back to the same garage where others were gathering, Muhammet said he managed to fire off about 10 bullets before he himself was hit in the shoulder.“They were just 15 metres away. They were wearing YPG uniforms. They didn’t say anything,” he said.“Most of my neighbours were slaughtered.”

Many of Suruc’s new inhabitants are too afraid to return.For new mother, Birevan, who lost dozens of neighbours and a cousin in the assault, the prospect of returning now remains distant, despite being separated from family inside.Speaking to her brother-in-law, a medic in Kobane, over the phone, she heard his account of running from IS sniper fire to the hospital in Kobane, where the injured were piling in.“My friends called me and told me to get to the hospital. As I came out, there was a wave of bullets behind me,” he said.“Most of the casualties were civilians. They had gunshot wounds, mostly to the head and abdomen.”

In the wake of the massacre, YPG forces have deployed in greater numbers in the streets of Kobane, but the fear of another attack lingers. Residents fear the presence of IS sleeper cells, with at least four IS militants captured in the city days after the assault.One IS fighter was killed by a mob of Kurdish civilians in retaliation for the massacre, before YPG forces could arrest him, after he was discovered trying to leave through the southern entrance. Pictures of his hanging body, with crowds of people surrounding him with camera phones, were seen by Middle East Eye.

Kurdish activist Mustafa Bali, speaking by telephone from Kobane, said tensions remained high in the city and said there were fears of further retaliatory attacks by Kurds who might lash out against Arab refugees from other IS-dominated areas like Raqqa.“There is a wave of anger,” he said. “The atmosphere of revenge is dominating the city.”“By the third day the situation was pretty much under control, but there is still concern that there are still some IS fighters hiding here.”

Adding to tensions has been growing speculation that the Turkish government is mulling military intervention in Syria to create a buffer zone along the southern border - not to protect against IS, but to prevent the formation of a Kurdish statelet on it’s southern border.In a fiery address on Friday, coinciding with the massacre against the Kurds in Kobane, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Syrian Kurds of ethnic cleansing and said: “We will never allow the establishment of a state on our southern border in the north of Syria.”

Activist Bali, like many other Kurds in Syria and Turkey, believes the Turkish government is actively supporting IS.“Big problems will take place inside Turkey itself if the president dared take such a decision,” he said.The result, he said, would be armed conflict between Kurds from the YPG and the Turkish army inside Syrian territory.“We don’t need any more evidence or proof that Turkey has allowed IS fighters to cross into Syria from Turkey,” he said“They would not dare make this decision.“

Source:- http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/kobane-residents-recall-horror-48-hour-siege-1559571949

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IS Threaten Gaza Bloodbath

Gazans react to IS threat to take over Strip

Palestinians walk past a propaganda poster of the Palestinian Hamas movement on 5 March 2014 on a square of Gaza City, in the Gaza Strip (AFP)

The Egypt-Gaza border witnessed massive blasts since early on Wednesday, as a battle takes place between Egyptian troops and Islamic State members who are trying to take control of Sheikh Zuweid city in Sinai. This explosion of violence coincides with the release of a video on Tuesday by Islamic State (IS) insurgents that threatened to turn Gaza into another of their Middle East fiefdoms.

Hamas has been accused by IS of being lax about religious enforcement, according to a video statement from members of the group.  Over the past few months, Hamas has battled with Salafist groups who are believed to be supportive of the Islamic State ideology and who reject the idea of a ceasefire with Israel and any reconciliation between Hamas and the US-backed Fatah.

The latest video statement is seen as IS’s first direct public challenge to Hamas, and also to Israel. An Islamic State member appeared with a message addressed to “the tyrants of Hamas” stating “We will uproot the state of the Jews and you and Fatah, and all of the secularists are nothing and you will be over-run by our creeping multitudes.”

The video vows that life in Gaza will become similar to that of Yarmouk camp, referring to the Islamic State’s seizure in April of large parts of the Damascus district founded by Palestinian refugees.

IS has made sweeping advances into parts of Egypt, Libya and Yemen, and launched high-profile attacks in Tunisia. However, it is unclear how the members of Islamic State could infiltrate into Gaza when tunnels have been closed and the Rafah crossing remains mostly shut. A de facto Hamas security source told Middle East Eye: “Gaza is under full control.”

