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1. isis & the desert
2. palm oil
3. grand theft & the heat
4. the moon people



Isis thinks we live in a food desert because she can’t always buy star fruit in the neighborhood. Whenever I point out her snobbery, she calls herself the second coming of Marie Antoinette. 


Night. Hearts of palm salad at the bedside. D’Angelo on the radio. Use the massage oil, feel the muscles under her skin. Eat. 


ABC leads with a story about a guy who stole a Maserati from a player for the Washington Wizards. The thief led the police on a chase across town and ended up crashing into a bus stop, killing two people. The anchor gives a TV head shake, then transitions to the weather. The meteorologist takes over and advises that the high temperature today will be 95 degrees. 


I wonder if I would be more popular if I lived on the moon. Would it help if I went to the Sea of Tranquility and built a monument to Moon Unit Zappa?

The Limited - Archer | Animation | #Animation #tvseries

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police enlist the help of ISIS to transport a captured Canadian terrorist. On a train.

The Limited
Genre: Animation
Price: $2.99
Publish Date: February 2, 2012

© 2012 Bluebush Productions, LLC. All rights reserved.

ISIS: LITERALLy says they will target and kill shia muslims 

muslims: ISIS kills everyone regardless of religion!! they are only political and have no religious directive!

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The world seems pretty crazy these days, I wonder what it would've felt like to go back to when there was more peace, before Isis was globally known and before trump haha

The past few years have been crazy and honestly I wish that something would happen like someone from the future to travel back here and fix everything but nothing has happened yet so that’s very upsetting and scary, but I hope that soon everything will be peaceful once again.


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“Sum, kamu dapat surat.” Tidak sengaja kulihat notif pemberitahuan dari  WhatsApp dan segera kubuka. Tidak lama orang yang sama mengirim sebuah gambar. Sementara gambar itu masih terlihat buram karena belum sempurna ter-download, dia menuliskan sesuatu. “Dari HS-Hannover, Zulassung mungkin. (maksudnya di sini adalah surat tanda di terima di sebuah universitas yang di kirim langsung oleh universitas yang bersangkutan)”. Jantungku berdebar, atau mungkin juga penolakan. Ucapku dalam hati. Bukan pesimis, tapi aku realistis. Aku ingat dengan sangat jelas nilai ku tidak cukup bagus saat ujian masuk dan bahasa jermanku masih belum memuaskan untuk jurusan Fotografi jurnalistik. Tapi fikiran realistisku itu seolah teremukan begitu saja saat ku baca dengan hati-hati surat itu. Aku perbesar foto surat itu dan ku baca ulang berkali-kali. Benar, dia benar. Aku membaca kata selamat di awal paragraf, dan ketentuan-ketentuan daftar ulang sebagai isi surat, serta di tutup dengan pemberitahuan tentang pekan orientasi. Itu tandanya aku di terima? 

Sebulan yang lalu dengan hasil ujian masukku itu aku tetap mendaftarkan diri di jurusan itu. Karena pesimis, kukirimi juga 7 Universitas yang berbeda dengan Dokumen dan Formulir pendaftaran. Tentu saja bukan jurusan fotografi jurnalistik, karena dia hanya satu-satunya di Jerman, yaitu di HS-Hannover. Kuharap kalimat itu menjelaskan  ke-pesimis realistisanku yang sedari awal ku sebut-sebut. Bukan hanya daftar, sudah benar-benar ku banting stir planing ku. Kota, universitas, jurusan, kecuali cita-citaku, ku rubah. Kaget mungkin orang-orang saat tahu aku mendaftar di jurusan-jurusan itu. “Jurusannya terdengar seperti bukan ‘kamu’.” Itu yang sudah ku dengar dari orang-orang di sekitarku, terucap maupun tersirat. Orang terdekat malah bilang, “Dimana benang merahnya antara cita-citamu dengan jurusan-jurusan itu?”. Berbusa sudah mulutku saat aku jelaskan beberapa kemungkinan yang ku buat-buat agar ada setidaknya sehelai saja benang merah yang terhubung. 

“Aku benar-benar sudah lupa.” Ucapku kepada orang di sebrang sana. “Aku sudah tidak pernah membayangkan lagi, emm kuliah di jurusan itu.” Aku hanya mendengar gumaman tanda dia menyahutiku, setelah sebelumnya dia berteriak kegirangan saat aku bilang aku di terima. “Apa orang-orang yang lulus ujian masuk bersamaku itu tidak tahu caranya mendaftar, jadi hanya aku yang mendaftar dan diterima? Iya kan? itu mungkin saja kan?” Paksaku dan tidak akan ada seorangpun yang setuju dengan itu, termasuk dia. Aku diam, dia juga diam. 

“Sum, Allah itu selalu ingat apa yang hambaNya inginkan, impikan, cita-citakan, bahkan saat hambaNya itu sendiri lupa dengan keinginan, impian dan cita-citanya.” Akhirnya dia menyahutiku juga, yang tiba-tiba membuat mataku terasa panas. Ku angkat sedikit kepalaku, tapi percuma, langit-langit kamar tetap saja terlihat buram karena airmataku keluar berebutan. 

