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I started wearing a headscarf around a month ago! Why? WHaaaaatt? HuhhUHuuhuhhh?

All is explained in a super long but probably necessary video (it has a contents page and everything)

And now I embark on a permanent journey of hopefully changing mindsets and breaking stereotypes wahey!

Patriot Act vote is coming up in June and suddenly there is a non-specific potential ISIS attack.

LOL this shit is getting old. 

How much worse than 9/11 will this one be if we don’t keep those controversial provisions in? 

All is Fair in Love and War

“Do you think this childish of me, Erik?” Nick asks the younger man setting in deep red lounge chair across form him. The young man pauses for a moment, thinking carefully before answering. 

“I think it is a very smart move, the Abbots are a old family with a old name. Them being in our debt could be greatly advantageous. However, the reason you are doing this, that is childish.” 

Nick looks into the large fire place, watching the flames dance and crackle.”You will make an excellent leader someday, Erik.” Nick flashes the younger Flint a smile as another man walks into the room and whispers something in his ear. 

“She is here, come on my boy, lets go have some fun. Also stay behind me, she has a nasty temper.” The three of them make there way to the front of the Abbot mansion, more men joining them at the door. Nick motions them to open the doors. Once the doors where opened, Nick strides out and takes a seat on the mansions Marble steps, his men taking positions behind and to the sides of him as he waits for Isis to make her appearance.  

Cherry Blossoms bloomed in Hokkaido this week. Hokkaido is the northernmost prefecture in Japan.

The ISIS-chan is a personification character to disturb the propaganda of Daesh through google bombing. Daesh is called ISIS, ISIL, IS, islamic state, etc. and イスラム国(Islam-koku).

Join us!

ISISちゃん ISISchan ISIS-chan ISIS ISIL islamic state Daesh Daash
ISISちゃん ISISchan ISIS-chan ISIS ISIL islamic state Daesh Daash

sometimes i feel there’s a tendency to forget that Christianity is a religion that was born in the Middle East…not a religion founded by Europe. Many people in the MENA were Christian when Europe was still worshipping its pagan gods and polytheistic pantheons. yes, it is important to wrestle with how Europeans, after they converted to Christianity due to Roman imperialism, used it themselves as a tool for their own imperialism. but conflating the history of Christianity with whiteness comes off to me as actually a reproduction of white supremacy itself. like we’re attributing things to Europeans/whiteness again, and forgetting its Middle-Eastern roots. Eurocentric history, no?

this is actively harmful when it leads to the notion that Christians everywhere = privileged. they are not- MENA Christians are facing genocidal violence at the hands of ISIS right now, for instance. these people are not white or Westerners who can escape from this via Western privilege. If we go further back in time, the Ottoman Empire’s genocide was targeted at Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks, who were Christian minorities in what’s now modern Turkey. 

ISIS beheads 30 more in Libya, saying all Christians must convert to Islam or pay jizya

When it is said that Islam is a “religion of peace,” you must question what the definition of “peace” is.  For many in the Muslim world, peace comes when Islam conquers all, and those who do not convert must pay the jizya (an extortionary tax prescribed by the Quran for non-believers).  This message was clearly on display yesterday as ISIS terrorists marched 30 Ethiopian Christians to the sea and beheaded them on camera.

from CNN:

The al-Furqan Media video – which is highly produced and titled “Until There Came to Them Clear Evidence” – shows two groups of men in orange and black jumpsuits being killed at different locations in Libya, according to the video’s narrator.

“All praise be to Allah, the Lord and cherisher of the world and may peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Mohammed. To the nation of the cross, we are back again on the sands, where the companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him, have stepped on before, telling you: Muslim blood that was shed under the hands of your religion is not cheap,” the narrator says in Arabic on the 30-minute video.

The narrator continues, “In fact, their blood is the purest blood because there is a nation behind them (which) inherits revenge. And we swear to Allah: the one who disgraced you by our hands, you will not have safety, even in your dreams, until you embrace Islam.”

Quoting Mohammed, the narrator says that those who “perform prayer and pay alms” will have “their blood and property” protected by the Prophet unless Islam dictates otherwise.

“You pay (tax) with willing submission, feeling yourselves subdued. Our battle is a battle between faith and blasphemy, between truth and falsehood, until there is no more polytheism – and obedience becomes Allah’s on its entirety,” the narrator says.

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The point here is not to besmirch any Muslims who are willing to stand up and openly denounce this violence and the entire concept of the jizya (which is wholly antithetical to liberty).  I have no quarrel with any Muslim who boldly defends the liberty of those who disagree with him.  

Where are those Muslims today?