As IS members continue fighting the Egyptian security forces in Sinai, this correspondent could hear the massive bombings on the other side of the Gaza border. Hamas authorities have sent troops to patrol the Gaza border with Egypt following the threats from IS against Hamas and Gaza.  However, the public are worried about this latest video statement, in which the IS member warns the people of Gaza: “I swear to God we will do the same as we did in Yarmouk Camp, we will repeat this in Gaza again, we will turn Gaza to shreds, and blood.”

The concerns among Gazans are mounting - however, Ibrahim Al-Madhoun, Gaza-based analyst of Islamic parties, told MEE that IS is stretched to its fullest capacity.“Islamic State has gone as far as it can, and it seems it will not be able to achieve anything except killing and vowing to kill,” he said to MEE.

Dozens of IS members from Gaza have managed to travel over the years, via tunnels, to Egypt then on to Syria to join Islamic State. But the group itself is not organised in the Strip, despite the fact that no one can deny the mindset of Islamic State is present among desperate young people who can find no way to express their plight and frustrations.

But Hamas does not appear to be giving them the chance to grow in Gaza.“I was expecting that Islamic State would be smarter than this and more able to develop, especially when it had the opportunity to do so, but instead, it chooses to stand still and remain in narrow circles of understanding and behaviours,” adds Al-Madhoun.Al-Madhoun expects IS to remain in the territories it is currently operating in - and not expand inside Gaza, for several reasons, including that Hamas remains in tight control.“Hamas is stronger than IS, and have full control on the ground, and there is no environment to support their extremist Islamic thinking.”

Last month, the Palestinian Ministry of Interior announced the killing of an activist inspired by Islamic State thinking, 27-year-old Younies Al-Hanr, while he was at home.

The IS video statement attracted criticism from young Gazans - some mocking it, but many fearing it.Reem Saadallah, a 24-year-old graduate, says she watched the video statement, and is shocked by the “terrible violence” she heard.“Oh Islamic State, that’s all we need now to make life more miserable,” she said. In this case, she expects people to support Hamas more than before, in order to crush IS.“We don’t need such madmen among us - I will support Hamas to get rid of them,” she said, adding that she disagrees with Islamists and could never see Islamic rule as a good model of governance.“If I had to choose between Islamic State or Hamas, I would go for Hamas; at least there is a common ground for national interest here,” she said.

Yet those willing to discuss Islamic State with media are very few, as they fear retaliations from extremist groups.Al-Madhoun says the behaviour of the IS members in the video is due to “personal and psychological hatred by those members who fled Gaza after they did not find an encouraging environment to grow, due to Hamas control”.

After the airing of the video statement, there is growing anger in Gaza against IS among average Gazans - not only that, says Al Madhoun, but there is little sympathy left for IS.“Hamas members in Gaza have started to lose sympathy for Islamic State, and the latest statement could indeed be used as a justification by Hamas to start preventive measures, which may lead to killing members of IS.”

However, Dr Ahmed Yousef, Hamas leader and one-time senior advisor to former prime minister Ismail Haniyeh, advocates a dialogue with all spectrums of Islamist thinking, including the supporters of IS in Gaza.Dr Yousef recently completed a study, titled “Hamas and Salafist Movement in the Gaza Strip: Visions and Common Work,” which is due to be released next week.He told MEE that “we need to argue with them that they were mistaken in all that they do in Syria, Iraq and Sinai.“They must know that what they are doing is damaging the image of Islam across the world and demonising all Muslims by stigmatising them with radicalism and extremism. Such actions only serve the Zionist interest in the Middle East.”

Source:- http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/analysis-gazans-react-threat-take-over-strip-102870302

I’ve seen barely anything on the terrorist attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait. Tumblr seems to be just completely unaware of this or not really bothered.

Around 40 innocent people were killed during a shooting in Tunisia, the majority being British tourists.

A man was beheaded in France

A mosque has been bombed in Kuwait. Killing 25 and injuring hundreds

Edit: this is literally a massive threat. ISIS have claimed that there will be many attacks during Ramadan
Blocktogether and ISIS

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The truth about ISIS
  • Yesterday an ISIS member stopped the car of a Christian couple.
  • ISIS member:Are you Muslim?
  • Christian man:Yes, I'm Muslim.
  • ISIS member:If you are a Muslim, then recite a verse of Quran.
  • Christian man recited a verse from the Bible.
  • ISIS member:Ok Allah go.
  • Later his wife tells him:"I cannot believe the risk you just took.
  • Why did u tell him that we are Muslims?
  • If he knew you were lying he would have killed both of us."
  • He said:"Do not worry! If they knew the Quran they would not kill people"
  • ISIS is not Islam, terrorism has no religion.