Ingatanku akan ibadah-ibadahku yang selama ini jauh dari kata sempurna berkelebatan di kepalaku. Usahaku pun tidak pantas di sebut maksimal. Tapi Rahmat Tuhanku, menutupi segala kekuranganku. Segala puji untukNya. 

FARC fighters to join YPG’s struggle against ISIS gangs in Rojava | ANHA

NEWS DESK – It has been reported that Colombia Revolutionary Armed Forces (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia or FARC) will join YPG (People’s Defense Units) forces in the fight against ISIS gangs in Rojava (West Kurdistan).

FARC Commander Alexandra Narino stated that FARC’s armed forces have been fighting against the Colombian Army for the last 50 years and now want to fight side by side with YPG forces against ISIS gangs. in Rojava.

Commander Narino said the FARC’s negotiations with the Cuban government maintain to help FARC fighters to come to Rojava.

The Rise of Isis - Frontline | Nonfiction | #Nonfiction #tvseries

FRONTLINE investigates the miscalculations and mistakes behind the brutal rise of ISIS. As part of a special FRONTLINE series, correspondent Martin Smith reports from Iraq on how the country began coming undone after the American withdrawal and what it means for the U.S. to be fighting there again.

The Rise of Isis
Genre: Nonfiction
Price: $2.99
Publish Date: October 28, 2014

© 2014 WGBH Educational Foundation

After Obama's green light, Afghan forces on the offensive

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US News

After Obama’s green light, Afghan forces on the offensive

After two years of heavy casualties, the Afghan military is trying to retake the initiative in the war against militants with a new offensive against ISIS, an assault that will see American troops back on the battlefield working more closely with Afghan soldiers. The goal to uproot ISIS from Afghanistan has taken on new urgency in the wake of a deadly suicide bombing of a protest march Saturday in Kabul that killed at least 80 people.

I promise you I will take revenge against the culprits.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghanim, in a live televised address after the bombing

The inexperienced Afghan forces have largely stalled in the fight against Islamic militants ever since most international combat troops withdrew in 2014. American forces that remained shifted to a supporting role and U.S. airstrikes diminished, letting the Afghan military take the lead in carrying out the war. But with Taliban forces dominating the battlefield and a sharp increase in Afghan troop casualties, President Obama acknowledged the deteriorating security situation in the war-ravaged country and green lighted a more assertive U.S. role. The upcoming anti-ISIS operation dubbed Shafaq — or “Dawn” in Pashto— will likely see U.S. airstrikes becoming more frequent, as the strategy shifts from using airpower only to defend U.S. and NATO positions to striking in support of Afghan offensives. According to a senior Western diplomat, the aim of the Afghan forces’ more aggressive stance is to convince the Taliban they cannot win but should instead join a reconciliation process, beginning with direct contact with the Afghan government, possibly as early as fall.

Munich gunman planned shooting for a year, chose victims randomly

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Munich gunman planned shooting for a year, chose victims randomly

The teenager who shot dead nine people at a Munich shopping mall spent a year planning the rampage but selected his victims at random, officials said Sunday. Details are emerging of gunman David Ali Sonboly as a depressed 18-year-old who was obsessed with mass killings and had long struggled with his mental health. Friday’s shooting spree sparked a terror alert, with Europe on edge following a string of attacks claimed by ISIS, but investigators have ruled out that Sonboly had any link with the jihadists. Chief prosecutor Thomas Steinkraus-Koch added that the gunman had not “deliberately selected” his victims, dismissing speculation that Sonbaly sought to target foreigners.

He had been planning this crime since last summer.

Robert Heimberger, Bavaria’s top official, citing a “manifesto” linked to the shooting found in the gunman’s locked room in the apartment he shared with his parents and brother.

Heimberger said he could not reveal details of the document yet because there were “many more terabytes” of information to evaluate. But police added there was no evidence that any of the dead were lured to the McDonald’s branch, where the shooting began, by promises of discounts that Sonboly had sent out from a fake Facebook account. The killings have sparked a debate about whether Germany’s strict gun laws should be tightened further, and the fact that Sonboly was able to acquire the pistol online will raise questions over how to stop others from doing the same.

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Darbe yapildiktan hemen sonra Fetullah gülen terör örgütünün isi dendi . Var mi bi kanıtı ya bu insanlar boş yere işten cikariliyorsa bunun hakkı nasıl ödenir ?


TWSP/UFAA Morning Briefing for Saturday, July 23, 2016 | Tax Wall Street Party

Unelectable Trump’s Main Hope Is A Massive Wave Of Islamist And Domestic Terrorism To Fuel His Strategy Of Tension And October Surprise Planning; Munich Killings Appear As If On Cue; GOP Convention Suffused By Nixonian Paranoia

Trump acceptance speech in spirit of new dark ages. GOP split a different way on each of four days. Trump’s attacks on NATO designed to camouflage the free ride he gives Wall Street. Kerry after Andrews AFB anti-Daesh Conference: Coalition wants to escalate against Islamic State; U.S. ISIS czar Mcgurk says liberation of Mosul in sight. House to house fighting in Manbij. UK Defense minister Fallon sabotages US-Russian cooperation against isis in service of Chinese-British alliance. Britain won’t “collude in any way with Russia”. British defeatist on Mosul and Raqqa offensives.