isis invitational

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Maybe if you weren't such a fuck up you would've listened and said he wasn't going to put them into combat battles on Iraq soil. he's trying to stop an already horrifying situation idiot.

THE REGION IS FUCKED UP BECAUSE OF THE VERY ACTION WE’RE TAKING AGAIN! We’ve been repeatedly fucking up and cultivating these extremists for decades now. ISIL has our weapons right now because of this path. Let me repeat: ISIS is killing people with American (and British) weapons. This is the very thing that ISIS has invited in all their propaganda videos from the US. In what world could you possibly think that bombing and employing/deploying American troops, American bombs, and American money is a good, reasonable, or justifiable idea?!

He ran for President, in part, on the platform of being against this type of military intervention. We can’t take care of the vets we have now, and we’re going to send some of them back into Iraq. NO! NO NO NO NO! He will be using air strikes in CIVILIAN areas. There will be innocent women, men, and children killed, the very people we claim to be fighting ISIS to protect. There’s not even any real resolution to be found in this assault, just a new power vacuum. I refuse to support this and you’re beyond fucked up if you think this is the only, best, or just approach to this conflict.